Aiming High in July – Get Thea to Green

Get Thea to Green: Younique status

Well hello, July! I’ll be honest with you, I have not made it as high up the Younique ladder as I’d have hoped by now. Thought I’d hit Blue or even Green status by March, but in reality, it’s been a very slow-to-promote process. I feel like I peaked at Pink.

As it’s July, it’s time to aim high!

It feels almost impossible here on day one of July, but I’m going for Green! What’s that mean?

It means selling $10,000 worth of makeup in one month!

My lovely teams’ sales count toward that figure, and hopefully they will sell well this month…We’re all aiming high in July! It’s scary and exciting!

“Get Thea To Green”

Shop Younique by thea - Get Thea to GreenAs it’s my birthday soon, I thought I’d ask my dear family, friends and maybe some lovely blog readers to do something for me…well, for themselves and me! How can you help me?

Instead of asking for any presents, I just want people to shop through my Younique site (or via me direct if in the UK*)…To treat themselves, or someone special, to some Younique Products – makeup or skin care items.

No order will be too small – even a lip gloss or eye liner, what have you!

Every single sale will help!

FREE Makeup Anyone?

If anyone is interested in buying more than just a one off 3D Fiber Lash Mascara or Splurge Cream Eye Shadow (or whatever), then I can create a personal, unique shipping link in order to earn credit for half-priced or even FREE makeup. (Our y-cash is good for a year and the chart is below! Basically the more you spend the more credit you earn).


Younique Party Links

There has been confusion over this whole “Virtual Party” thing, in my experience. You have a few options. You can share your own personal link on your social media, by instant message or email, however you fancy!

OR you don’t have to share a thing simply shop through it yourself. Either way the more sales through your “party link” – the more likely you are to earn FREE naturally-based makeup (not just half priced makeup)!

Get Shopping

Buy new 3D Fiber Lash PlusSo please do some shopping on Younique by Thea and help ‘Get Thea to Green’ this month. I get a promotion, and you get yourself or someone you love, some new Younique goodies. Win/Win!

If you’re interested – you can find out where Younique products are made in a recent blog.

Epic Younique News Today!

Later tonight we’re on a webinar to learn about some “EPIC” Younique news. I’ll write again tonight (or tomorrow) with what that “game changing” info is all about. I honestly can’t even imagine what is going to be so “revolutionary” – but they are so good at teasing these things out.

All revealed as soon as…


UPDATE: The new revolutionary product is they’ve enhanced our best -selling 3D Fiber Lash mascara – on sale from July 15 – they’re called 3D Fiber Lashes+ and out on July 15.

NOTE: If you’re in the UK and not in a hurry – you can order direct through me, in my next bulk order, and save yourself some of the international shipping costs. I provide free local delivery in Glasgow and charge apprx £3.00 for UK items I send.

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