My Week in Younique – Hello Fast Start!

I made money while I slept again last night – what did you do? Waking up to emails that say how much I earned over night make me very happy! Also, I woke up to a notification saying I’d reached ‘Fast Start’ too (my third goal for joining Younique – but more on that in a minute!!) What a great start to this week’s update – which will, admittedly, be decidedly mixed…

Younique Milestones to Date

Made it to Fast Start - Younique By Thea

My first goal was to reach White Level status – which is an easy achievement at just 125 points (effectively dollars). That’s basically a few mascaras (4 or 5) and then that’s you!

To stay as an active Younique presenter, you need to do that every 3 months. No problemo there!

The second was much tougher – Yellow Level Status – which is 1000 personal points (effectively dollars). The great thing about Yellow is you get a pay rise from 20% to 25% forever and you get a yellow charm for the bracelet!3dmascaralips

Fast Start was my third goal because it gets you another wee charm for the bracelet and more excitingly $250 worth of FREE products. I’ve had my eye on the biggest collection so now’s a good time to grab that one!

One of my newest recruits on #theateam Karen has taken orders for twenty of the Moodstruck 3D Mascaras! An incredible feat. So very proud of her.

Not only Karen has done well this week, Julie has both done well on mascara orders but also sponsored her first team mate Ann-Marie. Both those ladies are doing amazingly well so far!

Now The ‘Less Than Stellar News’

Well, I aim to be telling as true of a story as possible  on my blog – without dissing the company. Myself and my team have had some challenges with orders so far.

Younique 3D mascaras stuck in England
My 3D Mascaras are hanging out in Middlesex it seems!

Like the mascaras that have been sitting in England for days. They travelled to California from Utah then made it as far as England and then got stuck! Worryingly it’s been 20 days since they were ordered.  Also none of my company members (we’re up to 8 in total) have received their starter kits which makes things challenging for them to promote their businesses.

All of my previous orders were received in plenty of time (less than 2 weeks), but my guess is that the UK has done so incredibly-well (better than expected) that they simply were slammed both in Utah at corporate and in England where they need to go through Customs. Couple that with the fact Christmas is just around the corner, and it feels like there may be a bottleneck.

But this is purely all speculation on my part. I’ve had no confirmation from Younique about this. And really if they got this far – and are stuck in England it doesn’t seem like it’s Younique at fault…Just sayin’.

There have been no recruits (not that I’ve tried really super hard, but there have been sales from strangers which makes me very pleased. Today’s Fast Start was achieved by one such person who simply logged on to buy three 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras from me. I’ll take it any way I can get it!!

This Younique Week Summary

Well that’s about it. I have moments of doubt (usually when I see something negative written about Younique) which makes me question the journey I am on. Then I go to sleep and I wake up and money has arrived so my faith is restored once more!

Hopefully my mascaras will arrive this week and I can start getting ones to those who’ve ordered through me, and sell the rest to those who may need them fast – aka before Christmas. I hope too my team can fulfill all their orders – there must be 50 between us ordered now…Just hope the bottle neck is freed soon!

Finally I nearly forgot to say that I am about 480 point shy of PINK LEVEL STATUS. A few more orders through my Younique site – or from my team – and I’ll achieve that!! That is my main goal for the rest of this month. Tune in next week to see if I achieve it! Wish me luck! Thanks for reading!

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