This Blog May Be Going Away – Is It Time to Say Goodbye

This Blog May Be Going Away

This Blog May Be Going Away

I have been doing a lot of thinking and as a result this blog may be going away. It’s funny how when your best friend (aka father) transitions it makes you look at every aspect of your life. I have a blog for him (which never gets updated). I have my own blog. I have this blog which used to get updated a few times a week. Then there was So You’ve Been Dumped which is always phased out. It’s time to streamline.

What Does This Mean?

I think it would make most sense to migrate this blog with the Thea Newcomb blog. That blog is now “Business, Pleasure, Travel, Leisure” type content anyway so there’s no actual need for a separate blog.

I am no longer doing the makeup. While I remain active, it’s solely to buy my own products at 25% off and that’s about it. Even that may go by the ways side in the near future.

Less is More - Blogs and Social Media Streamlining

Less is More

So I am in a place where I think “less is more”. Instead of stressing myself running so many blogs and social media profiles – it’s getting narrowed down or streamlined into my Thea’s Things, I think.

Even the Ralph Says blog will likely go now that he is no longer around to co-create with me in the way he once was.

I’ll probably take back ups of the content for myself and close it all down.

The main profiles I have on social media are my main Twitter @NewThea,

All Thea’s Things on Instagram and the Thea’s Things on Facebook. So anyone interested in keeping up to date can follow those social media channels and of course my main blog.

In the mean time it’s time for me to ask myself if this blog may be going away or not.

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