My Younique Experience Blogs

An August Selfie - Thea

Welcome to my ‘Younique by Thea’ blog archive page. What follows are some links to several of my more popular blogs. They will hopefully be helpful to you if you’re considering joining Younique.

These blog posts often tell my story as a Younique presenter and sponsor. They answer questions about whether you can make money at Younique, if it’s scam, or “too good to be true”, and also to educate about products – especially the fiber lashes.

My Week in Younique – Archive of All Posts!

I have a full archive of My Week in Younique posts so please start there. In those MWY posts I attempt to record my experiences of being a US/UK Younique presenter and Sponsor.

My Year in Younique – A One Year Update

I wrote a long blog post about my first Year in Younique which documents the highs and lows I’ve had with the company.

“Isn’t Younique a Horrible Pyramid Scheme?” – A Controversial read

One of my most popular blog posts to date has been one published on Linkedin. I think it’s most popular due to people hearing what Younique is and so they start searching to find out if it’s a scam (hint: it’s not).

Younique – What it is and What it is Not – setting the record straight.

Younique FAQs

5 FAQs for Joining Younique (Part 1) – some questions you may be asking about Younique
More Younique FAQs – some more answers to questions about Younique

Younique Product Blogs

3D Fiber Lashes – Real Vs Fake – Avoid cheap mascara from eBay/Amazon

Another very popular post for a long time was this question of real vs fake 3D Fiber Lashes. By fake, I’m not talking about fake lashes, but rather counterfeit makeup found on Ebay & Amazon & Craigslist. Please never shop for makeup on sides like that…It’s not worth the bargain hunt if you might end up with knock-offs!