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A Blue Status Younique Presenter and Sponsor in ScotlandWelcome to Glatitude. I’m Thea Newcomb, a Glasgow-based, Californian who wears many hats. Am a Social Media trainer, blogger, and small business owner.

Currently I run several businesses and blogs including this one, obviously! First and foremost I’m a trainer – who travels the whole of Scotland (including islands) – delivering one to one training and also workshops (most often for Business Gateway.

Secondly, I’m an Independent Younique Blue Status presenter/sponsor – getting closer to my 3rd anniversary there. I also run

What’s on Glatitude?

Glatitude is the place where I talk about the various businesses that I run e.g. Younique Products or more recently my t-shirt business. You can see my designs on Amazon Merch and also Red Bubble where I am doing a Design-A-Day-in-2018!

It is also an outlet for me to talk about people and products that I come across – I think you should know about too. These are people or products from Scotland…I’ve recently joined Darceys Candles – so you can buy your candles and wax melts through me.

So How Can I Help YOU?

  • Want to buy some makeup or Join Younique? You can shop for makeup via my latest “party link”.
  • If you are here because you’ve been doing your research and have questions about joining Younique, then I have several posts that I’d recommend you read – do get in touch.
  • If you’d like to order some Candles, Wax Melts or Diffusers, please reach out (contact details below)
  • If you’re interested in Essential Oils, I can help you out there too.

How to reach me:

Call me: If you’re in the UK or Ireland then please ring me: 0141-416-1492In the US/Canada: 408-353-0434 (both ring globally).

Email me: speakwith @

Tweet me here –> New Thea is my main account

Google+: Are you a fellow pluser? Me too, sometimes here–> Glatitude Google+ thing but more often here–> Thea Newcomb Google+ is here! (Every day!)

Buying direct from me? I accept payments via BACS or PayPal. See my testimonials to assure you that I am trustworthy to transact with.