My Training Feedback – April 2014

My Training Feedback – April 2014

I like to take pictures of the training feedback forms from some of my various courses.

I did a few courses recently – one was “Get your First Website/Blog” (in WordPress) – delivered in Clydebank for Business Gateway.


The other was in Hilington, also Business Gateway, but this time was “Improve your Search Engine Rankings” (one of my favorite courses I teach)

Feedback from Improve your SEOThis was from Craig Wilson of Smalliver Toys.

It would be great if all feedback was as positive. At least most of it is!

If you’d like some Social Media training in Glasgow, then please get in touch today on 0141 416 1492 or email thea@  the address of this website.

Recommended read – More on Facebook vs Google+

More on Facebook & New Social Media Training Course

More on Facebook & New Social Media Training Course


John MacKay & Thea Newcomb - after appearance on Scotland TonightYesterday, on my personal blog, I posted a piece about a recent appearance on Scotland Tonight discussing Facebook’s 10th Birthday. Due to a fuzzy head, I hadn’t really responded in a way I’d hoped to whilst on LIVE TV, so I did a little “do ever” and expanded some more thoughts about the platform and why I “love and loathe it in equal measure”.

Also on the subject of Facebook, was another, great, video from Veritasium posted this week. Love this guy’s work on the subject of Facebook.


Since arriving back to Glasgow, (after five, fun weeks in Silicon Valley), it’s been nose-to-the-grindstone working on a half day and full day  social media training course every day since.

I’ve spent countless hours sourcing material, reading articles, listening to podcasts to try to come up with the most relevant topics, stats and apps to cover on these two courses.


Screenshot of SpundgeThis new course is aimed at people who are brand new to technology and social media. It’s very much aimed at newbies to Social Media platforms and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogging and the Cloud.  We’ll also look at tools like HootSuite, Spundge

It can be run as a three-hour, broad overview class, or a six-hour more in depth training session.


This course covers much of what the Intro to Emerging Tech course covers, but covers more tools like Survey Monkey and participants will leave with a social media strategy they can then leave and apply in their own business or organization. This course is a full day course.

NOTE: These can be delivered 1-2-1 or as part of a group. 50% funding may be available for either course. Ask for more details.