Thea’s 12 Days of Younique – Day 3

Thea’s 12 Days – Day 3

Hello and welcome (back) to Thea’s 12 Days of Younique – Day 3 is upon us. Today’s Younique product choice is perfect for those of us who like a sun-kissed look to our face. It’s called Beachfront and comes in three shades

This natural bronzer can be worn on your face or even your lips – talk about beach kissed in every sense of the word! They are half matte and half shimmer which makes you absolutely glow.

Thea's 12 Days of Younique - Day 3 - Beachfront Bronzer

All you need to do is apply a little bit of bronzer with a powder puff brush, or similar, and dab it on your face Рwherever you would like a bit of a golden glow Рyear round. Incidentally. this product would work as well for men as it would women.

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If you missed my¬†previous days find Thea’s Day 1 and Day 2.

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