Younique Scammers – Sellers Beware

UPDATED 2020: Am currently still a presenter but not marketing the products or actively sponsoring any longer. If you need a hands-off sponsor then I’m your gal.

Younique Scammers - Sellers Beware

Younique Scammers – Sellers Beware

Normally it’s a case of “Buyer Beware”, but today my post is a cautionary tale for any online sellers. It’s about what I’ve learned to be a common phishing scam. This is a true story that happened to me as a Younique Presenter/Sponsor this week. What this is not is asking if Younique is a scam…If you’re searching for that sort of info, please read “Isn’t Younique Just a Horrible Pyramid Scheme” instead.  (PS: It’s up to nearly 150,000 views to date, and spoiler alert: No, it’s not…a scam).

Selling Online Scams

As I mentioned, this is my story as a Younique presenter, but it should also be noted, that it will be a relevant read for anyone in Direct Sales – regardless of the company. You might even say it’s relevant to anyone who sells anything online, such as on Craigslist, Ebay, Gumtree or anywhere transactions may happen.

Sellers beware.

When one of my first Californian recruits, Teri joined the A-team nearly two years ago, she mentioned she had a similar story. In her story, it was a mother wanting to buy some makeup for her daughter who was getting married. These scammers always seem to have a story to tell.

I had not known that until Teri explained what happened. (It’s happened to her more than once). In Teri’s case, it was a woman who didn’t have a credit card and so wanted to pay by check. Wait, hold on, I am getting ahead of myself…


It Starts with An Email

Both Teri and myself had our first email through our respective company websites. My first message came in, and it simply said, “want to order”.

Younique Scam via My Younique Website

From the moment that I saw that brief, curt message, my spidey-senses were tingling. I immediately tried to test out the email a few places which showed nothing online.

Even though I was obviously dubious about it, you have to try to give people the benefit of the doubt. So I kindly wrote back to Mr Michael Cohen ( with a very simple “How may I assist you?”

Younique scammer email

 You’ll see from his reply a detailed order that “Michael” wants to place. It’s a big one! Who wouldn’t love that order…? If only…

A big detailed order also seems to be par for the course with the scammers!

So I reply saying that Younique is done 100% online and gave my direct shopping link to buy the makeup there.

Of course “Michael” says he is skeptical about using his “credit card online or any other online form of payments” and thus wants to pay by check or money order.

I feel like writing back saying I am skeptical about him, but I don’t…

Younique Scammer - beware if it looks too good to be true...

The next red flag is when the person starts to use words effectively stating “I don’t want to pay online” (in some shape for form). That is where your suspicions, as an online seller, ought to be confirmed.

If you see that, run a mile, or at least be very, very careful going forward. OK?

Please note: Since joining Younique two years ago, I have met many people (strangers) in person who wanted to pay by cash. These were usually for the 3D lashes, which I always had in stock. More on that later…

So sometimes when a person doesn’t want to buy online it’s legit!

Back to Michael Cohen…

What’s also interesting, or even hilarious, is that not only can he not spell his last name right (OK, maybe that was just a typo?), but the mailing address he gives, is a fake one. (At least according to a map search pictured below).

Younique Scammer - look for the addressBut still, being a kind sort of person, or simply not gullible, I actually said that I have no way of taking checks or money orders. I gave him the link to find a local Younique presenter/sponsor.

So, if he is legit, and has real issues with shopping online, he can shop from someone local. Fair dues right?

Not surprisingly that was all I heard from Michael. Not even a “thank you” for my time!

My Advice for Selling Online

  • Proceed with caution always.
  • Don’t get excited when you see an order come in that way. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Do your homework – e.g. try to find as much as you can about the person.
  • Don’t accept checks or money orders – unless you know the person or can verify they are legit. If you do take those forms of payment, wait until they clear before you buy any products!
  • In this day and age there are plenty of ways to pay online – even through a “pre-paid” credit card. So the whole “I don’t want to pay online” is generally bogus!
  • Be very careful if anyone suggests meeting up in person. As I said, I have met many strangers. I am happy to deliver Younique makeup locally in Glasgow, and to accept cash. I always meet in a very public place. Like with online dating, I’d recommend somewhere like a tube/train station or coffee shop. Everyone I’ve met (a dozen or so) has been fabulous. So don’t worry about that! Just be safe! OK?

In Summary

If you find yourself in a situation whereby someone wants to transact with you, and making up excuses as to why they can’t pay online – proceed with caution. It won’t always be a scam but it very well could be. Do your due diligence. The same rules apply for any MLM company, on Craigslist, the trade websites, Gumtree or what have you. There are lots of scammers out there and I don’t want to see you caught out!

