A Younique Update – 3 Weeks In

A Younique Update - 3 Weeks In

A Younique Update – 3 Weeks In

Well I’ve been hard at work building my Younique team, bit by bit. Two have signed up. Four more have said that they are joining when paid (but we’ll see…That would be awesome!)

I’ve been learning as much as I can about the products, demonstrating it on willing participants, and watching videos to get to understand the compensation/royalties plan better, too. I’ve also been creating images and sharing them on various social media channels. I’ve been blogging about it (like this Younique “Pyramid Scheme” post over on Linkedin)…and that’s all in just in the past few days!

Sorry, but I can’t shut up about the Younique Opportunity – even though I know I am probably boring some of my friends or connections on social.

I really need to balance it out – as I don’t want to be that girl.

You know, the one everyone avoids like the plague?

In any event, things are going well. Slowly and steady wins the race.

What I love about Younique is the fact that it’s so flexible. People literally can work as little or as much as they want – which is a sort of given (I think?) but also in HOW they want. Some will spend all their time on Facebook. Good luck to them. That won’t be me because as everyone who knows me knows – I have a total love/hate relationship with the platform.

Others will own Instagram. Some will succeed by only holding in-home parties. Others will take a stand at exhibitions or fairs. You can do whatever you want and that’s awesome. I am just trying to work out what will work best for me.

Most likely a combination of blog posts like this – some youtube videos – and the occasional instagram pic too. I’m working out my own way to do that “party” thing because the way my fellow Y-sisters are doing it just doesn’t do it for me!

So it’s a case of trial and error until I find my own Younique Sweet Spot and hey, that’s ok! I will find it. Then, I will pass on that knowledge to my gorgeous team thea aka theA team

My Younique Royalties this Month - Aiming for Yellow - Maybe PinkIn the meantime I am aiming for Yellow status – the biggest personal hurdle.

If I achieve that three hundred or so pounds, then my compensation goes from 20% to 25%. And it will never drop bellow that. Hooray!

Pink would be even better, but quite a bit slimmer of a chance – as I’d need my company to manage £1000 worth of sales this week (“company sales”). Ha. No pressure for #TheA Team – but get selling guys!!

Younique Holiday Cut Off DatesYounique Christmas Cut-off for Orders

If you’re thinking of buying some 3D Fiber Lashes or one of the cool collections for Christmas (either for yourself or for someone special) then you’d better get crackin’…

These are the dates for Christmas orders!

  • Australia – Dec 7
  • Canada – Dec 9
  • New Zealand – Dec 7
  • United Kingdom (UK) – Dec 4
  • United States (USA) – Dec 11

So still time to order if you’re hoping to get something in time for all those holiday parties.

Feel free to pop on and have a look at my Younique By Thea site. Maybe there’s something you can treat yourself to – or someone who’s special to you?

Holidays are upon us so it’s worth a gander eh? Thanks so much! Roll on Pink…

Want to read more about my Younique journey start here?

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