My Week in Younique – New Teamies, Parties and More!

My Week in Younique new teamies, parties, and more

My Week in Younique – New Teamies, Parties and More!

Well another week in Younique has passed – selling more products, hosting more Younique parties and welcoming a few new new teamies, too…

January was pretty dire, I have to be honest with you, not just for me, but for my entire company too. The best sales came from one team member buying mostly for herself. As I’d spent so much in November and December, I was on a self-imposed buying ban!

Everyone is a potential customer…

Check out Molly's 3D FIber Lash Mascara eyes!This week has proven that sales can come from a variety of sources. One mascara, that sold at the start of the week, was through a private message from a Facebook friend/ former So You’ve Been Dumped site member (FYI she’s happily married now with a few kids, don’t worry! Ha!)

She paid me by BACS Monday, and had her lashes Tuesday – much to her amazement. I now await her “Selfie” (…like this one here).

Another came through my Younique site a day later. A stranger. Love those sales, in many ways, the most. In fact, I’d be quite happy if all sales were from strangers, because then I would not need to be nudging family and friends, as I occasionally do. (I have dialled it back a bit, and changed my tactic to be fair…)

At a Glasgow networking event on Friday, I sold a set of lashes to a 21-year old, Lithuanian fella for his sweetheart. It was for her Valentine’s Day – but as Friday was her birthday, he caved and gave it to her sooner! Who can blame him?

In any event. that sale just proves that sales really can come from anywhere…so I carry sets of 3D lashes with me wherever I go now!

I worked hard this week…set myself some goals, created some images, and thought about where I’d like to go with this Younique Opportunity. I’m definitely aiming for the top, and am 100% committed (Well, most days!).

Do I have days of doubt? For sure. Did lack of January sales and almost-no team enthusiasm bum me out? For sure. But it’s funny, when I really start to feel the doubt, something happens to remind me I am on the right path…so I persevere! Last night was a great example of that…

Younique parties – ways to hostess…

People really do have a tough time really grasping what Younique’s online parties are, so I am going to give some thoughts on the matter. It’s perhaps confusing because it really can be anything you want it to me…

A Younique presenter can book a party with anyone she is friends with on Facebook (or host the party herself). Personally, I always have a 10-day party, or two, running for myself!

Once the link is created it’s time to use it…either personally, or by sharing it with others! Here are a few ways that might be done…

1) Facebook: A most popular-way is to head over to FB to create an event.  Once created, it’s time to share — images, stories, tutorials, links etc. Frankly, I don’t think the parties are the best option, but I know other Youniques have done them where they’ve been hugely successful. To me, they’re too much work, and hostesses don’t tend to be that fussed about putting in the work to make it successful (From what I’ve seen). Again they can work…That’s just not the route I take.

2) Facebook Group: You can create a group and share stuff to that in the same way as above. Again I don’t think this is the way forward as most people will not post the recommended five (or whatever) times a day. Some Youniques totally nail this, and have content all ready to go etc…and I am sure it works for them. But again not me. (I have a mental block I think).

3) Facebook List: What I do think can work is to create a FB list of people you think would be interested in the Makeup posts…or at least not put off by them. Share your link, pictures, tutorials, etc to that list. Consider tagging friends if you want (am not a fan of tagging or being tagged so I do it very rarely). I do share to my Younique list regularly.

4) Other Social Media: You can also share the link on any of your social media channels. If you use Twitter, share the party link there, if you’re more of an instagram person, use it. Vlogger – create videos and share them on Vimeo or Youtube (Vine or Instagrame or even FB again).

5) Google+: I think G+ deserves a special mention here. I’ve seen a quite a few Youniques trying to create parties on Google Plus in a Facebook sort of way, and I can tell you now, it’s ill-advised. They are very different places. I’ve been a HUGE fan and trainer of Google+ and trying to use it like FB is not likely to get you any credibility or sales. So please stop inviting me to your Younique party there – especially if we’ve never spoken or engaged at all on G+!! Instead simply share your images and stories. Engage with other people there.

While I do have a Glatitude Google+ Page which I barely use, I actually spend almost all my time using my personal profile. On my profile I mix everything that I love – photography, Younique, music, social media…it’s not a place I simply broadcast my 3D fiber lashes links and pics. It’s very much created to build my overall, personal brand.Love it Bundle - Double Party Points - Click to visit and find out more!

6) Simply Try a Private party…

So an old friend from High School messaged me on Friday night saying “I need to order three more of the mascaras” because she loved them – as did her cousin! So I excitedly suggested a party link.

Then, in my zeal, I overwhelmed her too much information, and she just replied back with “can I just buy the mascara without the party?”.  Oops!

Right now people are getting double party points so it makes sense to, even if you don’t want to share the link anywhere, buy through your own party link. In the end, she did that last night and earned herself some half priced items and Y-cash which she can spend over the next year!

There are many more ways than what is listed above to do the “party” thing. You can share the party link with your work colleagues, friends, family via email. I created a PDF last night for our February Love It Bundle and emailed it to a few friends who are willing to pass it on to their makeup-loving friends.

The world is your oyster with how you promote your own Younique party link. Heck you can even do what my high school friend did and just buy stuff for yourself, using it and grab yourself some perks for next time you want some free or cheap make up. Win/win!

#theAteam expands

Another Cali gal makes 3 for #theAteam!I mentioned some Younique new teamies….here we go.

While I was still on the “high” of a nice-sized order last night, another email came in saying a new team member had joined my team. This being Teri, a friend for nearly thirty years, who joins me and the other Californian Tina (known for more than 30 years). So it’s like the Trifecta with the three Ts!

Twenty minutes later another recruit joined – Sammie in Scotland. Sammie currently now juggles three businesses that will compliment each other. So delighted to have her too.

So it was quite night last night, I have to say. Welcome a fe more like that too!

I said #theAteam’s expanding, but as some new ones are joining, others are simply doing nothing with their Younique business. That to me is one of the hardest parts to deal with as a leader. People being too busy, apathetic, or disenfranchised or whatever – so they are doing nothing with this opportunity. They’ll soon be falling by the wayside I fear…

I suppose it’s the nature of the beast, and it happens in every Direct Sales business around the world, I am sure. I did hear that 20% of your team will make 80% of the money. This appears to be the case for my team.

Realistically, I just need to find a few more like me! Committed, hard working, enthusiastic and pretty good with the whole ‘online thing’…

Better get back to writing my team training document…Until next week….

Best Recruitment Video Ever

Before I go I will leave you with what is arguably the best Younique Recruitment video ever…

If you love the sound of that, then why not join #theAtea now – I’d always welcome new teamies! Be pleased to have you!

Join Younique with Thea Newcomb #theAteam

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