Major News – Cards, Cosmetics, Candles but No Coffee!

Major News - Cards, Cosmetics, Candles

Major News – Cards, Cosmetics, Candles but No Coffee!

Time for some pretty major news, in a few areas, not just for me, but for others as well…

First of all, I think we should start off with the most major news and that is that Phoenix Trading is effectively no more. It wasn’t a business I particularly “worked” as such, but I did like their products as did ALL of my customers.

The people I feel most empathy for were the ones who focused all their energy only on Phoenix. They will be effected the most. The good news is that there are already plans a foot to re-launch a new business, but I have decided to effectively bow out.

Besides, I can still get any cards I’d like via my upline Janet who I suspect will be a part of the new company.

In the mean time, you can pick up some deals in the “Closing Down Sale” over on my Phoenix Shop.

Additionally, ALL MY CARDS here in Glasgow are £1.00 in a flash sale sort of vein. I probably have about 100 cards here from all occasions so let me know if you want in on the bargain cards! 🙂

New Younique Products

Grab the new Younique lash trip now!

I am so pleased to say that Younique has brought out a new mascara…It’s normal one called Epic which I hear is just that. Have just ordered one for myself so I will let you know in a future blog just how epic it is. 🙂 In addition to the new Moodstruck Epic Mascara there is also a new lash serum too. You can get those two items, plus the flagship 3D Fiber Lashes Plus–  together in a bundle called the Moodstruck Ultimate Lash Trio. When you get that bundle you save some money which is always a bonus.

Speaking of Bundles. The August 2017 Customer Kudos is called The Younique Foundation Bundle and is for a really good cause – the Younique Foundation.  What comes in the Foundation Bundle?

Note: All proceeds from this very special bundle will be donated to The Younique Foundation, an organization that inspires hope in women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents by providing healing services through retreats, survivor communities, and online resources.

Coffee No More

There is also news on the Neart Coffee front. For those who don’t know, I was going to launch my own brand of coffee which was called Neart. It was going to be “roasted and posted directly to you from the Scottish Highlands”… but now that coffee brand is now firmly parked in the “long term car park of ideas”.

It really just never quite felt right and I had to let it go to make way for something else to come in.

There really were just so many issues with logistics.

I am still convinced the idea is good and am proud of what I achieved but it was just not quite there. There may be something to say about that later on down the road, and there may not.

So what it did end up making way for was Candles…

Buy Darceys Candles Direct from Thea Newcomb, Glasgow 0141 416 1492

Darceys Candles

For those who are like me, and basically love smelly things, such as candles, wax melts, diffusers, scented beads et al, then you’ll dig this.

I recently joined Darceys Candles.

Darceys is an Ayrshire-based company that makes handmade soy candles and wax melts in particular. The idea, like many other direct sales companies is to have people host parties (both real and virtual), but regular readers to my blog will know I don’t go in for that sort of thing.

I know they work for some people but not so much for me.

I do have some brochures – which I need to get circulating – and I’ll blog about them from time to time, but that’ll be the extent of my efforts for Darceys Candles.

That said a week ago I posted the special offer of the week on my FB profile and three people nabbed it…so I may end up working Darceys more yet, we’ll see. They’re top selling product is called Monkey Farts…which smells a whole lot better than it sounds. Seriously,…

Oh, and speaking of which, please note that we can only order products once a week, because they are all handmade…So if you’re in or near Glasgow, and would like to order some Darceys, then please let me know and I’ll throw your order in with one of my own bundles.

You can phone me on 0141 416 1492, email me here, or leave a comment.

Ralph Says

Finally one last bit of news if you can call it that is that I have created a new brand all about my father (and best friend) Ralph. It’s called Ralph Says Things (his own hashtag is #Ralphsays),…

There is a Ralph Says blog, a Ralph Says Facebook page and a Ralph Says Twitter profile and of course a Ralph Says Instagram too.




Cards, Cosmetics and Coffee

Thea's new coffee is launching soon - Cards, Cosmetics and Coffee

UPDATE 2018: Am no longer doing Cards or Coffee but am doing Tshirts and Cosmetic still.

As if there were not enough on my plate, I’m now adding yet another “C” into the repertoire with coffee. Now I’m officially a purveyor of Cards, Cosmetics and Coffee. While the first two are direct sales companies I run as little sidelines – the real focus going forward for the foreseeable future will be the coffee…So how do all of my businesses tie in with each other? Is there a method to my madness? I believe there is, read on and I will explain.

Why Coffee?

That’s a good question. It’s understandable to ask why I’d launch my own brand of coffee when I really don’t know that much about it. One reason is that Coffee is the the number one most consumed drink globally. It has proven to be a mood lifter and people who drink it are often very passionate about it. When launching a business, they tend to say that you should be passionate about your product or service, and even though I don’t drink coffee, I am.

Truth be known, it’s not really about the coffee for me. Coffee is simply the vehicle with which to channel my mission or message through.

It has actually occurred to me that my interest may be due to the fact that for my entire life, my dad has drank coffee as if it were his lifeblood. He is heavily involved in helping me for this company and at the time of typing these words is the only person, apart from my logo designer, who even knows the name of the company. But I digress.

Back to being on a mission…

What is My Purpose?

