Younique FAQs – Questions about Joining, PRS & Being Paid

UPDATED 2020: Am currently still a presenter but not marketing the products or actively sponsoring any longer. If you need a hands-off sponsor then I’m your gal.

More Younique FAQs – Questions about Joining, PRS & Being Paid

Questions about Younique - joining, PRS, commissions, paying presenters

If you were searching for more information about Younique, joining the family, how it works, how you earn money, and how you’re paid, then you’ve come to the right place. This is a follow on, (with some overlap), of two previous posts 5 FAQs About Joining Younique – Part 1 and More FAQs about Younique – Part 2.

Joining Younique: How to join, find/choose a sponsor

How to Join Younique

  • Q: “How to Become a Younique Presenter” (AKA “How to Join Younique”)

To join Younique, you need to first locate a sponsor to sign up under. There is a recent post which may help you in how to go about how to find a  Younique sponsor. There are a few things to consider on that score, so it’s worth a read to determine which Younique sponsor to choose for you.

Also, just as an aside, you generally don’t need to contact the sponsor first. I’ve had a handful of my last ten or so recruits who just signed up without even speaking to me. If they’re lead to join my team, then I am most happy to have them!

I suspect any Younique presenter would feel much the same.

Worth nothing though: You can’t change Younique sponsor once you’ve joined so do take a moment to monitor them online – and if you do have some questions email before signing up. I have had at least half a dozen emails this year already from people saying they’re not happy with their sponsor but really the sponsor won’t make or break you if you’re determined to work Younique as a business. Read that article to see what I mean by that!

  • Q: “If I join Younique, will an agent ring me?”

Probably not. They might. I have run someone who’s joined my team but mostly I email straight away (as soon as possible) to welcome them and give them my details should they wish to speak before embarking on their Younique journey. But no, generally it’s not done by phone. Besides I have recruits signing up from the UK, US, Australia and have had Canada. So your sponsor can be anywhere – not necessarily in the country you’re in so email tends to work well.

That all being said, if it were my team the person wanted to join and they asked if I could ring them, then I most certainly would!

  • Q: “How old do you have to be to sell Younique?”

From the handbook section 7.3 – Sponsoring

“As a Younique Presenter, you have the right to sponsor and enroll others into Younique by helping them successfully complete the Presenter Registration Form, as outlined in Section 3, “Becoming a Younique Presenter.” You may not recruit or enroll an individual who is recognized as a minor in his or her country, state, or province of residence. Additionally, to enroll as a Younique Presenter, an individual must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, regardless of whether he or she has reached the age of majority or is considered to be an adult under his or her local Law at an age earlier than eighteen (18).”

With this in mind, Presenters may not join until they are 18 years of age. In addition, an individual who is 18 or older may not join using his or her information for an underage individual and later transfer the account to that person once they reach the age of 18.

Younique Questions about Money:
How much you get paid, how you get paid, commissions, royalties

Now we’re getting into the exciting bit, the bit that you’re probably most curious about.

I know that I was!

How does younique pay presenters?

“How does Younique pay its presenters?”

One of the best bits about Younique is that from the moment you sign up and place an order (through one of your own party links), you receive 20% commission immediately. That’s all of your sales as well as anyone else who shops through your site.

Three hours later you get paid into a Payquicker account.

One person asked what sort of discount Younique gets, expecting it to be on items in their shopping cart, but that’s now how it works. You receive your commissions three hours after paying the full price for the products.

You don’t buy discounted makeup!

I recently did a blog about Younique presenter levels and commission which I would urge you to read to understand more fully. Younique presenters all start at 20% commission and rise up to 30% from Green level onwards. (Read that post which talks about each stage)

  • Q: “How does the Younique MasterCard work?”

Again this is a question that will have been previously asked and answered, but essentially, you get all commissions paid into your PayQuicker account and once you reach 50 PRS*, your card will automatically be sent out to you. (*PRS stands for Personal Retail Sales – and generally equates to one dollar. More on that below).

