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Our Younique launch in Germany is just around the corner. Germans (or expats in Germany) can join Younique July 1, 2015 – so I thought I’d get a jump start on recruiting lovely Younique presenters based there, now. I’ve already had conversations with a few people in Germany who are ready to join but would love to reach more.
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Younique German Launch – July 1

 Younique sells makeup and beauty products through a direct selling model straight to its customers (we are not available in stores or salons).
Younique uses distributors called “presenters”.

Younique allows women (and men!) to start their own business for a small outlay, and grow it as big as desired.
We can work flexible from home, the coffee shop, the beach wherever.
Many Younique women run their business fro. A smart phone or tablet.
As independent Younique presenters, we sell primarily online through the web and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
We can sell through email or instant message and blogging too.
Many of my Younique sisters host virtual parties in groups or on events pages – particularly on Facebook.
If you don’t like, understand or want to do social media, then you can sell to your family and friends, and to their networks, by hosting in home parties (or at other venues near or far.).
The beauty of Younique is, to me, its flexibility. Work as little or as much as you want, wherever you want.

Start Early in Germany – 1st Mover Advantage

Start selling from the moment you sign up. You get a free website and can take orders just minutes after signing up to Younique. Also the moment you join you can start to build your very own team. They can be anywhere Younique currently operates! That means, once you join Younique, you can sponsor presenters in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and soon even Mexico. Imagine running a business with a global team for less than €90. What an opportunity but get in there first, in July, to make the most of it!

Younique Sisterhood – Training

When you join Younique, you join a global family and are immediately added to a presenters only group on Facebook. If you #jointheAteam you will be immediately added to my own “secret group” as well. There are a number of groups out there – almost too many you can be added to. Two or three works for me! Plus not only does Younique offer training in the presenter’s back office but you can also find thousands upon thousands of videos on Youtube too! Tutorials, promotional videos and webinars too.
 If you are in Germany, interested in Younique and want to #jointheAteam (Thea Team) then please reach out to me here on this site!

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