I believe my role in life is to change the way people think. No more so than on where around 50,000 lovelorn men and women would visit from all four corners of the world every single month.

In addition to simply giving people a space to read and share stories, it’s also my intention to show these people that an ending is just the beginning.

These heartbroken people often need to be reminded that they are enough, regardless of how it may feel at the time. Someone may have chosen to walk away or they’re facing some emotional challenges but there will be a way to turn pain into gain. (Check out the video below).

For positive healing, one must make it their mission to find their gift in their challenging situation – no matter how bad or dark it may seem at the time.

Younique’s Mission

Strangely, or not as the case may be, Younique’s mission is to Uplift, Empower & Validate. That is one of the reasons that I actually joined Younique in 2014.

Their mission aligned with my own personal ethos, as well as that of So You’ve Been Dumped.

It all ties into this concept of making people feel better about themselves, because, in my experience, we all have some sort of issues about ourselves.

Most of us can feel not pretty enough, smart enough, successful enough, or what have you. This goes for men and women alike. Many of these limiting beliefs will be operating on a deep subconscious level and need to be reprogrammed. Here is where the coffee comes in.

My Coffee Mission

My new brand of coffee will follow similar principles to SYBD…it’s designed specifically to empower its drinkers.

So instead of taking a time out, they will be encouraged to take a time in. What do I mean by that? They’ll be urged to make their coffee, pause while they drink it, in order to check in to see how they’re feeling, note their thoughts, their energy, and take steps to shift it accordingly.

It’s an exciting concept. I can’t say too much this week, but maybe next week. I may even do my first Facebook Live. We’ll see.

Christmas is Coming

In the meantime, if you have any shopping to do, you can always check out my cosmetics on the Younique by Thea shop.

Shop for tshirts and merch on my Red Bubble shop or Teepublic.

“I Am Enough” – Words to Live By

Facebook and Younique

UPDATED 2020: Am currently still a presenter but not marketing the products or actively sponsoring any longer. If you need a hands-off sponsor then I’m your gal.

Facebook and Younique

Facebook & Younique

Publicly and privately I’ve had a lot of questions from active and potential Younique presenters – all about Facebook and Younique. What follows will be my own personal thoughts and opinions on whether or not you need to do Facebook business pages or even host parties in order to be successful as a Younique presenter and sponsor.

Spoiler alert: No you don’t have to.

What The Hell Do I Know?

A bit of background, my main job is training (mostly Scottish) businesses how to market themselves on social media. I travel all over Scotland each week to do so, and so I feel I have good relevant experience and a differing point of view on this particular subject matter.

I know how challenging getting any real engagement on Facebook can be, hence my decision, from the moment I started with Younique, was not to use Facebook as one of my primary channels.

If it works for you to have a business page and host parties, then more power to you sister. It’s just not my way.

Don’t Just Follow Your Upline or Sponsor

I’ve been considering writing a post like this for a long time, but wasn’t sure how to do it best. As Younique and Facebook seem to be essentially married – for Presenters, Sponsors and Uplines – my challenge is to be both careful and respectful with how I choose to address this.

I often cite that what I love most about the company is the fact that we are all doing our own thing…but the trouble is when I see elites, e.g. from Green to Black Status presenters, constantly banging on about how essential Facebook parties are.

I have heard from many presenters (some on my team and many on other teams) asking if they “have to do Facebook”. This question often comes because they’re sponsor or upline is pressuring them to do them. Some of them have been on the verge of quitting as a result, (I know some who did!)

Since joining more than a year ago, I’ve watched countless Younique videos and read many blogs stating that you should always have to have 5, 10, 15 Facebook parties on the go every month to be successful in your business. I believe that that they truly believe that is to be the case, but I personally don’t believe it’s the only way.

So let me be crystal clear for you…

No, You Do Not Have to Host FB Parties to Succeed with Younique!

There. I said it and yes, I realise this may go 180-degrees against what the most common advice you’ve seen about Younique is, but it is my personal belief.

That may make some of you angry to hear but others will feel relieved.

I am currently a Blue status Younique, not an “elite”, but I have only ever had one Facebook party when I started, and honestly, I loathed it, so I swore I’d not do another one. So I haven’t.

I do suspect that some of the elites out there may be shaking the finger at me as if to say, “Well, you’d be higher up if you did them” (which admittedly may be true) – but the fact is I don’t want to do them, so I don’t.

It’s my business.

I don’t work for anyone else.

I joined Younique so I don’t have to answer to ANYONE else!

And you, my dear fellow presenters don’t either.

You are running your own business too, so you can run it any damn way you please.

Sure take on board what myself, or your sponsor or an upline says, but if it doesn’t resonate with you – then don’t do it!

Find your own path.

Before I even joined Younique, I saw countless Younique presenters cluttering up newsfeeds with spammy posts. This wasn’t their fault – many were simply following advice and scripts from elites. (I can spot a scripted post from a mile away, and they nauseate me and make me cringe every single time I see them.)

Some Youniques give the rest of us a really bad reputation, and make our jobs selling and promoting Younique that much harder…I’ve spoken to so many friends and associates, and met so many people since I joined, who complained about Younique (and other direct sales companies) for spamming their newsfeeds (with links, crap photos, too many selfies etc). Or worse yet the complained that they were private messaged to “share the opportunity” (again something I have NEVER done. I never had to, and recently I recruited my 32nd person!!)

