Feats and Challenges of Younique UK

Well I blogged two nights ago about My Week in Younique (#2 update as such, effectively) and then after midnight yesterday, the founder Derek wrote us the weekly email. In it, among other things, he reports how the feats and challenges that have been facing Younique UK.

Founder of Younique - Derek“November was the first month that products could be sold to UK customers. You wouldn’t have known it by what all of you accomplished! We are talking about more than $5 million USD in sales, 5 new Black-status Presenters, and nearly 37,000 transatlantic orders! In one month! Now that’s incredible!” 

I am so pleased to even be a small part of that Younique success (ok, yes, I know, a very small part).

But later on he goes on to explain about the challenges of “logistical support” to keep our businesses going. This is a challenging time of year to get deliveries, weather and an influx in orders – can all play a seriously damaging effect when orders are for Christmas, and you’re hoping they arrive in time!

There was confusion about the cut off dates for Christmas. Different people saying the UK cut off was the 10th while others stated the 4th. I encouraged my team to make it the 4th because I’m a little dubious that the courier is going to manage getting parcels to us given how my mascaras that arrived took 22 days. They sat in England for a week! Not sure if that was in customs or the couriers depot but either way – the 4th was my recommendation.

There have been a few people balking at the shipping price for Younique “£6.95 – oh my!!” While in an era where people are used to “free shipping” via Amazon, Ebay, and the bigger High Street chains what the UK public needs to understand is that 1) it’s coming from America (Utah, to California to England) and 2) coming by courier with tracking info. As someone who has lived here for a few decades and had hundreds of packages sent to her, I am telling you now that £6.95 is a downright bargain. Most of the stuff I do get sent ends up having shipping cost more than what’s in the package. Seriously. So think twice if you’re about to moan about shipping. It’s really not that bad when you think of the distance it’s covering (6,000 miles, crossing borders and oceans).

Anyway due to some orders through the night I am inching my way closer to PINK status. That’s the goal before Christmas so if you’re thinking of buying – go forth and shop my Yule Link! Thanks!

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