I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

So just a quick post to say that I met my Younique sponsor for the first time today. We have never met.

In Y

ounique you do not have to be near your sponsor. In fact I have had Younique recruits in the US, UK, Canada and even Australia. I happily take them from anywhere – feel free to join my team…anytime. You don’t even have to message me! Just can just do it. Or you can reach out for a no obligation chat. Either way is fine.

My Highland Sponsor

Wee iPhone selfie of Thea Newcomb & Younique sponsor Joanna Hunter

Joanna is based in the Highlands of Scotland. I, on the other hand, am either in Northern California or Glasgow Scotland – depending on the time of year.

With Younique you can sign up under anyone anywhere…Well in the markets we’re currently in – North America, UK and Australia/New Zealand…so in theory your sponsor and upline maybe be anywhere. It just so happened mine is up in the Highlands which is driving distance away.

So we met and discussed our journey with our teams. She has double the amount on her team as I do on mine. There are 12 in my company and hers is 23 or 24 I think (direct recruits (more when you include my team).  In any event, here is me and my Younique sponsor.

That is all…

Do You Need a Younique Sponsor?

I have already blogged about sponsoring with Younique, so if you’re in the market for one, have a peruse about this post How to Find a Younique Sponsor. It may be helpful to read before you sign up with one…I’ve had a number of people asking if they could change their Younique sponsor or saying they wished they’d joined my team instead of someone else’s….

I wrote a more extensive post about some FAQs of Joining Younique – which you may also find helpful.

Any questions feel free to call or message me, or leave a comment on any post!

If you fancy a wee shop for some Younique makeup or skincare products then feel free to pop by my Younique by Thea shop here.



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