Younique Presenter Levels and Commissions

UPDATED 2020: Am currently still a presenter but not marketing the products or actively sponsoring any longer. If you need a hands-off sponsor then I’m your gal.

Understanding Younique Presenter Levels & Commissions


Younique Glossary of Terms (to help with the following post)

  • Presenter: effectively Younique’s name for a distributor or sales rep
  • Sponsor: a presenter who recruits other team members to join their Younique team
  • PRS: Personal Retail Sales (what a presenter personally sells each month)
  • Qualified First Level: A presenter who sells 125 PRS in a rolling 3 month period
  • Company Wholesale Sales (CWS): What a presenter and their entire downline sells each month
  • Circle Sales: This is a presenter’s and his or her downline’s sales – excluding any of their Green status or higher and their downlines (those people have “spun off” in essence)
  • Wholesale Sales: 75% of Retail Sales. The remaining value of the original sales amount after Retail Royalties/Commission have been deducted
  • Qualified First Generation Elite:

Younique Background

What is Younique? Launched in Utah by a sister and brother, Younique is a direct sales company that sells naturally-based makeup, skin care and beauty products – direct to its customers.

The Younique products are not sold in any stores. They are sold mostly through online channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Thea Newcomb Linkedin or blogs such as this one!

The presenter is paid their commissions approximately three hours after every sale through their website.

Younique’s compensation plan features a colourful-tiered-ladder of eight levels — starting with White and going all the way up to the top spot which is Black Status.

This post will outline the eight Younique presenter levels, and the commission levels of each level. Commissions range from 20% at entry level – up to a maximum of 30%.

We never earn more than 30% commissions – that’s the max for Younique presenters.

Reminder that PRS stands for “Personal Retail Sales”

Entry Presenter: Younique White status – (20% commission)

All Younique Levels - White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and BlackEvery Younique presenter starts earning 20% commission from day one. So from your very first order placed through your website (either by you or someone else), you will receive your 20% commission – approximately three hours after the sale…That’s every_single_time!!

That’s amazing isn’t it? It’s so fun to receive those payment notifications like clockwork!

Entry Presenter: Younique Yellow status – (25% commission)

Once you sell 1000 PRS (personal retail sales) which equates to $1000 or roughly £690 (depending on exchange rate), you will become a Yellow level presenter.

You reach Yellow all on your own sales – and can take as long as you need to reach it. I aimed to reach it ASAP as I wanted that pay-bump up to 25%.

Exemplary Presenter: Younique Pink status – (25% commission)

Unfortunately, you can’t move up passed Yellow until you start to build a team. So if you have no interest in recruiting team members, you will only ever get to Yellow, and never be able to go beyond that.

But if you do want to progress up the ladder, then your next stop after Yellow will be Pink.

To reach pink you have to sell 250 PRS personally – plus you and your company needs to sell 2000 PRS (you can do that all on your own or with your team), and finally you need one qualified presenter.

A qualified first level presenter is someone who has sold their 125 PRS that month. So every month that you hope to hit Pink, you need to do that PRS amount, have a qualified presenter and sell at least 2000 in company-wide sales.

Exemplary Presenter: Younique Blue status – (25% commission)

Younique Blue status is effectively double that of Pink. You need to still sell your own 250 PRS, but your sales need to be 4000 Company Wide Sales, and this time you have to have two qualified first-level presenters.

younique presenter levels

Elite Presenter: Younique Green status – (30 % commission)

Younique Green status is the next level up the Younique presenter ladder. Sadly (for me anyway), it’s not just double the Blue figures, it’s a lot more than that!

The good news is that now you’re earning 30% commission on sales – which is the top level a Younique presenter can make in commissions as I stated above.

To reach Green level with Younique, you need to personally sell 500 PRS, your company must sell 10,000 PRS (that’s about £6950!! at the moment) and have three qualified first level presenters.

In addition to all the above, you also have to have 2000 in circle wholesale sales*.

This is where I’ve always started to get totally confused, I’ll be honest with you.

* Wholesale amounts are calculated at 75% of the Personal Retail Volume of all commissionable sales.

