New Younique Eye Shadow Palette 5

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New Younique Eye Shadow Palette

“Get sultry and bold with pearl, shimmer, and prismatic eye shadows” I am so pleased to say that the new Younique Moodstruck Eye Shadow Palette number 5 has arrived this week! Guess what, it’s gorgeous!!

The colours are simply outstanding. They are so vibrant and eye catching it’s unreal. They go from whitey-silver (“Brilliant”), Golden (“Vindictive”), Copper (“Suspicious”), Orangey Rust (“Vintage”) a shimmery Reddish wine colour (“Sarcastic”), gorgeous Purple (“Fearless”) and darkish Lilac (“Victorious”). Well those are my descriptions you can see for yourself in the photo.

Because of my pale skin tones and perhaps my age I’ve not been too adventurous yet. I love the Brilliant and the Suspicious. I’ve not played about as much with the more bold shades but give me time I am sure I will.

Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette - Younique by Thea

Moodstruck Addiction Palettes

There are currently five Moodstruck Addiction Eye Shadow Palettes available to purchase. I honestly recommend any of the five (or at least the four I have. I’ve still to get number four). It depends on your eyeshadow colour preferences. You’re bound to like one of the sets.

My Eyeshadows of Choice

While I genuinely love all the Younique eye shadows (the Splurge Cream Eye Shadows, the Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders too); if I am traveling around Scotland for work – I always bring a palette with me for the trip. They’re easy to carry and have so many options I can mix it up each day I am away!

So if you like your eye shadow palettes – and you’ve maybe tried Urban Decay or Mac – then I think you’d find the Younique Eye Shadow a pretty comparable choice. And don’t forget if you decide you don’t like the shades for yourself  you have the 14-day Love it Guarantee (and really even up to 90 days – read more about Younique’s satisfaction guarantee here).