New Younique Products Spring 2016

New Younique Products Spring 2016

Here we are again, it’s announcement day for the new Younique Products Spring 2016. It’s always exciting when Younique launches new products, collections, catalogs and territories. Launching these new Younique products quarterly or so keeps the business fresh.

So what have we got coming on March 1, 2016? Something that’s “Decadent for your lips, precisely right for your eyes, some handy new tools, and a few different products for your body”. Oh yes, body products hooray! So here they are…

New Younique Products Spring 2016 | Younique by Thea

New Younique Product 1: Lip BonBons

What are Younique’s Lip BonBons? Tinted, moisturizing lip balms. Lightly tinted for a subtly hint of colour with a creamy texture, and smooth and is available in five colours, named for Melanie’s post dinner dining treats: Chocolate Truffle (coral), Red Velvet Cake (berry), Cherry Cobler (red cherry), Raspberry Cheesecake (pink) and Vanilla Milkshake (nude).

All made with five, nourishing, natural oils. multiple fruit extracts, vitamins E and C!

Lip BonBons

New Younique Product 2: Liquid Eye Liners

This wasn’t a surprise as most of us had heard this was on the horizon. We had one as a Kudos a few months back but what we didn’t know is how many shades we would be getting. These are pretty cool and as I’m not a black eye liner sort of gal I am DELIGHTED about some of the new shades. “Rich colour payoff, matte finish, transfer proof, smudge proof, long lasting”. Hooray.

The Moodstruck Precision Eye Liner comes in Perfect (black), Precarious (blue), Proper (dark brown), Prosperous (green) and Powerful (charcoal gray).

Moodstruck Liquid Eye Liner

New Younique Product 3: Beachfront Range

Younique’s Beachfront line is now extended to include some body products for the sun-kissed glow year round!

1) Beachfront Body Bronzer

This is beautiful body makeup that washes off in the evening. It provides a healthy instant bronze that evens out your skin tone, and gives a glowing sun-kissed look. It contains Coconut oil, green tea extract and vitamin E. apply and blend until even.

2) Beachfront Self Tanning Body Lotion

This Beachfront Self Tanning Body lotion slowly builds colour for  a bronzing, beach babe look that lasts for days. That one sounds perfect for my pale skin (we don’t get nearly enough sunshine in Scotland!) So quite excited about this one.

Coconut oil, green tea extract and vitamin E and shea butter. You want to apply this one daily to build your glow!

3) Beachfront Self Tanning Spray

The Beachfront Self Tanning Spray’s a very easy-to-use spray to build your tan. It contains coconut oil, green tea extract and vitamin E. Apply this one daily with a gentle mist, to build a glowing tan.

4) Beachfront Applicator

To compliment these new Beachfront products we also have some tools like the Beachfront Applicator which is a sponge-like applicator which can be used with each of our new Beachfront products.

New Younique Product 4: Liquid Foundation Brush

It’s a uniquely designed brush with a recessed area that lets you adjust your Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Coverage for a seamless application. The brush looks good and I am curious to try it but it’s a bit on the pricy side so I’d be looking to acquire it in something like the Face Brush Setthe Complete Brush Set or by using one of my many “half priced” items!

New Younique Products Spring 2016 Summary

Honestly, I can’t wait to see, try and use these new products. I am actually pretty excited about all of them – which is a good thing.

UPDATED: Read more about the new Younique products spring launch here.