My Week in Younique – Going Global

It’s Sunday night, my break from Glasgow is coming to an end. It’s the final hours so celebrating by watching ‘Meatballs’ from 1979. An email just came in, another order via my Younique website. More 3D Fiber Lash mascaras (hooray!) I love getting all email notifications of sales but there is something most special when it’s people I don’t know…

#TheAteam Expands to California

Welcome to #theAteam - Younique by TheaDelighted to have new Younique team member from California called Tina. I’ve known Tina since high school in the ’80s and she is going to Rock Younique – big time. She’s already done another (more pushy) cosmetic MLM – and one for handbags – so her previous experience will truly help her Younique business grow. Very excited. Another old, Californian friend whom I’ve known almost as long, called Teri, may also join #theAteam….I find it kind of funny the 3 Cali gals all have four-letter T-names. Maybe it was a trend that year? (We’re all about the same age!)

So anyway watch this space on team growth. One of my initial goals was to have a team of 10 by January. I achieved that goal. I only have one outstanding goal which is not met and is not likely to be met by the scheduled time (February). That’s going Green. Judging by current progress that will be more like March or April. But miracles can happen, and I’ll just keep pushing forward.

Spending Younique Cash

Having reached Fast Start with Younique just last month, I finally ordered some products to complete my collection. As I’ve purchased a few of the collections already, I had almost all of our products anyway…What I was lacking still – were the Refreshed Rose Water and the Moodstruck Blusher. SinceĀ I love the Lucrative Lip Glosses so much, I ordered the entire set. All 10! Yippeee. I also thought it might be a good idea to get the brushes so I have ordered the set of those too! Can’t wait to round of my Younique collection of all products. I felt in order to really runt his business – I need to try ALL of the products and be able to show them to anyone I meet who is interested. It has meant I have a surplus of products here though (duplicates) so I will need to start to sell some of them soon!

I had trouble posting this blog on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…but we got there in the end…

2 thoughts on “My Week in Younique – Going Global

  • January 28, 2015 at 8:47 am

    How do I start this process, as I want to start my own company??

    • January 28, 2015 at 10:00 am

      Hello Lorraine…If you want to join Younique, you can simply go to Join my Younique page here and sign up. I did have someone trying to sign up at the weekend and it was giving error issues but hopefully that’s all sorted now. If you get any hassles do let me know. You need a Facebook page to sign up.


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