My Week in Younique – Week 1 of 2015

It’s been a fun break. Reaching pink was awesome…Some of the team really rocked the 3D Fiber Lashes (as I mentioned in the last blog). Others have yet to really kick off with their Younique site.

Last weekend I did a bulk order of the 3D mascaras so I can have them to hand (and even gave a few as gifts). So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive with all the people I know who’ve tried them. (Some from people I wasn’t even sure how their reaction would be).

Younique Parties – Earn Half Price (Even Free) Items

Click to see the Gimme Everything Collection

As a presenter, we’re taught to always have our own party links running.

We can then buy products through our own links (for ourselves or others) – or share the links with our family and friends (and the world) via our social media channels or email.

So I always have a party running. Once you sell some items through the parties, you earn 1/2 priced items.

I’ve accrued many of those in the two months since joining and so I decided to cash my half-priced items on our biggest collection (The Gimme Everything Collection)¬†and some BB Flawless foundation.

Though the lovely gray bags are currently on back order, the rest of the items arrived just a few days later, and I’ve been using them happily every day. By now I have almost every product in the catalog – because I need to be able talk about it authoritatively. I need to know what I am selling…Just a few more products – like the Moodstruck Minerals Blushers and the Refreshed Rose Water to check out, I think.

So if you fancy being a party host to get some goodies then please let me know and I’ll set a link up for you! Parties last from 3, 5 or 10 days…and you can share the link wherever/however you want – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc.

Growing #TheAteam (aka Team Thea)

All of my current team mates are in Scotland, but this past week I’ve been growing the American arm. Well hopefully!

There were a few friends that I thought would be perfect to join my team – due to their positive, bubbly, happy attitudes. I am not saying you need to be that way to be successful with Younique, but they just have this way about them. Plus they love makeup.

Check out Molly's 3D FIber Lash Mascara eyes!

So I took my presenter’s kit and collections over to one their¬†houses yesterday to show them all fun products we sell. It was like a mini-in-home-party, and we had a total blast!

They loved and rocked the 3D lashes and with a bit of luck will jump on board as a mother-daughter team (I already have a few of those in my company which is fun!).

Then I met up with the other contender today who was simply blown away by the make up. She’s a big Mac and Benefit user but loved all of the products I showed her. Both parties would make a real asset to my team so I am just praying they decide to join me. Will let you know next week!

For those how have been following – I’m still having fun, loving the products, and as I reached Pink, I now can’t wait to be paid for my team’s efforts too (in a day or two). Every penny counts, right?

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