Love Younique, Loathe Facebook

So you can probably tell that I, generally, love Younique, but have little more than a love/hate relationship with Facebook. The main reason I am even still on FB is to talk to my team – because that is where they all are. That’s also where there Younique groups are that I need to be on – like the Presenters Only group.

Facebook and Younique

But I certainly don’t need to “party on Facebook”, or have a page or group, to have any Younique success.

So if you have heard that they are not “optional”, I am here to call “bullshit” on that theory, and tell you otherwise.

Younique Facebook Pages

As you know, you are not supposed to use your personal profile as a business. If you do, you are breaking Facebook’s terms and conditions, and you run the risk of Facebook closing down your profile.

I do occasionally post on my personal profile about the joys of running my business, my love of the products, or congratulating my team (who are doing awesome this month!) and, yes, once in a while I may share a link. I also will sometimes have a Younique cover photo on my profile. But I do not host parties, I do not have a Younique Facebook page or customer group. I don’t run my personal profile as a business.

Because Younique marketing on Facebook is almost cult-like advice, I do I a lot of research checking out what everyone else is doing…Yes, I snoop and I have seen dozens upon dozens of Younique Facebook pages that have been set up, and subsequently been abandoned.

Or the people are posting once a week, every few weeks or even once a month. They give up because either they’ve quit Younique (because it was not right for them or too much hard work), or maybe they gave up their page because it was too hard to get any engagement whatsoever.

Over the last few years, Facebook has made marketing to our “fans” (people who like our pages) more and more difficult. Well why not? After all, they’re a business and they need to make money. I don’t really blame them (as much as they frustrate me)…

They are always tweaking their algorithm in hopes of giving us a better user experience (showing us more relevant content). This means, in order to be successful with you FB business page, you need to really know what you’re doing, be consistent and be prepared to pay to be seen.

To have a successful Facebook business page you need to:

  • be consistent and post daily from 1-3 time a day (morning / night time and weekends too!)
  • make sure you’re posting when your fans are actually online (see insights)
  • mix up the type of content you’re sharing – videos, text only, pictures, links etc
  • have a CTA  (call to action – link to a website, product page, newsletter
  • subscription page) but only every 4-5 posts (not every post!!!)
  • be helpful, informative, entertaining and not spammy! (80% helpful, entertaining & 20% promotional)

Younique Groups on Facebook

There are pros and cons as to whether or not you should have a Facebook Business Page or a FB Group (Groups can be public, private, hidden/secret).

Join the Ateam and be invited to my Secret Younique Group

ED NOTE: I do have a hidden group for my Younique team and it works very well as a vehicle to exchange information, questions, and discuss strategies or challenges. So yes, I do use FB for one aspect of my Younique business.

  1. STATS:
    With the FB Business Page at least you get the stats about what’s working and what isn’t. You see demographics of who your fans are (where they are, how old they are, when they’re online etc). That’s invaluable.
    With a group, you don’t that valuable insight. On the other hand, group members at least get notified when there’s a new post, and also you can actually see who’s seen each post.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have been added to DOZENS of Facebook groups and events, and it drives me absolutely bonkers. I wish I could disallow being added to groups and tagged too!

Really the point of this, rather long, post is to tell you that it is OK if you don’t want to do any business marketing or promotion on Facebook. Yes Facebook does have the added advantage of user numbers, above all the others, but people are there to speak to family and friends and not necessarily to be sold to!

Plus it’s an over-saturated pond when it comes to any direct sales businesses – Younique or otherwise.

From the outset, I knew I wanted to market my business in other places, and so I do. And yes, maybe I’d be higher up the Younique ladder, if I was holding five to ten Facebook parties a month, but at what cost? What good would that be if I hated doing them all the time?

If you are not going to use Facebook as your main marketing channel, then you will definitely need to choose something else: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Google+, Events, In-home parties, “Coffee and Cosmetics” mornings, catalog drops or whatever…

The thing is you can do whatever way YOU want to. It’s YOUR business and no one else’s. You don’t need to answer to your sponsor or any uplines.

Sure, take on board all the advice, but then go and forge your own path the way that feels right to you.

You probably joined this business so you could be your own boss anyway, so why be accountable to anyone else?

Before I get all kinds of people coming on my blog saying I’m crazy or wrong, I will admit that I have seen some successful presenters, several on my team, who are doing great through hosting parties, playing games, and having their own private customer groups.

So I am not saying “DON’T DO THEM”, I am merely saying if you don’t want to use Facebook, then you don’t have to. Do what works for you!

Finally if you do decide to join the Ateam and want to use Facebook to host parties or have a group, then I have team members that will steer you in the right direction for scripts and inspiration. Some of them are doing awesome through FB and good on ’em!

There are no cookie-cuter solutions. What works for one presenter may not work for another. We are all doing it our own way – which is what makes this business so special.

Moral of the story: Do what works for you.

Read more about what my experience has been like in My Week in Younique.

Q: Is Younique a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Do you have questions about whether or not Younique’s a “scam” or “pyramid scheme”? It seems many people are uncertain still, so once again, I thought I’d write a follow up post to my Linkedin post from over a year ago which asked “Isn’t Younique A Horrible Pyramid Scheme?”