Update 1 Day Later:

After posting this post yesterday, I shared the link with my Secret Facebook Team group. I have now had another team mate, Charlotte, respond saying she’d just had one of these too. She has just messaged me the screenshot of hers.


Charlotte's Younique Scammer

I love how Flora puts her (alleged) USA phone number and says she wants to get products from Charlotte who is based in England. And the so-called Michael in Canada tries to order from a Scotland/Californian Younique presenter.


So – 604-343-8019 – shame on you!

Name and Shame Online Scammers

Do we need to shame anyone else? By this I mean attempted scams taking place on any platform or with company. Let me know in the comments below. Let’s put an end to scammers. Naughty scamming people! Shame on the lot of them.

My Week in Younique – March Madness

Kid in a Candy Store - Younique by Thea Collection
Click to buy Kid in a Candy Store: Younique by Thea

Well what can I tell you for this week’s My Week In Younique? March is in full swing, and the first person to get an order in was the lovely Marie! Well, if you don’t count my Kid in a Candy Store (pictured here) purchase for myself!…Marie sold several Lip Stains which is fantastic. Have you used a Lip Stain? I hadn’t. They are – Smudge-proof. Smoochproof. Worry- free. Sadly, I either left my lovely Lip Stain (from the Customer Kudos back in November) in California over the holidays, or I’ve lost it between there and here somewhere.

So frankly my new collection can’t come quick enough. Actually I was sorely tempted to buy the seven Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stains set!  That’s the danger of being a Younique presenter, I tell ya…I blogged about it this weekend already in “If You Love Makeup Don’t Become a Younique Presenter”. As I often say here, I was never a big makeupy person, before and, even I, am totally obsessed with Younique products. It’s crazy-addictive. You’ve been warned!

Thea A-Team Challenges

If you're on social media anyway you may as well #jointheateamWell I promised I would be as transparent as possible as I was documenting my first foray into Direct Sales (MLM) so here goes…I am delighted to have grown a pretty big company in a fairly short space of time. Though I hear other top level presenters talking about how many recruits they have made in just a few months, I do my best to not compare myself to anyone else. I have set my target to grow a big team and all my efforts almost are placed on that. I’m 100% committed to growing my team for a few reasons…

First reason, rather obviously, is that the only way to make any real money in this business is to grow a big team. When I first joined, I heard some stories about one Younique Sponsor having recruited 200 team mates, yet had 21,000 in her downline. When I heard that, I thought, “Ok, that’s my goal”.

Another reason to recruit is because it’s a numbers game in direct sales. Even in this short space of time, I’ve already had one person “drop off” my team because they didn’t qualify. There’s still time for them to re-qualify and they may do so, but what happens is, if you don’t qualify every three months, you’re considered inactive. You still have another 3 more months to get reinstated, so you never know, they may bounce back. In addiction to that one, I have a few more who will be struck off by the end of the month if they don’t miraculously sell their 125 PRS (personal retail sales – which is only around $125 – so 5 mascaras in any 90 day period is all you need to sell really).

I think I mentioned, in a previous blog, a stat that I heard in the early weeks of joining Younique, and that was “20% of your recruits will earn you 80% of your money”. I can see how that would be true or even is true in my case. Only about 20% of my team is doing anything at all. That tells me I need to grow a bigger team and ideally find more people like me (and my 20%) who want to build a proper business. Who want to put in the time to really make a living out of this. Hungry team mates.

Younique is NOT a ‘Get Rich Quick’ Biz

If you want to join Younique to make some fast cash, it’s probably going to disappoint you. It is work for most of us and frankly quite a lot of it! Thankfully I love it so much it doesn’t feel like work, but it’s been a lot of time invested into growing my business, learning as much as I can about the company and direct sales in general, making images to share on social media, blogging, etc. I see the past few months as sowing the seeds, and they’re starting to bloom. I’ve had my first enquiries through this very blog to join my younique team. One person private messaged me on Facebook asking to join! So all my work is starting to potentially pay off. I am happy to be a Younique sponsor to anyone anywhere in theReady to become a Younique Presenter - #jointheAteam UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico too (Plus later this year Younique will launch in Germany too!) While I welcome absolutely anyone to #theAteam, as I say, I would specifically love to find dedicated and committed makeup lovers to join the team who want to make this a career!

 To Cap Off My Week in Younique!

Black cap, Pink Shirt - Younique By Thea - branded merchandiseWell it’s about time to close for another week, but I will leave with one final, small promotional update…My two baseball hats and pink shirt arrived on Tuesday, I believe. They were made by a company down in England called the Cap Factory

I acquired several quotes for branded baseball hats in Scotland, and they were all coming in pretty expensive for one-offs, but not the Cap Factory. I got them £14.95 (embroidered) each, so I was pretty impressed. The shirt’s so pink it could stop traffic!

