Thea’s 12 Days of Younique – Day 8

Slowly another year of Thea’s 12 Days of Younique is winding down. Today’s choice is a bit of a “cheat”, to be honest, but it’s a great product none the less…Of course there are three different palettes (which can prove challenging to choose from) but Addiction Palette number 2 was the one that caught my eye, if you will.

So this palette contains seven, beautiful colours called Hopeless, Romantic, Honorable, Blissful, Cocky, Perplexed and Peppy. It’s a perfect choice if you love your silvers, grays, blacks,

Day 8: Addiction Palette 2

Think of all the different looks that you can create with this beautiful, versatile assortment of Younique shades.

In fact, on that note, you may find this video helpful/useful as far as makeup inspiration goes.

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Pop back tomorrow for day 9.

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