Is Younique a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

Defining Pyramid Scheme |

According to Investopedia:

“A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services.”

Does that sound like Younique?

No, not really, and let me outline for you why it’s not.


First of all, Younique actually sells/supplies makeup and skincare products. Physical products that many people want to buy!

Well, that’s a good start, right?

So therefor, as it actually sells physical, tangible products that you can get your hands on, it can’t really be classed as a pyramid scheme.


It’s a low, one-off investment payment to become a Younique Presenter and you get a Presenter Kit full of fantastic makeup!

You also get a FREE website (with no annual autoships) that works from the second you join, and you never need to actually spend another penny with Younique again!

Of course you do need to sell (or purchase for your own consumption) 125 personal retail sales every 90s days to remain an active presenter. (PRS = equates to $125 US so will vary according to exchange rates in all other currencies). 

From the moment you join Younique, you can start selling the products through your own  website, and Younique pays you THREE HOURS after every sale. So  there’s no waiting around just hoping you will receive your money, eventually. (Read more about joining and getting paid by Younique here)

So how can getting paid your commissions just hours after a sale, from day one, actually be a pyramid scheme?

[NOTE: Learn more about Younique’s presenter levels and commissions here]


Pyramid Schemes tend to promise a high return, fast – when you get other people to join up under you and you don’t make any money until they do.

There is no such Younique promise.

With Younique, you can make money without recruiting even one other person!

Yes, remember, that’s from the MOMENT YOU JOIN!!

You never need to recruit one other person if you don’t want to and you can still make money.

Does that sound like a scheme or scam to you?


Unlike a Pyramid Scheme, you can remain in Younique as long as you want – without ever selling even one item to anyone else!!

The fact is, most women do buy makeup in some shape or form. I have a few team members that have been with me for the past year, and they haven’t sold anything to anyone else. They’ve not recruited either. They’ve simply spent their qualifying 125 PRS by buying their own makeup every 90 days.

That means they’ve remained an active Younique presenter, and earned their 20% commission right after each personal order they placed for the past year.

Two of them, both fellow Californians (funnily enough), are likely to reach Yellow with their next order, so their commissions will jump from 20% to 25% commission as soon they do.

If you’re buying makeup already, and you already like Younique products, then why would you not join to purchase the makeup at a discount?


With pyramid schemes, there is often a vagueness about the business – whereby you may only get answers by joining the company.

With Younique everything is transparent. The company information is public knowledge on the website and on videos. You know who is behind Younique, how many presenters there are at any given moment (it’s right there on the website).

You know what everyone gets paid at every step of the way. (TIP: read the aforementioned post about commissions.)

Why You May Be Confused about Pyramid Schemes

Yes it’s true, at first glance, MLMs can look similar because in them you CAN earn more as you recruit a team.

So once you hit Pink with Younique, you do eventually benefit off your recruits sales, but also of your  recruits’ recruits  too.

So, aye, that does sorta sound like a pyramid

It is about the team and getting people to join. Younique’s comp plan is a sort of inverted pyramid as we make more on our third generation than our second or first…You don’t earn until you reach Pink. So when it comes to Younique, without recruiting anyone, you can only ever go as high as Yellow. But regardless, for the life time of your involvement with Younique, you can keep on earning that 25% commission back on your makeup purchases and sales.

Pyramid Schemes are Illegal

Finally, the last but not least reason that Younique can’t be, just in case you didn’t know, Pyramid Schemes are ILLEGAL….

If you were to change the question and were  asking if you can make money at Younique, the answer is yes, but without a lot of work and perseverance, you probably, quite simply, won’t.

It’s definitely not a “get rich quick” situation. This whole blog is filled with dozens of posts about my experience – written as transparent as possible.

I would estimate that only 50% of my company works their business.

So it really is not right for everyone.

Think before you join Join Younique!

Are you still wondering if Younique is right for you? Then let me ask you some questions before you go.

Are you considering it to just make money? Younique may not be right for you.

It’s challenging and the percentage who actually really make big bank here are slim! I think I counted 169 have achieved Black Status presenters (Note: at this precise second we have had 389,353 join the family). Do the math.

Can you make money with Younique? Totally 100% for sure.

Will you? Well, honestly, that remains to be seen.

I’m just giving you a reality check here friend.

“Younique is not for everyone” – is the phrase I use most around these parts.

Personally, I love it, but I soon learned it was not right for everyone.

Other things to consider, beyond the money factor…before you write off Younique entirely:

  • If you love makeup and buy it anyway, then Younique’s a great place to start – because you get that 20% discount from day one (and paid 3 hours later, always).
  • If you want to challenge yourself in more ways you dreamed possible, then Younique’s a good choice too. You will learn so much about makeup, mentoring and media of the social variety! You’ll learn about people, yourself, customer service, and spend time on personal development (which is a core in just about any MLM you consider)
  • If you like the idea of making friends from around the world, who share a passion about the products, and desire to build and run their own Younique business too, then do consider joining. As hoakey as it sound I really have made some friends (many I’ve not yet met) who I treasure.
  • If you love the idea of being your own boss, working wherever you are, and whenever you want, then it could be for you.

