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Getting exciting here! Spring is in the air, and we’re starting to see some real sales on the board for March…Other than that, there’s not a lot to update you all this week, so this will be a short blog. Well by my standards anyway.

Welcome Jo!

Welcome Jo - The most recent person to #jointheAteamThere’s one new member Jo who signed up one day and officially qualified one day later. It was a brilliant-sized first order which, frankly, has put the rest of the team to shame (including me).

Rather interestingly, I’ve not met Jo or even spoken to Jo thus far, but am pleased to report that she found me via the web when looking for a Younique Sponsor, and that’s something that pleases me no end! (We have had an email exchange, don’t worry.)

Anyway, am not sure what Jo does for a living or how she managed it but her first order will definitely motivate me to work a little harder at getting some sales in, as I am in 2nd place for the first time ever on my own team (for March).

On quick glance to the leader board – she’s sold double what I have for the month so far, so I guess I better get my finger out and get going! Ha! It’s great that this blog does get me a few 3D Fiber Lash mascara sales on a regular basis. (ED NOTE: Always make sure you buy Real 3D Fiber Lashes and don’t be tempted to buy from cheap Amazon or Ebay sellers. It’s not worth it in the long run!)

It would be wonderful if she’d do that sort of business every week, and if I could find four more just like her! But history has shown me to not get too excited by early Younique sales! Some of my team mates have absolutely rocked it out of the ballpark – only to simply fall by the way side for whatever reason. Throwing in the proverbial towel. That just makes me realize…

Younique Isn’t for Everyone

Younique is not a “quick buck” (or pound) sort of business. It’s a slow build, in my personal experience. Sure, I have heard that there are some uber-successful women who got to Black Status super-fast, but I suspect for every one of them there are 10,000 who aren’t.

Aiming for Black Status - Younique by TheaI am aiming for Black Level Status with Younique, but I’m taking the “slow and steady” pace to get there. My eye is currently on Blue, possible Green as soon as possible, but it will be a month or two before I get there, I suspect. At least.

While I’ve not found it hard to get team members, keeping them selling and motivated – seems to be where the challenge lies.

I have already had two team mates deactivate, and a few will go at the end of this month if they don’t reach their 125 PRS goals.

All you have to do to remain active as a Younique presenter is sell that 125 PRS (which is $125 or appx £85) every ninety days. That really shouldn’t be too hard to do for even the least sales-minded person….but it does seem to be a challenge for some people.


What I’d like right now is to find even just a handful of committed, business builders who will stop at nothing to achieve success. This is not an easy business, (I suspect no “Direct Sales” business is). I need people to join and who can weather the challenging, frustrating, depressing, moneyeless days with focus and determination. People who don’t let setbacks and negative people or thoughts take hold of them or sway them.

I have a few people on the team who will make something out of their business. They’ll work their way up the ranks but the vast majority don’t seem to have that as their goal.

Ready to become a Younique Presenter - #jointheAteamSo if you are someone who loves makeup, social media and the idea of running your own business then please feel free to #jointheAteam today! I would absolutely love to have you. Even if you’re only in it for the makeup and don’t want to build a business, you’d be welcome too. But the more people committed to the mutual vision, the more successful we will all be. Younique is a team thing!

3 thoughts on “My Week in Younique – Team Talk

  • March 31, 2015 at 8:39 am

    What if i order my own PRS ? Then i wont get deactive? If i cant sell every month what happned then://? Im preparin for the launch in germany . :)))

    • March 31, 2015 at 8:43 am

      You only need to sell approximately 116.36 Euros worth – every 90 DAYS. So I am sure you can do that.

      You already created a younique email address? You are good! 🙂 Can I be your sponsor? 🙂 I like your enthusiasm!! :)))

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