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As a newish Younique presenter – I tend to watch a lot of Younique Webinars each week, or at least I try to. I say try because I am often put off by a few things done by my fellow presenters.

So as a Social Media trainer myself, I thought I’d try to teach a few of my Younique Sisters a thing or two so they can have better results! I am learning from them and now maybe one or two can learn from me and we’ll all benefit from the transfer of knowledge!

Turn Off Your Notifications 

My biggest bug bear when trying to watch Younique (or any really) webinars are when the host/ess leaves their Facebook (in particular) open, and so through the entire webinar, all you hear is ping-ping-pong-pong as one notification arrives after another. The bigger level the presenter the more notifications I see going off.

Honestly, I applaud anyone who takes the time to these webinars. I am truly grateful for them. Their content is often high calibre, but it can be completely marred when the distracting notifications are constantly chiming – either by sounds or pop ups on the screen! It just looks and sounds so amateurish.

So please, if you run webinars for Younique (or anywhere) then double check you’re not logged in to your Facebook account. Same goes for Skype and Gmail etc. I often hear Skype in the background. Sometimes when I am watching I check to see if it’s my own (it never is).

It really is off putting. As soon as it happens about two or three times, I give up and switch off the entire webinar in frustration. (More on that later…)

Do a Test Run

Before embarking on a training webinar, try a test run with a friend or two to get any bugs out. The amount of times I’ve tried to tune into a webinar and they couldn’t get sound working, or slides working, (e.g they have to have the slides in normal mode instead of presentation mode for the entire presentation).

It can be hard to see on your laptop or tablet or mobile phone – at the best of times, let alone when your slides are not maximized.

So do what you can to ensure the presentation will work – full screen – and that the content on the slides is readable. Remember most people these days are viewing on smart phones…so test your slides on your smart phone. It may be better to have just one point per slide if most of your audience appears to be viewing on mobile*.

Again on the sound side of things…test your mic and ask people how it sounds. It may be worth investing in a proper USB mic to ensure high quality audio.

Measure Your Results*

Manage Your VideosView your Analytics on YoutubeYoutube has good metrics/statistics built in. You can see your views (how many), where they came from and what device your webinar was viewed on.

It will also tell you the drop off point (more often than not people will not watch your entire video).

Unless it’s pretty short or extremely valuable people may not even be watching half of your video…(I swear we all have super short attention spans nowadays)…So find out how long they are watching and you’ll have a good idea of how long to make future webinars.

There is not cookie-cutter solution as far as time goes. With video less is generally more. Webinars of course will be different so you probably need 30-60 minutes.

Again it will vary according to presenter, subject matter, etc – but once you have done a few webinars, compare the different metrics and see what worked best and do more of that – whatever it is.

It’s not uncommon for me to personally watch a 60 minute video across several days and several devices. Some of the Younique compensation plan videos like this one – I had to watch several times to take it all in!

Be Smart with the Description

Lastly, once the webinar is aired, if you’re keeping it on Youtube for public consumption thne go in and give it an awesome and engaging title. Fill out the description fully with more than just one sentence!! Tell us a bit about what the content of the webinar is – in bullet points (use key words) if needs be. Tell us a bit about yourself e.g. are you a Pink, Orange, or Black Younique Presenter? Show us your credibility or authority.

Lastly, make sure you link to your Younique site or your website (or both). If it’s about certain products you can link directly to that. If you have other relevant webinars – link to them too!

Now Share it,…

Finally after you’ve done all the above, then it’s time to share your webinar across your social media channels and embed it in your own website or blog.

Add context to anything you share – wherever you share it. Don’t just stick up a link and say “here’s a webinar I did” – tell the viewer how it will benefit them to watch it. What will they learn if they give up their 30 or 60 minutes to watch? What problem do you solve? What need to you fill? Etc.


I really hope that some of the Younique sisters find their way to this blog, and take on board some of the comments – especially the first one about notifications!

Many of you do absolutely fantastic work. We are all going to have to find the Presenters that we identify with most and watch and support them (subscribe!).

What we respond to is all different. For me, so far, Shari Brown is a fave and Michelle Bell are my favorites…for others it might be someone like Amber Voight.

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