If you need a sponsor but still have some questions, please reach out to me here (contact details above). If you’d like to learn more about how to find a Younique sponsor go here.

If you already have a sponsor in mind, (or a sponsor already) then please contact them with all of your queries.

If you’re ready to #jointheAteam now – then welcome. You can hit JOIN and don’t even need to message me. If you join, I’ll reach out to straight away to welcome you personally!

If you decided that Younique is not for you, then I am glad I saved you the time/bother, do keep searching to find out what’s right for you. There are a lot of MLM options out there to choose from.

My Week In Younique – Has Become a Month

Buy 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique By Thea todayHey all welcome to the latest instalment of “My week in Younique”. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way this past month or so, and so the blogs have fallen to the wayside. Here’s the last update of it. On my blog, I try to give an honest account of my experience of being a Younique presenter and sponsor – as transparent as possible.

I know it’s been quiet this month but rest assured lovelies, I am still working my Younique business, and I am just as committed to it as the day I started.

This past month or so, there have been new recruits, personal Bests, and new products too…

Welcome to #theAteam – Lesley!

So I would like to welcome my latest team member – I believe she is the 15th to #jointheAteam. She is called Lesley and is from here in Central Scotland. The last few have all been from England – Sarah, Kelly and Rebecca (who’s based in Glasgow!)

#jointheAteam - welcome Lesley

Lesley, like several other members of my team, is a mom who is looking for some supplemental income. She wants to spend more time with her family.

Younique is great for that sort of goal, but this is not a quick business. If you are going to join Younique, then you have to be prepared to put in the work for the long game. Very few people are successful in this business, or any MLM business for that matter, immediately. It takes commitment, and consistent persistence to rock it. To keep going when you’re getting no sales at all, no engagement, no one coming forward to even host a party for FREE makeup! Yes this business will test your mettle.

It can take a while to forge your course. I am in it for the long game. I find it easy to qualify every month (apprx 4-5 mascaras is all it takes). I do not make much money at it but I enjoy it. I enjoy the sisterhood. I love the Younique products (more on that in a minute) and I especially love getting paid around three hours after every sale!

The more challenging side of Younique has been seeing people sign up for Younique and then do nothing with it and go inactive in 90 days. I have nine, active women that I’ve sponsored at this moment but two are marked to go “inactive” at the end of the month and I suspect they will.

So when, in direct sales, they say, “it’s a numbers game” – truer words could not be spoken! As I’ve said before, that’s the most challenging aspect to my own Younique business. Speaking of recruiting…

Sometimes We Change…

I was always someone who avoided any direct sales people, and never thought I’d want to become a Younique sponsor. Recruiting was something that just didn’t interest me, but now that I’ve started to, I love it. I love the idea of mentoring my team mates, and trying to help with their Social Media training (that’s my “day job” anyway). Business has been such that I’ve not had as much time for my team (or my own business), but now things are a bit more quiet I can focus here again and help them more with their online marketing.

May Sales – PB

Need to sell 345 Fiber Lashes to reach Green

I am delighted to report that my own personal sales for May were my highest of the year! Though I can’t claim they were brilliant compare to other Younique sisters for me they were the best of 2015 so far. (June’s been most quiet for some time but that could change this final week!)

Really I’d love to build on that for July. As it’s my birthday in July, I thought of telling everyone I wanted no presents – but have them shop for themselves, or someone they know, through my site in a sort of “Get Thea To Green” campaign.

I’d hoped to be Blue if not Green status by now, and yet I remain at Pink. I marvel at my local sisters that are already Orange or Purple etc.

But I just have to remember I’m forging my own path.
To promote up in Younique – essentially myself, and my team, would need to sell 344 mascaras. That would mean I’d reach Green in July. (I think that’s right, but math was never my strongest subject in school. This calculation’s based on $10,000 USD selling $29.00 mascaras. If I am wrong please tell me).

New Splurge Cream Eye Shadows

To date we have four Splurge Cream Eye Shadows now. We started off with Dainty and Elegant, then we released another Tenacious and now Charming.Buy Splurge Cream Eye Shadows - four colours to choose from

I am happy to report that because Splurge is among my favourite products I have now bought all four. The two recent ones were FREE due to having earned a considerable amount of Y-cash through hosting parties. So here are the four eye shadows.

The beige one (letter T) is the Elegant. The green one (letter H) is Charming. It goes on very light by the way. Looks pretty good with my green eyes…Dainty (letter E) is a gray-brown metallic mixture and the Tenacious (letter A) is a bronze beauty. I wasn’t sure I’d like it given the pictures I have seen of it but in fact it’s great. I recommend any of the four. Choose one that strikes a cord with you. You can buy splurge from my site or, if you’re in the UK then message me to order one for you.

Younique Launching in Germany…

In spite of my last blog post stating it was July that Younique launches in Germany – it seems it is set for August.
Looking to sponsor Younique Presenters in Germany
I already have a few ladies who seem anxious to #jointheAteam, and they will not be pleased with this latest info.

As I type this, I am listening to a webinar about Younique’s German launch. I can’t wait to have some Germans on my team – as soon as they are able to because 1) German people use a lot of social media, they’re used to buying things online and they like makeup!

