Glatitude Spotlight: Anna from My Cupcake Toppers

Buy Edible Branding - Meet Anna from My Cupcake ToppersMeet Anna from My Cupcake Toppers

This is a new feature  I’ve been toying with for a while now where I get to sort of interview people that I think are doing something great. It could be handmade gifts, yummy foods, simply cool companies or anything I come across that merits some exposure really…Today I’m writing to spotlight Anna from My Cupcake Toppers…

1) What’s your background (in business)?

My background is quite mixed – starting as a post woman (ed note: a mail carrier) after university, then moving into Hotels for 4 years. And prior to having children I worked as a Business Improvement Manager for a large property company. This involved compliance and quality assurance, internal service auditing including ISO 9001, 12001 and 15001, and project management.

2) How would you describe your business in a one sentence elevator pitch?

We turn your images into edible toppers for all occasions.

3) When did you launch your business?

I started selling cupcakes almost six and a half years ago, which then diversified into printed cake toppers almost four and a half years ago.

4) Why this business, now?

I started the cake business as something to do to stimulate my brain a bit when I was a stay at home mum and the girls were only 1 and 2 years old.  The topper business almost came about by chance, thinking I might just sell a few to keep the printer inks from drying up as I needed it for the cake business. 

It has proved much more successful than I could have dreamed, and is now a fully functioning business accounting for around 95% of annual turnover, rather than just something to do for a little extra cash, and to give my brain a little work.

5) Where do you operate? (E.g. Do you trade internationally?)

We sell all over the world – basically to anyone that finds our website.  The vast majority of our customers are in the UK. but we often ship to Australia, US, and all over Europe.

What advice do you have for someone starting up in business today?

Start small and don’t borrow money. Give Business Gateway a call as they have been an amazing support to us. And open yourself to ideas from other people – friends, families, social media – don’t take things personally.

My Cupcake Summary!

I chose to highlight Anna from My Cupcake Toppers – because I was so impressed with her and her business. Isybd log - soyouvebeendumped.comt is such a simple and novel idea which will appeal to such a broad range of customers – from mum’s for their kid’s parties, to corporates having any sort of function that requires some edible branding, to sports teams and even music lovers. Literally the only thing limiting is one’s imagination. I fancy some So You’ve Been Dumped logo cupcakes (for our 17th birthday perhaps) or even some Younique by Thea cupcakes would be cool…

Connect online with MCT:

Visit My Cupcake Toppers website, like the MCT Facebook Page or tweet them now.

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