Frankly, I am rather in awe that anyone can get to Green – let alone beyond it

Elite Presenter: Younique Orange Status (30% commission)

Rising up from Green level status, it’s up now to Orange level. To reach Orange level with Younique, you need sell the same 500 PRS as the previous Green stage, but as a company you need to have 20,000 in company wide sales. Again three qualified first-level presenters, 4000 circle wholesale sales and 1 first generation elites. So someone in your company needs to hit green before you can promote up.

Man that’s a doozy – in my opinion.

Exclusive Presenter: Younique Purple status (30% commission)

The penultimate level with Younique is Purple level.

You also move up to “exclusive level” from “elite” status presenter.

To reach Purple, you need to sell your 500 PRS still, and your company needs to sell 40,000. You have to have four qualified first level presenters, 6000 circle wholesale sales, and this time you have to have two first generation elites.

Oh my!

Exclusive Presenter: Younique Black status (30% commission)

The ultimate level to reach as a Younique Presenter is Black Status.

To become a Younique Black level presenter you have to be the ultimate rockstar. You still need to sell your personal 500 PRS. Your whole company has to sell 80,000. You need four qualified first level presenters. The circle wholesale sales need to reach 10,000, and if that weren’t enough you need to have FOUR first generation elites.

I thought it would be interesting to know exactly how many Younique women (and men) reach Black status with the company.

I suspect, as a total guess, for every one Black Status Younique Presenter, there are twenty or thirty thousand who aren’t. Don’t quote me on that. I’m sorta making it up. At the time of writing this post there are currently 371,621 presenters around the world and 69 are currently an active Black Status presenter. So yeah, only the best of the best make it that far.

To add to that, there are now three levels of Younique Black status….and you can even earn a car incentive…

Younique Black Level status - Car Incentive

Well that about covers it. I hope that answered your questions. If not feel free to message me if you have them. I’ll do my best to answer any.

Incidentally, I am currently BLUE and aiming for GREEN, but to be honest with you, I think I’d be content to remain at Green level for the foreseeable.

Need a sponsor?

Interested in joining Younique? If you’re just needing a hands-off sponsor  then feel free to join my team. No need to message me first…By the way, no it doesn’t benefit me by joining my team at all.  Because I am not selling products anymore, I don’t reach a level of PRS that would allow me to make ANY money on my downline.


6 thoughts on “Younique Presenter Levels and Commissions

  • June 30, 2019 at 5:39 am

    Hi there I have a question, so I started I’m pretty sure June 24th, I made yellow status in 23 hours, i also achieved $1,000 in sales in that 23 hours as well, right now I’m at $1,165.50 in sales I have also achieved a team now of 2 presenters and I’m pushing for pink, I have my 1 person needed to help get my status with her order done as well for it to count, so right now I’m pushing to get my $2,000 in sales to get pink, however I’m a bit confused, when does it start for me to achieve that is it my start date that I have 30 days to do it or will I have to start all over with my sales as of July 1st I have worked my butt off to get to pink, and I’ll be so upset if as of July 1st my sales has to start over cause I wasnt given the proper info, otherwise i would of got yellow then waited til July 1st to go for pink i mean starting at the last week of the month i would of waited to join July 1st i mean i have worked so hard this past week i mean I’ve already gotten so many bonuses in this week cause i worked for it but to have to start all over again July 1st in my sales for pink is pretty upsetting i was under the impression i had 60 days from my start date could you please help me understand this process it will be much appreciated and thank you for any help you can give me

    • June 30, 2019 at 12:28 pm

      So yeah…sadly, every month, your sales start back at ZERO. So tomorrow you’re at a zero sum game.

      You have managed to Yellow and Fast Start though which is great. Good job! Hello bonuses and pay rise 🙂

      I do not know where you were told that 60-days figure, but you were told wrong with regards to moving up the ladder.
      I am sorry however where that time frame comes into play is for your Fast Start badge where your sales are cumulative for 60 days. Either you were told wrong or maybe got confused between the two.

      Honestly I feel your frustration. I’ve only ever been paid for as PINK a few times (I am blue) in YEARS.

