Younique +You Campaign Ends Soon

+You Ends Soon!

Last chance to be a part of Younique's +You movement

What a ride it’s been since we re-launched the Younique 3D mascara – with the new formula 3D Fiber Lashes+. I blogged the day we launched them because it really was history in the making. I watched from the moment they went on sale and off and on the whole day. It was crazy, like watching the end of an eBay Auction.

Join Younique + Plus YouWell the Plus You movement was giving away two sets of the mascaras in the newest presenters kit…and for those of us who were already presenters, we could earn a special +YOU charm if we recruited three new presenters in one week.

Trust me to take until the last week or so of the campaign to actually manage to do so! But do so, I did…

This week it was an absolute pleasure to welcome three new lovely ladies to the A-team – Charlotte, Alison, and Helen.

 It’s so exciting to see women who are really excited about the Younique opportunity.

I really hope they love it as much as I do and are as dedicated as myself and some of the team are. It’s not for everyone – like anything in life – but for the ones it is for…it’s an absolute blessing. So if you’re looking for some extra income and the ability to work your business – part or full time – from anywhere you like – then please click the green button and join the team now. I would be delighted to have you on my team.

#JoinetheAteam - Younique by Thea

As trivial as it sounds, I am so very excited to have earned the +YOU charm. I love my other charms and it’s nice to have the new one on the way when the +YOU movement ends soon.

My Year in Younique

Pop back in a week or so to read “My Year in Younique”. October 26, 2014 marks my year long journey with the company. It’s been a fun and challenging ride but will save the details until that more lengthy post.

As ever, if there is anything I can help you with – any questions you have about Younique, then please get in touch.

There are several ways to contact Younique by Thea:
1) Email 3dlashes (at)
2) Ring UK 0141 416 1492 or US 408 353 0434
3) Tweet @newthea

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