The Younique card is a MasterCard so you can spend it in a variety of ways:

  • grab coffees, treats, or meals out with it
  • pick up your groceries
  • fill up your petrol/gas tank
  • buy your train, subway or bus pass
  • pay bills
  • shop online

You can also download funds right into your bank account, which I did for a year, but now I’d personally not recommend doing that – as you get charged quite a hefty fee for doing that (which seems a bit bonkers to me but that’s PayQuicker’s prerogative).

  • Q “Can I make money with Younique?” (UK) (Also known as: “How much income do you make as a new Younique presenter?”)

Sorry lovelies, we are not allowed to talk about numbers and figures unfortunately. Besides, it’s all going to depend on what you sell!

Remember you start by earning 20% on everything from the moment you sign up. Once you’ve achieved Yellow status (e.g. 1000 PRS which is around £700 pounds) you’ll go up to 25%. I achieved Yellow in the first month or so.

Since I joined Younique, I’ve done “really good” some months, “pretty good” other months, and on some I’ve made nothing!

Will you make money straight away? Profit? Probably not. I really doubt it (just being honest here). I mean you might, some sure do, but in my personal experience (and that of my team) it’s a slow burn.

In short, I’d not recommend signing up only for the money. But if you want to sign up for that, discounted makeup, making new friends and learning loads every single day (about makeup, owning your own business, marketing, and yourself) then this is for sure a good option!

That’s about all I can really say on that score! But you can read more about my experience in My Year in Younique to get the low down on how it’s really been for me!
What is Younique PRS?

  • Q. “How does Younique PRS Work?” (aka How much Younique do you have to sell to make 125 PRS?”)

Once again PRS stands for “Personal Retail Sales” with Younique. 125 is what you, as a Younique presenter, need to sell to remain active – every 90 days.

As I said, PRS really is just based on US dollars, so that 125 is about 5 mascaras’ worth. (4.5  really but you can’t sell four and a half mascaras – so aim for 5!)

Personally I aim, and suggest my team does too, to do that every single month (even double that) – but really you only have to do that on a rolling three-month cycle.

I’ve heard some past presenters whine “it’s hard” because other presenters have started up in their town, village, area, whatever, but to my mind, that’s what makes it hard. Thinking it’s hard. There are dozens of presenters here in the Central Belt of Scotland (and in the Bay Area when I am home in California) and I never stop to think about them.

Heck, I sold 2 mascaras* alone this week – simply by having them with me in my bag! So it’s not really rocket science. Also sold a Splurge Cream Eye Shadow too – so this has been a great week (in addition to a few sales on my website).

Note*: Though all you ever have to buy in Younique is your own kit, I do tend to recommend that people have some 3D lashes on hand (3-5 minimum), if not in your hand bag, then at home. Not all of my team members opt to do that, but I would recommend they did!

Younique FAQs Summary

Well that about wraps up another of my Younique FAQs post for you. There are dozens of questions each week that are coming in which I try to address here as often as possible.

If you need a sponsor, and have any  more questions still, then please feel free to reach out to me (3Dlashes (at) Or if you’re ready to join my team just click on the big green box below.
#JoinetheAteam - Younique by Thea

You can contact me first – or just join my team – either way’s 100% fine! If you’re led to join my team then I’d love to have you!

If you do want to join Younique but don’t fancy my team – here is some advice on How to Find a Younique Sponsor – with some things to look out for before signing.

Finally, if you already have joined Younique and  have questions, your first port of call should be your sponsor or upline.

Failing that, I will try to help you if I can…but really my energy has to be focused on my own team as a priority. That makes sense, right?

Thanks for reading. Any questions, please reach out and I will try to help.

(More) Younique FAQs – Part 2

UPDATED 2020: Am currently still a presenter but not marketing the products or actively sponsoring any longer. If you need a hands-off sponsor then I’m your gal.

A long time ago (well time is relative, I suppose) I wrote a blog 5 FAQs About Joining Younique Part 1 and have been meaning to write “Part 2” ever since…So when I woke up to questions from my newest, lovely recruit in Canada, Sarah, I thought it’s a perfect chance to turn her potential recruit’s questions into another blog post of Younique FAQs to help. Here we go!


Click to #JointheAteam - Become a Younique Presenter/Sponsor1) “Is there a membership fee?”

