New Younique Products Announcement 2015

New Younique Products - 2015

New Younique Products Announcement 2015

Well it’s been a long time brewing, but Younique has finally announced the new products and territories for 2015. I do have to say, they did a pretty great job at building the excitement through social media…It has had us all guessing for weeks about what these big announcements would be…Here’s the official video that launched an hour ago!

6 New Younique Products

There were a few things I’d predicted, and a few I had no clue about. For instance, I had no idea there would be SIX NEW PRODUCTS. So very cool!! Here they all are!

6 new Younique Products - Younique By Thea

First off, I have to say I wasn’t too surprised to see that the November perk – the gorgeous Lip Stain was a new product. What did surprise me, however, was the fact there are seven colours available (as a whole set!). I can’t tell you how much I want the set…I’ll get it someday soon!

Summer Glow Time!

I like the idea of the Beachfront Bronzer! I mean who doesn’t want to look a bit more “tan” year round? (…Heck anything beach sounds good to me right now – it’s so baltic here in Glasgow that my Californian fingers are frozen as I try to type this!) But I digress…

Buy Splurge Cream Eye Shadow - Younique by TheaSo The Splurge Cream Eye Shadow sounds pretty good too. I don’t think I’ve ever used creamy eye shadow before – so will look forward to giving it a whirl, and using the new Cream Brush too.

UPDATE: The Splurge Cream Eye Shadow is now among my faves – of all our products! It feels so strange when you put the brush into the wee pot – almost sponge-like. It goes on so smooth and shimmery – I defy you not to love this!

The Shine Eye Makeup Remover seems like the perfect accoutrement to the ever-so-popular 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras, our fabulous Moodstruck Precision Eye Liners and of course the Moodstruck Mineral Pigments too!

There are also the Blending Buds – which will be readily available from March too.

UPDATE So all these products are on sale now.

Click to Shop Younique by Thea - #youbythea

Younique Mexico & Germany

Incidentally – two, new regions were also announced for later on in 2015 – Mexico (product sales to Mexico begin May 5 followed by full market launch there Q4) and also into Germany (Q3). It’s all very exciting! I’m already trying to recruit Youniques in both those regions now…so if you’re interested, please find out more on how to #jointheAteam here.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of our products, then please check out yesterday’s blog discussing my Top Younique Products.

Younique Collections

We also have six new collections. The Younique bundles are a fantastic value for money and a way to get lots of different products to try plus a super cute bag as well!Kid in a Candy Store - Younique Collection
I recently chose the Kid in the Candy Store collection (pictured) because it contains all of the new Younique products mentioned above! I highly recommend it – especially if you’re interested in the Bronzer, Lip Stain and Cream Eye Shadow (all of which are fab!)

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