      I doubt I’d ever get above blue status, to be honest with you, as there is no way I’d ever reach that PRS level on my own.

      I am really sorry but man you sound awesome and I wish you were in my downline LOL.

      That said I rarely do enough PRS to benefit from any sales from my downline. As I said it’s only happened a few times.

      • August 16, 2019 at 8:33 am

        This is the very reason I’ve always questioned unique. The current MLM I work for you achieve a level and as long as you continue to bring in a min amount you keep your level they don’t knock you back down to starting pay. You’ve worked hard to reach that level why would they take it away from you. We get bonuses for hitting certain amounts at each level but still paid the same commission for the level we have achieved within our team.

        • September 5, 2019 at 12:22 pm

          I don’t know what you mean? I’m blue status and have never been knocked back down as such. I am still blue – e.g. halfway up the ladder where I have been parked for years.

          Frankly, I personally think all MLMs a bit of a “much of a muchness”. In very few instances does anyone make any money at direct sales.

          Who do you do?

          I’ve been with Younique since they launched in the UK. I don’t focus on it at all anymore and probably should switch the site off. I do the bare min and just mostly buy the products I want for myself! But this blog has been running so long and much of the content is still useful to someone somewhere.

          I might be signing up for a perfume one – but not to run as a business – just because I like perfumes 🙂

  • June 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

    So, you’d _love_ to have a complete stranger on your team? Someone you’ve never met, not even virtually? I mean, I get it – of course you’d want that, as it helps you earn more money. Just that this has absolutely nothing to do with a TEAM. It’s just convenience for you. So… no, thanks.

    • June 16, 2020 at 10:09 am

      Well hey good morning Sophia and thank you for stopping by.

      At first I was taken aback by your rude remarks, but then I took a beat, and hey I get it.

      I totally understand why you may have such a viewpoint. Though valid it is totally incorrect.

      I do not benefit from ANYONE joining my team unless I am selling too, and reach a certain level of personal sales, which I do not do and have not done for years. I only buy the product for myself. So I could have 1000 in my downline and even if they did sell loads, I would not benefit a single penny of their efforts. Understand?

      Also some people actually don’t really want an upline they just need a sponsor which I am willing to do. (Again at no benefit to me). I am honest from the outset where I am at. If anyone needs some coaching – specifically on the Social Media or blogging side, then I offer to help.

      As soon as someone joins my team, I email immediately and introduce myself. I ask what assistance, if any, they would like from me. If they want support great. If they don’t that’s good too. In fact I often get people writing me personally on my blog, emailing me direct or messaging me on FB to help them even though they have a different sponsor.

      I try to help all who I can…does this sound “arrogant”? Och you may be right. I can be arrogant. I can also be insecure. Can’t we all?

      As to your other comment on my other post about people not really selling and giving up within six months,…Well that too was my experience. It was stated simply on the math. To be truthful, it was a remark MLM wide – not just with this particular company.

      I believe it can be said for MOST DIRECT SALES COMPANIES – of which there are tens of thousands. I’ve tried a handful myself (essential oils, greeting cards, candles).

      In my network alone, I can count on one hand the people I know who make real money in direct sales. By that, I mean enough money to have it be their sole income and pay their mortgage and bills.

      To be fair even the ones that I know at the top of their game (in other MLMs such as Arbonne) have husbands contributing to the income of the couple. Again you may have a different experience and that’s cool.

      Many people think they’re going to join an MLM – share a few links or host a few parties – and get rich. Again that’s regardless of the company – could be juice plus, body shop, supplements, candles etc. It’s just not likely. Go ahead and call me arrogant. It’s cool.

      Out of curiosity – how long have you been doing MLM? How many have you recruited to your team? What level are you at?

      Incidentally, the posts you’ve commented on are years old. I’d remove this blog entirely but it’s got some valuable and relevant content on it still so it runs (and receives thousands of visits a month).

      Your post did arrive at time when I’d already been thinking about flicking the switch to OFF. It may just be the impetus I need to shut it down. So thanks again for that.

      Bless your heart.


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