My Week in Younique – Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas time…A time to celebrate life, family and, well, makeup! It’s been a fantastic but often challenging year with Younique. It’s actually been more quiet than last December – both for myself and my company – but hopefully lots of people will get money and want to shop for makeup either direct or via my Younique shop.Younique by Thea | Opulence Lipsticks - set of 3

Merry Christmas to Me!

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, my latest Younique order arrived – Moodstruck 3 Opulent Lipsticks: Conceited, Stinkin’ Rich and Pretentious. (While I do love the lipsticks immensely I certainly wouldn’t choose the names they’ve chosen for some of these things. Surely there must be other better more positive names than Pretentious and Conceited.) Look forward to sampling them over the coming days just the same.

The other thing that’s made my Christmas for 2015 was that I finally reached Blue Status with Younique this month – due to having an extraordinary November. I’ll be honest, I’d hoped to have been at least Green status by now, but month after month, even hitting Pink has been a challenge.

Younique by Thea - Officially Blue Status

Find a Younique Sponsor

Join Younique on Annabelle's team?Today I woke up and noticed that newest company member, a lovely English lass, Annabelle has officially qualified as a White Status presenter. Annabelle, a makeup artist in England, is the first recruit of my Aussie Rock Star Helen.

Helen, herself, is a seasoned MLM-er. With Younique, if you’re planning on treating Younique like a business your team is essential. 

So when I know someone wants to build their team, I do all I can to help that…As I get regular emails from people considering joining Younique, I help my team build theirs.

Currently am having my recruits sign up under Helen and once we reach her two new recruits, we’ll work on building Annabelle’s team.

No matter who you sign up under, you’ll still be in my company and therefor qualify for any Social Media training you may desire. But all the ladies in the company have reasons to sign up under. We all have our assets!

If you’re interested in joining Younique right now, then click the ‘Find a Sponsor’ button below and join Helen’s team now and we’ll welcome you to our company.

Join Younique Today - Younique by Thea

Products Update

Over the past two months, the main product people have been enquiring about is our Touch Liquid Mineral Foundation. There’s been fairly universal frustration, from both presenters and customers, about the lack of shades in stock. I recently blogged about the Foundation and some substitutes here.

Also in some regions, two out of three of the Addiction Eye Shadow Palettes are out of stock. If you need an update on your product that’s on back order then please visit the Younique backorder page here.

Thea’s 12 Days of Younique

Have just finished highlighting my fave products of 2015 in my 12 Days of Younique. It was actually challenging to choose my favourite items – there are so many eye, face, lip and skin care products. A few of them which didn’t make the list came awfully close!

Thea’s Day 1 – Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner from Younique in Polished
Thea’s Day 2 – Illuminate Clean Facial Cleanser (or Illuminate Clear for Oily Skin)
Thea’s Day 3 – Beachfront Bronzer
Thea’s Day 4 – Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick – Ritzy
Thea’s Day 5 – Divine Daily Moisturizer
Thea’s Day 6 – Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder in Vulnerable.
Thea’s Day 7 – Moodstruck Precision Liquid Eyeliner (Only available for FREE as part of this month’s Kudos!)
Thea’s Day 8 – Moodstruck Addiction Palette 2
Thea’s Day 9 – Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain in Savvy
Thea’s Day 10 – Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation
Thea’s Day 11 – Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish
Thea’s Day 12 –  Splurge Cream Eye Shadow Elegant

Here’s to 2016!

Well, after a few weeks of blogging every day here on Younique by Thea, I think I may just take a week off now that it’s Christmas Day.  If you have any questions about joining Younique, feel free to get in touch (I’ll keep monitoring email as much as possible). It’s a great time to launch your own Younique business as we kick off a New Year.

Will be back before the year is finished but time to take a few days off just now.

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