Working Digital – Day 3 recap

Working Digital – Day 3 recap


Day 3 of Working Digital – well what to expect? After Day 2 of Working Digital, I didn’t think they could top it. To be honest, they didn’t, but they did make a damn good effort!

Dan Spicer talking HootSuite at Working DigitalThe final day did feature some of the most useful talks from the whole event…Namely one from Ryan Bell, an American who’s head of Corporate Sales at Hubspot – based in Dublin (the lucky lad). Hubspot’s one of the biggest inbound marketing companies in the world. They distribute a ton of FREE resources that are helpful to SMEs the world over. Well worth investigating them if you haven’t come across them yet.

The other helpful highlight of the day for me personally was Dan Spicer (right), Community Lead, from Hootsuite. As someone who uses Hootsuite Pro everyday, I figured I might get a tip or two…

Like Ryan, Dan had a good, humorous, informal way of delivering his brand of social media trends and tips. Plus he offered promotional codes for people looking to try out HootSuite’s Pro version and their University.

My Table: Working Digital - crisps, chocolate, and fruit too!I clearly picked the best table to be at (pic right). We had the largest supply of food – chocolate, fruit, and crisps. Plus it was an all around great group of funny associates!

There were a few other speakers on the day as well – such as Guillermo Amodeo from IBM and the final keynote delivered from Michael Williamson. Michaels talk, Tracking Your Digital Footprints, was one that would make you wand to revert back to your Dumb Phone. Many-a-cautionary tale was rattled through at break-neck speed. No one tweeted – out of respect for privacy of his work

If you missed out on the day, then it might be worth watching some of the Working Digital 2014 presentations on the internet. And make sure you do your best to make it along next year…assuming it goes ahead again. A big well done to NSDesign and East Ayrshire Council too for making it happen again this year.

Twitter Links: @DaveCarroll | @boagworld | @HubSpot | @ryanlball | @DanSpicer | @HootSuite | @guilleibm | @IBM |@halogencomms

Before Marketing – Know Your Audience

You’ve maybe heard the saying: “If you’re marketing to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody”…It’s so true. Rather like trying to fish for a certain type of fish in the ocean. Too broad. Narrow it down.

Know your audience: If you're marketing to everybody you're marketing to nobody."But even before starting to market to your audience, let’s take it back a step. The first step to  is knowing what exactly your message is.

So answer the following: Who you are, what do you do, and why you’re the best? In other words, what’s your USP? Why should I come to you, how do you differ from the competition?

Then once you have that all figured out, look at the following:


You need to know who your typical clients/customers are. Even if your product or service is widely appealing, you’re still likely to see better results if you narrow it down. It’s really too hard to market to the world!


Once you know who they are, in order to reach them, you then need to determine where they are online (FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc)


Once you have the who and the where, then you need to determine the when. When are they’re online? Do you research. This may mean you need to be posting or scheduling messages to go out at 10pm on week nights or 11am on Sunday morning.

Timing, as they say, is everything.