Some current stats that Younique has given us:

  • Women of Germany are said to love the more natural look then their American counterparts. 
  • Germany is the third largest mascara market in the world.
  • German women use less makeup than American women, yet on average use higher-quality prestige products with higher price points.
  • It’s the 5th largest ecommerce market in the world and is set to double within the next four years.
  • Expertise in makeup application techniques is highly valued*.

 So that’s pretty interesting isn’t it?

Finally, on that last note*, myself and my Lanarkshire teamie Karen McKay have signed up for some makeup classes here in the central belt. I definitely need to learn more about the application of our wonderful products so I can sell them with more authority and expertise! Wish me luck and watch this space.

I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

So just a quick post to say that I met my Younique sponsor for the first time today. We have never met.

In Y

ounique you do not have to be near your sponsor. In fact I have had Younique recruits in the US, UK, Canada and even Australia. I happily take them from anywhere – feel free to join my team…anytime. You don’t even have to message me! Just can just do it. Or you can reach out for a no obligation chat. Either way is fine.

My Highland Sponsor

Wee iPhone selfie of Thea Newcomb & Younique sponsor Joanna Hunter

Joanna is based in the Highlands of Scotland. I, on the other hand, am either in Northern California or Glasgow Scotland – depending on the time of year.

With Younique you can sign up under anyone anywhere…Well in the markets we’re currently in – North America, UK and Australia/New Zealand…so in theory your sponsor and upline maybe be anywhere. It just so happened mine is up in the Highlands which is driving distance away.

So we met and discussed our journey with our teams. She has double the amount on her team as I do on mine. There are 12 in my company and hers is 23 or 24 I think (direct recruits (more when you include my team).  In any event, here is me and my Younique sponsor.

That is all…

Do You Need a Younique Sponsor?

I have already blogged about sponsoring with Younique, so if you’re in the market for one, have a peruse about this post How to Find a Younique Sponsor. It may be helpful to read before you sign up with one…I’ve had a number of people asking if they could change their Younique sponsor or saying they wished they’d joined my team instead of someone else’s….

I wrote a more extensive post about some FAQs of Joining Younique – which you may also find helpful.

Any questions feel free to call or message me, or leave a comment on any post!

If you fancy a wee shop for some Younique makeup or skincare products then feel free to pop by my Younique by Thea shop here.



Welcome to #theAteam - Younique by Thea

My Week in Younique – Going Global

It’s Sunday night, my break from Glasgow is coming to an end. It’s the final hours so celebrating by watching ‘Meatballs’ from 1979. An email just came in, another order via my Younique website. More 3D Fiber Lash mascaras (hooray!) I love getting all email notifications of sales but there is something most special when it’s people I don’t know…

#TheAteam Expands to California

Welcome to #theAteam - Younique by TheaDelighted to have new Younique team member from California called Tina. I’ve known Tina since high school in the ’80s and she is going to Rock Younique – big time. She’s already done another (more pushy) cosmetic MLM – and one for handbags – so her previous experience will truly help her Younique business grow. Very excited. Another old, Californian friend whom I’ve known almost as long, called Teri, may also join #theAteam….I find it kind of funny the 3 Cali gals all have four-letter T-names. Maybe it was a trend that year? (We’re all about the same age!)

So anyway watch this space on team growth. One of my initial goals was to have a team of 10 by January. I achieved that goal. I only have one outstanding goal which is not met and is not likely to be met by the scheduled time (February). That’s going Green. Judging by current progress that will be more like March or April. But miracles can happen, and I’ll just keep pushing forward.

Spending Younique Cash

Having reached Fast Start with Younique just last month, I finally ordered some products to complete my collection. As I’ve purchased a few of the collections already, I had almost all of our products anyway…What I was lacking still – were the Refreshed Rose Water and the Moodstruck Blusher. Since I love the Lucrative Lip Glosses so much, I ordered the entire set. All 10! Yippeee. I also thought it might be a good idea to get the brushes so I have ordered the set of those too! Can’t wait to round of my Younique collection of all products. I felt in order to really runt his business – I need to try ALL of the products and be able to show them to anyone I meet who is interested. It has meant I have a surplus of products here though (duplicates) so I will need to start to sell some of them soon!

I had trouble posting this blog on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…but we got there in the end…

Pretty Younique Flower

Tips to Improve (Younique) Webinars

Always LearningPretty Younique Flower

As a newish Younique presenter – I tend to watch a lot of Younique Webinars each week, or at least I try to. I say try because I am often put off by a few things done by my fellow presenters.

So as a Social Media trainer myself, I thought I’d try to teach a few of my Younique Sisters a thing or two so they can have better results! I am learning from them and now maybe one or two can learn from me and we’ll all benefit from the transfer of knowledge!

Turn Off Your Notifications 

My biggest bug bear when trying to watch Younique (or any really) webinars are when the host/ess leaves their Facebook (in particular) open, and so through the entire webinar, all you hear is ping-ping-pong-pong as one notification arrives after another. The bigger level the presenter the more notifications I see going off.

Honestly, I applaud anyone who takes the time to these webinars. I am truly grateful for them. Their content is often high calibre, but it can be completely marred when the distracting notifications are constantly chiming – either by sounds or pop ups on the screen! It just looks and sounds so amateurish.

