The Future is Younique!

Here are 5 Younique Facts for you!A New Path – That’s Younique!

So I’ve been writing many blogs about Younique both on my own personal blog and also on So You’ve Been Dumped. Incidentally, I don’t recommend trying to write on three¬†different blogs as it’s biting off more than one can chew…

So I think what will happen is that this site will morph into being the main site for my Younique adventure, and the other sites will remain what they were intended to be – namely a personal blog and a website for the romantically challenged.

I think Glatitude works well with Younique because, to me, the Yin Yang symbolizes the inner and outer beauty of us all. It should be even – in my opinion anyway.

So the main focus will be to grow this business and my own team at the same time. I am still happy to deliver one-to-one training on Social Media – where people need it – but from here on in, this site will be uniquely Younique!

And I’ll spend some time building up the Google+ page and the Youtube channel. I’ve created a video page and will be adding videos to the playlist as I come across them.