(More) Younique FAQs – Part 2

UPDATED 2020: Am currently still a presenter but not marketing the products or actively sponsoring any longer. If you need a hands-off sponsor then I’m your gal.

A long time ago (well time is relative, I suppose) I wrote a blog 5 FAQs About Joining Younique Part 1 and have been meaning to write “Part 2” ever since…So when I woke up to questions from my newest, lovely recruit in Canada, Sarah, I thought it’s a perfect chance to turn her potential recruit’s questions into another blog post of Younique FAQs to help. Here we go!


Click to #JointheAteam - Become a Younique Presenter/Sponsor1) “Is there a membership fee?”

No, there are no membership fees for joining Younique. You do have to buy the startup Presenter Kit kit first though. (This costs: UK £69 | US $99 | CAD $119 | AUD $129 | NZD $139 | GER €107 | MXN $172  + SHIPPING)

At the moment it’s “Free shipping” but that won’t be for much longer! Once we sell one million lashes we’ll go back to having to pay for shipping, and your kit will only have one set of the 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascara in it (not two).

2) “Do I personally need to buy the products in order to get started?”

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This is totally up to you! Younique is flexible on how you choose to run your business.

If you want just share links (via email or on social) and have people shop through your site (hopefully) then that’s what to do.

If you want to have products to show people locally then you’ll probably want to have some on hand.

We all do it different.

I personally set out to have every product (but not every colour) so I shopped strategically if you will (buying collections, using my credit, etc)

Also when I was first researching Younique, I was told by a Californian presenter to “always have some lashes in stock”. She actually said to have “10 sets” – which was too many for me when just starting out, so I bought five the same week I joined. Since then I’ve always tried to have the lashes in stock, as they always sell well for me! I’ve recommended my team do the same…

But no you do not “need to buy” anything after your starter kit. It’s your business to run how you want!

3) “Do I need to personally collect the money for the items?”

Further on to number two, this is down to how you choose to run your business. Some people do get the catalogs, host in-home parties, or bring them into their work (or anywhere), and then take orders/collect money that way. Kind of “Old School” like how my mother did Avon in the 70s, but Younique is generally done through digital channels, so the main theory is you share the links people shop through your links, and the order goes straight to them! Thus you never need to collect the money or distribute the makeup.

I personally do both.

Because I am in the UK (most of the year) I tend to collect orders and put them through as a bulk order to get the FREE Shipping, and then I will hand deliver or post them out throughout the UK at about 1/2 the shipping rate they’d have to pay if they ordered through my Younique website.

4) “How long before I make my first cheque?”

Thea Newcomb | Yellow Younique Presenter in the 1st month.We don’t do any checks/cheques at all. We have something that’s even better! We do instant royalties – so that means you’re paid approximately THREE hours after every sale through your website (including ones you put through yourself).

So after any order that is placed through your website, you are (almost) immediately paid 20% commission when starting out.

Once you promote up to Yellow status, you’ll get 25%, and as you promote within the company further up the ladder, you can eventually get to the top level, commissions wise which is 30%.

We will never earn more than 30%. I always urge my girls – even if they’re not working the business as a business – to shot for Yellow status so they can get their 25% commissions rate. Forever.

Get paid quicker with Younique mastercard

Once we sell $50.00 in commissions, our Younique debit card is automatically issued to us and we can then access our funds. We can choose to spend by using our debit cards, or we can download the funds straight into our bank accounts. I use that latter option more than my actual card but nice to have the card there if I need food or gas!

5) “If I don’t sell for a month, for whatever reason, does the account become inactive?”

Life does get in the way sometimes, for all of us, and that’s OK. You can have no sales for nearly three months and still remain active.

To remain an active Younique presenter, all you have to do is sell 125 PRS in a 90-day period. (That is $125 USD – so depending on exchange rates at any given time, that’s approximately £82 or $167 CAD €113 etc).

If you can, aim to sell 4-5 mascaras in 90-day period you’ll remain active. (I sell that in a month, fairly easily every month, but not everyone does). So I aim to qualify every month – no matter what and I have since starting almost one year ago. Aim high!

If you do not sell that 125 PRS amount, then you will go inactive for a further 90 days. In other words, even if you do fall inactive, you still can reactivate your account any time in the 90 days that follow, and put through a qualifying order to become active again.

In the past, I have had recruits fall in active one month and reactivate a month or even two later when they had more time to focus on their business.

Are you ready to #jointheAteam or do you have more questions? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below, email me 3dlashes (@) youniquebythea.com or ring me up. US: 408 353 0434 or UK: 0141 416 1492 (7 days a week).

2 thoughts on “(More) Younique FAQs – Part 2

  • March 4, 2018 at 6:45 pm

    I work 30 hours a week, I’m a single mum, but was looking to start Younique part time only. How will this effect my tax credits? How will I know how much i will earn if it’s commission based?

    • March 4, 2018 at 7:51 pm

      This questions has come up a lot over the years and it’s not an easy answer.

      Honestly I’d not even register with HMRC until several months in. I say this due to how many people join and then quit.

      Unfortunately there is absolutely no way to know how anyone will do at it. So no way to know how much you’d earn.

      When I was truly working it, some months I made next to nothing and some enough to cover many bills (we are not allowed to talk about numbers!).

      To be brutally honest with you, I’d be surprised if you made enough to pay any tax at all – from the direct sales side of things. I can speak to the 30 hours a week you work.

      I say this not just from Younique’s stand point but with ANY direct sales business. Very few people in all of the different MLMs I know of make any real money at it.

      It’s great for some extra spending money, or to get discounts on your products….but in my personal experience (of doing Greeting Cards, Candles and Makeup) very few people can on to do something so successfully they can do it as a full time job.

      I am sure there was a more succinct answer (from my accountant) on here about this, but I’d have to look for it. It’s a super fun business. I love it. But very few people stick with it like I have (for 3.5 years almost). Sorry if that doesn’t sound positive but I’d rather have you entering into it realistically. Too many people have come to this blog over the years saying they were told it would be easy and frankly it’s not! But it is FUN and the products are good (IMHO).



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