No, there are no membership fees for joining Younique. You do have to buy the startup Presenter Kit kit first though. (This costs: UK £69 | US $99 | CAD $119 | AUD $129 | NZD $139 | GER €107 | MXN $172  + SHIPPING)

At the moment it’s “Free shipping” but that won’t be for much longer! Once we sell one million lashes we’ll go back to having to pay for shipping, and your kit will only have one set of the 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascara in it (not two).

2) “Do I personally need to buy the products in order to get started?”

Make your own Younique images - Shop Younique By Thea
Buy Younique Makeup direct in UK today – from Younique by Thea

This is totally up to you! Younique is flexible on how you choose to run your business.

If you want just share links (via email or on social) and have people shop through your site (hopefully) then that’s what to do.

If you want to have products to show people locally then you’ll probably want to have some on hand.

We all do it different.

I personally set out to have every product (but not every colour) so I shopped strategically if you will (buying collections, using my credit, etc)

Also when I was first researching Younique, I was told by a Californian presenter to “always have some lashes in stock”. She actually said to have “10 sets” – which was too many for me when just starting out, so I bought five the same week I joined. Since then I’ve always tried to have the lashes in stock, as they always sell well for me! I’ve recommended my team do the same…

But no you do not “need to buy” anything after your starter kit. It’s your business to run how you want!

3) “Do I need to personally collect the money for the items?”

Further on to number two, this is down to how you choose to run your business. Some people do get the catalogs, host in-home parties, or bring them into their work (or anywhere), and then take orders/collect money that way. Kind of “Old School” like how my mother did Avon in the 70s, but Younique is generally done through digital channels, so the main theory is you share the links people shop through your links, and the order goes straight to them! Thus you never need to collect the money or distribute the makeup.

I personally do both.

Because I am in the UK (most of the year) I tend to collect orders and put them through as a bulk order to get the FREE Shipping, and then I will hand deliver or post them out throughout the UK at about 1/2 the shipping rate they’d have to pay if they ordered through my Younique website.

4) “How long before I make my first cheque?”

Thea Newcomb | Yellow Younique Presenter in the 1st month.We don’t do any checks/cheques at all. We have something that’s even better! We do instant royalties – so that means you’re paid approximately THREE hours after every sale through your website (including ones you put through yourself).

So after any order that is placed through your website, you are (almost) immediately paid 20% commission when starting out.

Once you promote up to Yellow status, you’ll get 25%, and as you promote within the company further up the ladder, you can eventually get to the top level, commissions wise which is 30%.

We will never earn more than 30%. I always urge my girls – even if they’re not working the business as a business – to shot for Yellow status so they can get their 25% commissions rate. Forever.

Get paid quicker with Younique mastercard

Once we sell $50.00 in commissions, our Younique debit card is automatically issued to us and we can then access our funds. We can choose to spend by using our debit cards, or we can download the funds straight into our bank accounts. I use that latter option more than my actual card but nice to have the card there if I need food or gas!

5) “If I don’t sell for a month, for whatever reason, does the account become inactive?”

Life does get in the way sometimes, for all of us, and that’s OK. You can have no sales for nearly three months and still remain active.

To remain an active Younique presenter, all you have to do is sell 125 PRS in a 90-day period. (That is $125 USD – so depending on exchange rates at any given time, that’s approximately £82 or $167 CAD €113 etc).

If you can, aim to sell 4-5 mascaras in 90-day period you’ll remain active. (I sell that in a month, fairly easily every month, but not everyone does). So I aim to qualify every month – no matter what and I have since starting almost one year ago. Aim high!

If you do not sell that 125 PRS amount, then you will go inactive for a further 90 days. In other words, even if you do fall inactive, you still can reactivate your account any time in the 90 days that follow, and put through a qualifying order to become active again.

In the past, I have had recruits fall in active one month and reactivate a month or even two later when they had more time to focus on their business.

Are you ready to #jointheAteam or do you have more questions? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below, email me 3dlashes (@) or ring me up. US: 408 353 0434 or UK: 0141 416 1492 (7 days a week).