So please, if you run webinars for Younique (or anywhere) then double check you’re not logged in to your Facebook account. Same goes for Skype and Gmail etc. I often hear Skype in the background. Sometimes when I am watching I check to see if it’s my own (it never is).

It really is off putting. As soon as it happens about two or three times, I give up and switch off the entire webinar in frustration. (More on that later…)

Do a Test Run

Before embarking on a training webinar, try a test run with a friend or two to get any bugs out. The amount of times I’ve tried to tune into a webinar and they couldn’t get sound working, or slides working, (e.g they have to have the slides in normal mode instead of presentation mode for the entire presentation).

It can be hard to see on your laptop or tablet or mobile phone – at the best of times, let alone when your slides are not maximized.

So do what you can to ensure the presentation will work – full screen – and that the content on the slides is readable. Remember most people these days are viewing on smart phones…so test your slides on your smart phone. It may be better to have just one point per slide if most of your audience appears to be viewing on mobile*.

Again on the sound side of things…test your mic and ask people how it sounds. It may be worth investing in a proper USB mic to ensure high quality audio.

Measure Your Results*

Manage Your VideosView your Analytics on YoutubeYoutube has good metrics/statistics built in. You can see your views (how many), where they came from and what device your webinar was viewed on.

It will also tell you the drop off point (more often than not people will not watch your entire video).

Unless it’s pretty short or extremely valuable people may not even be watching half of your video…(I swear we all have super short attention spans nowadays)…So find out how long they are watching and you’ll have a good idea of how long to make future webinars.

There is not cookie-cutter solution as far as time goes. With video less is generally more. Webinars of course will be different so you probably need 30-60 minutes.

Again it will vary according to presenter, subject matter, etc – but once you have done a few webinars, compare the different metrics and see what worked best and do more of that – whatever it is.

It’s not uncommon for me to personally watch a 60 minute video across several days and several devices. Some of the Younique compensation plan videos like this one – I had to watch several times to take it all in!

Be Smart with the Description

Lastly, once the webinar is aired, if you’re keeping it on Youtube for public consumption thne go in and give it an awesome and engaging title. Fill out the description fully with more than just one sentence!! Tell us a bit about what the content of the webinar is – in bullet points (use key words) if needs be. Tell us a bit about yourself e.g. are you a Pink, Orange, or Black Younique Presenter? Show us your credibility or authority.

Lastly, make sure you link to your Younique site or your website (or both). If it’s about certain products you can link directly to that. If you have other relevant webinars – link to them too!

Now Share it,…

Finally after you’ve done all the above, then it’s time to share your webinar across your social media channels and embed it in your own website or blog.

Add context to anything you share – wherever you share it. Don’t just stick up a link and say “here’s a webinar I did” – tell the viewer how it will benefit them to watch it. What will they learn if they give up their 30 or 60 minutes to watch? What problem do you solve? What need to you fill? Etc.


I really hope that some of the Younique sisters find their way to this blog, and take on board some of the comments – especially the first one about notifications!

Many of you do absolutely fantastic work. We are all going to have to find the Presenters that we identify with most and watch and support them (subscribe!).

What we respond to is all different. For me, so far, Shari Brown is a fave and Michelle Bell are my favorites…for others it might be someone like Amber Voight.

My Week in Younique – Week 1 of 2015

My Week in Younique – Week 1 of 2015

It’s been a fun break. Reaching pink was awesome…Some of the team really rocked the 3D Fiber Lashes (as I mentioned in the last blog). Others have yet to really kick off with their Younique site.

Last weekend I did a bulk order of the 3D mascaras so I can have them to hand (and even gave a few as gifts). So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive with all the people I know who’ve tried them. (Some from people I wasn’t even sure how their reaction would be).

Younique Parties – Earn Half Price (Even Free) Items

Click to see the Gimme Everything Collection

As a presenter, we’re taught to always have our own party links running.

We can then buy products through our own links (for ourselves or others) – or share the links with our family and friends (and the world) via our social media channels or email.

So I always have a party running. Once you sell some items through the parties, you earn 1/2 priced items.

I’ve accrued many of those in the two months since joining and so I decided to cash my half-priced items on our biggest collection (The Gimme Everything Collection) and some BB Flawless foundation.

Though the lovely gray bags are currently on back order, the rest of the items arrived just a few days later, and I’ve been using them happily every day. By now I have almost every product in the catalog – because I need to be able talk about it authoritatively. I need to know what I am selling…Just a few more products – like the Moodstruck Minerals Blushers and the Refreshed Rose Water to check out, I think.

So if you fancy being a party host to get some goodies then please let me know and I’ll set a link up for you! Parties last from 3, 5 or 10 days…and you can share the link wherever/however you want – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc.

Growing #TheAteam (aka Team Thea)

All of my current team mates are in Scotland, but this past week I’ve been growing the American arm. Well hopefully!

There were a few friends that I thought would be perfect to join my team – due to their positive, bubbly, happy attitudes. I am not saying you need to be that way to be successful with Younique, but they just have this way about them. Plus they love makeup.

Check out Molly's 3D FIber Lash Mascara eyes!

So I took my presenter’s kit and collections over to one their houses yesterday to show them all fun products we sell. It was like a mini-in-home-party, and we had a total blast!

