My Week in Younique – Almost Valentine’s Day

Another week has come and gone, we’re only a week away from Valentine’s Day, so it’s time for me to update you all on “My Week in Younique” once more. As I type the Super Bowl (50) is on. I am not a football fan so I’m blogging instead.

It’s been a fabulous February so far! We’ve had a successful launch in France. Am already halfway to Pink thanks to my team of rock stars who are totally killing it. And I’ve a Valentine’s Day offer that may be of interest to some of you.

Annabelle’s Birthday

Today’s Annabelle’s birthday. She’s one of my most recent recruits. She celebrated in style with family and friends and most awesome “Makeup” cake I’ve ever seen. Anyway, I want to wish her a very “Happy Birthday” here on my blog (I’ve already done so on Twitter this morning)

Please do follow her.She does such natural makeup tutorials. She’s got a very lovely Younique way. So very pleased to have her on my team!

Bonjour France

So we’re one week into our French launch which is super exciting. The tripled digits club filled up super fast…Much faster than Germany’s did anyway. That’s an incredible start to the launch in the region. If you’re in France, and you’d like to sign up as a Younique presenter, you’d be most welcome to #jointheAteam!

Younique France

Valentine’s Day – Pink or Red?

It’s one week until Valentine’s Day so the perfect time to pick yourself or someone else something sweet and pink? You can either buy direct from me here, or shop online 24/7. Shop for something pink - lipstick Younique by Thea

There are some rumours circulating about some new products coming our way in March. Have heard about new lip stain shades, Splurges in matte shades, more eye shadow palettes, and maybe even something more. New catalogues on the way here too. Very excited about March but let’s enjoy February first, shall we?

If you’re interested in learning more about Younique – whatever region you’re in – please don’t hesitate to get in touch…7 days a week. Email me 3dlashes at In the US you can call 408 353 0434 or in the UK try me on 0141 416 1492.

You can also search this blog to find a variety of posts about what’s it’s really like and how my journey’s been so far.

Finally if you’re ready to joining my team, you don’t even need to message me first – just visit this join Younique page and climb aboard.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies. Wherever you are and whoever you are. Be kind to yourself – especially if there’s no one else to!

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