My Week in Younique – New Year, New Territory, France

Welcome Back to ‘My Week in Younique’ – New Year, New Territory, France

Welcome back to another update of “My Week Younique” – where I try to document my personal experience of being a US/UK Younique presenter and sponsor based in Scotland (or California). I am just back to Glasgow, “Hello Glasgow” after a month in California!

#jointheAteam - January 2016 - Younique by Thea

Well I’ll be honest with you, there’s not much to tell personally except for I was excited to see some snow this weekend, so the main focus on today’s post is the upcoming Younique France launch! Before I get to that though, I’ll give you a bit of a Younique “reality check”….

January Blues

I’ll be honest with you (as I am generally honest to a fault) – this month has been a bit of challenge. We’re just passed the halfway mark, and I’ve not had a single sale through my site. That’s probably not something I should admit to, but as I mentioned before, I do try to be as transparent as possible, and frankly some Younique months are like that. Zilch. Squat. Nada. Zero. At least for me. Maybe not for all the other Youniques, but in my experience it’s highs and lows.

Thankfully, I do doubt this month will end with no sales, but as of yet, there have been none through my site or direct for that matter.

Last January wasn’t hugely better. Coming off the back of Christmas, people tend to be strapped until payday, so here’s hoping for a few sales after that!

And to be fair, I’ve not worked the business as much as I normally do as I was in California for a month – mostly taking it easy. Well, I am back and proactive again. Younique, like most things, takes consistency. So here I am, back at it! Onto the exciting news once more…

Younique France - Launch Fevrier 1, 2016

Younique in France – Feb 1, 2016

Great news…We’re adding another country to our current regions. Younique is coming to France and I’ll be looking to find men and women there who are interested in running their own part or full time beauty business there.

This is for you all of you beauty consultants, nail technicians, bloggers, makeup lovers or mums who want to work from home. Anyone who loves makeup really. No experience is necessary!

It’s perfect that we are launching in France because it’s a global capital for fashion and beauty. It seems like something that could do very well for the right sort of person.

It’s Europe’s second largest direct sales beauty market, and the French spend on average two hours a day on social media.

Other reasons Younique in France will go down a storm – they are know to have the largest consumption of premium mascara, and of course at Younique – we do a premium mascara!

Also the beauties of France spend more on beauty products per household than any other country in Europe! How could Younique not do well in a country that spends nearly two billion on makeup each year?

So if you’re in Paris, Cannes, Nice or anywhere in between and love make up then please #jointheAteam in two weeks!

Younique FAQ – France:

“Je vis en France, quand puis-je devenir Présentatrice?
Les résidantes Française pourront s’incrire comme Présentatrice Younique dès le 1er février 2016, de 3:00 HNT/12:00
CET (heure de Paris).

#jointheAteam - Younique France Feb 1, 2016J’ai très envie de devenir Présentatrice Younique en France, que comprendra la Trousse des nouvelles
Présentatrices ?
Lors de votre inscription en Février, le Trousse* des nouvelles Présentatrices comprendra :
• Mascara Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
• Palette ombre à paupières Moodstruck Addiction (la palette peut changer)
• Crayon pour les yeux Precision- Perfect
• Rouge à lèvres Opulence – Upscale
• Fard à paupières en crème Splurge – Tenacious
• Pinceau ombre en crème
• Brillant pour les lèvres Lucrative – Lovesick
• Echantillon du fond de teint liquide
• Echantillon de produits de soins pour la peau
• Echantillon de Pigments
• Echantillon de la Poudre bronzante
• Echantillon de fard à joues
• Nuancier pour le fond de teint en crème et la poudre compact Touch Mineral, et pour l’Embelliseur de teint BB
• Charm du Statut blanc (sur anneau violet)
• Site web professionnel gratuit
• Accès instantané au Système de réceptions virtuelles Younique (Younique Virtual Party System™ )(commencez à
organiser des réceptions immédiatement)
• 23€ d’argent Younique pour votre anniversaire
• Compte bancaire PayQuicker Younique
• Guide de la Présentatrice Younique
• Tout cela livré dans notre boîtier en similicuir noir brossé Younique”

Read the rest over on Younique products. Merci mes amies. x

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