They loved and rocked the 3D lashes and with a bit of luck will jump on board as a mother-daughter team (I already have a few of those in my company which is fun!).

Then I met up with the other contender today who was simply blown away by the make up. She’s a big Mac and Benefit user but loved all of the products I showed her. Both parties would make a real asset to my team so I am just praying they decide to join me. Will let you know next week!

For those how have been following – I’m still having fun, loving the products, and as I reached Pink, I now can’t wait to be paid for my team’s efforts too (in a day or two). Every penny counts, right?

3D Fiber Lash Mascaras – Real vs Fake

Younique 3D Lashes

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras - in Glasgow - Younique by TheaBy now you probably have heard of Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara…You’ve probably seen them somewhere on your timeline, or over on Instagram, from a friend, or you just Googled them and found this.

Younique currently sells over 20,000 of them daily….An increase from the 15k that was sold before we, here in the UK, hopped on the Fiber Lash bandwagon.

Frankly, since joining Younique, there has been a lot of hoopla amongst my Y-sisters about the fact that there are supposedly “real” Younique Fiber Lash Mascaras for sale on eBay, Amazon, and the like.

Really, if this is true, then it’s a very disappointing affair, on so many levels..It goes against the whole concept of Direct Sales.

Plus, it would be breaching Younique’s Terms & Conditions – so I highly doubt any of my legit Y-sisters are actually doing it.

That said, there may be some are for sale as “unwanted gifts” or something like that…I am not 100% sure.

Avoid Fake Fiber Lash Mascara

Thea's Fave Products, 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras from Younique
Click image to buy 3D Fiber Lash Mascara – Younique by Thea

Arguably what’s even worse is that the majority of these 3D mascaras being sold are actually impostors (see FAKE 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras on eBay and Amazon).

Recently, I heard some people (one was even a friend!) trying to bypass Younique Presenters, opting for the allure of the cheaper option of eBay in order to save herself some money.

They cost is £23 UK (US $29) – so if they’re much cheaper then that, I’d caution you to beware.

Really, because it may end up being more costly in the long run. (Lord knows what’s even in them??)

If they are, in fact fakes, it’s unlikely they’ll be as good as the Real McCoy from Younique.

If you’re that desperate to save yourself the shipping costs, speak to your local presenter (you can find one on the map on our site) and ask them if you can try a pair – buying direct from him or her.

Back of Real Younique 3D Fiber Lash mascara - watch out for fakes with barcodes too.To keep you right, I have taken a picture a back of one of MY younique 3D mascaras.

Sorry, I don’t have any fake 3D fiber lashes to show you as a comparison, because naturally, I am not going to waste my money buying them! 🙂

Look for the ingredients in English/French on the back – along with directions, warning and barcode.

Though this is not always an indication, I have heard some fakes do have the barcode and instructions too.

With these counterfeit goods, it can be easy to be “caught out”…

I’ve heard some people say the fake’s packaging actually looks better than the real ones! (Again, I’ve not seen any fakes to comment about).

Please note that just because it looks similar and possibly even works in the same way – doesn’t mean that the quality or the ingredients are going to be the same.

In fact they’re not.

Here’s a super-scary tale of counterfeit makeupI’d urge you all to read before you go searching for cheap, 3D, fiber lashes for sale.

The Internet is rife with people who’ve had a bad experience after buying cheap knock-offs on Amazon or eBay and the like.

There are horror stories of trying to get refunds once they’ve discovered they bought a fake mascara.

If you don’t buy from us, you probably won’t get the same “Love it” 14-day guarantee but you should have some protection on the site where you purchased the lashes.

Beware of Expired Makeup

While we’re on the general subject of makeup, and pitfalls, another thing to watch out for, is the life span of your makeup.

The products you’re using on a daily basis have a shorter life span than you may realise. This goes for not only your mascara, but also the rest of your makeup too.

This Allure article recommends that you “switch mascara every two to three months to be safe”.

I know I have been guilty of keeping makeup/mascara long past its “use by” date. Not any more. I actually looked forward to dumping ALL my old makeup once my Younique Presenters kit arrived! It was a great feeling of “out with the old and in with the new”.

This article about possible side effects to old makeup may make you question your own…(thought I am sure you won’t be silly enough to be using your same tube/s of mascara, Younique or otherwise, for 10 years).

How gross is that?

Always Buy Real 3D Lashes

Click to Shop Younique by Thea - #youbythea

So finally, once again, please support your local presenter and buy direct from them (or from me!!)

Don’t just get sucked into saving a few pounds/dollars (Or Euros: Younique Germany launches soon).

When it comes to putting things on – or near – your eyes, you want to get the real thing. OK?

So grab yourself some real Younique 3D Fiber Lashes here – or you can message me to set up a party link for you to shop through and you can earn some FREE makeup. How good does that sound?

How to Smell A Fake 3D Mascara – Literally!

Does your 3D Fiber Lashes transplanting gel smell? Then please have a read of that post to learn more.

In a nutshell though, there is no smell to Younique’s gel!!

Thea Testimonials Needed

If you buy any makeup directly from me (by email or phone) or through my Younique by Thea site and you love it, could I please get a testimonial? Or consider sending me a selfie by email or tag #youniquebythea on Twitter or Instagram! Thanks.