One minor complaint was that the bills on the hats are a bit big and wide, but to be fair, I had opted for clearance hats! It meant the quality wasn’t 100% ideal, but as I say, I would definitely order from them again and choose better quality hates!

If you’re looking for branded one-off hats, I recommend you speak to Wendy at the Cap Factory and tell her Thea sent you!

See you next week!

I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

I Met My Younique Sponsor Today

So just a quick post to say that I met my Younique sponsor for the first time today. We have never met.

In Y

ounique you do not have to be near your sponsor. In fact I have had Younique recruits in the US, UK, Canada and even Australia. I happily take them from anywhere – feel free to join my team…anytime. You don’t even have to message me! Just can just do it. Or you can reach out for a no obligation chat. Either way is fine.

My Highland Sponsor

Wee iPhone selfie of Thea Newcomb & Younique sponsor Joanna Hunter

Joanna is based in the Highlands of Scotland. I, on the other hand, am either in Northern California or Glasgow Scotland – depending on the time of year.

With Younique you can sign up under anyone anywhere…Well in the markets we’re currently in – North America, UK and Australia/New Zealand…so in theory your sponsor and upline maybe be anywhere. It just so happened mine is up in the Highlands which is driving distance away.

So we met and discussed our journey with our teams. She has double the amount on her team as I do on mine. There are 12 in my company and hers is 23 or 24 I think (direct recruits (more when you include my team).  In any event, here is me and my Younique sponsor.

That is all…

Do You Need a Younique Sponsor?

I have already blogged about sponsoring with Younique, so if you’re in the market for one, have a peruse about this post How to Find a Younique Sponsor. It may be helpful to read before you sign up with one…I’ve had a number of people asking if they could change their Younique sponsor or saying they wished they’d joined my team instead of someone else’s….

I wrote a more extensive post about some FAQs of Joining Younique – which you may also find helpful.

Any questions feel free to call or message me, or leave a comment on any post!

If you fancy a wee shop for some Younique makeup or skincare products then feel free to pop by my Younique by Thea shop here.



My Week in Younique – New Teamies, Parties and More!

My Week in Younique new teamies, parties, and more

My Week in Younique – New Teamies, Parties and More!

Well another week in Younique has passed – selling more products, hosting more Younique parties and welcoming a few new new teamies, too…

January was pretty dire, I have to be honest with you, not just for me, but for my entire company too. The best sales came from one team member buying mostly for herself. As I’d spent so much in November and December, I was on a self-imposed buying ban!

Everyone is a potential customer…

Check out Molly's 3D FIber Lash Mascara eyes!This week has proven that sales can come from a variety of sources. One mascara, that sold at the start of the week, was through a private message from a Facebook friend/ former So You’ve Been Dumped site member (FYI she’s happily married now with a few kids, don’t worry! Ha!)

She paid me by BACS Monday, and had her lashes Tuesday – much to her amazement. I now await her “Selfie” (…like this one here).

Another came through my Younique site a day later. A stranger. Love those sales, in many ways, the most. In fact, I’d be quite happy if all sales were from strangers, because then I would not need to be nudging family and friends, as I occasionally do. (I have dialled it back a bit, and changed my tactic to be fair…)

At a Glasgow networking event on Friday, I sold a set of lashes to a 21-year old, Lithuanian fella for his sweetheart. It was for her Valentine’s Day – but as Friday was her birthday, he caved and gave it to her sooner! Who can blame him?

In any event. that sale just proves that sales really can come from anywhere…so I carry sets of 3D lashes with me wherever I go now!

I worked hard this week…set myself some goals, created some images, and thought about where I’d like to go with this Younique Opportunity. I’m definitely aiming for the top, and am 100% committed (Well, most days!).

Do I have days of doubt? For sure. Did lack of January sales and almost-no team enthusiasm bum me out? For sure. But it’s funny, when I really start to feel the doubt, something happens to remind me I am on the right path…so I persevere! Last night was a great example of that…

Younique parties – ways to hostess…

People really do have a tough time really grasping what Younique’s online parties are, so I am going to give some thoughts on the matter. It’s perhaps confusing because it really can be anything you want it to me…

A Younique presenter can book a party with anyone she is friends with on Facebook (or host the party herself). Personally, I always have a 10-day party, or two, running for myself!

Once the link is created it’s time to use it…either personally, or by sharing it with others! Here are a few ways that might be done…

1) Facebook: A most popular-way is to head over to FB to create an event.  Once created, it’s time to share — images, stories, tutorials, links etc. Frankly, I don’t think the parties are the best option, but I know other Youniques have done them where they’ve been hugely successful. To me, they’re too much work, and hostesses don’t tend to be that fussed about putting in the work to make it successful (From what I’ve seen). Again they can work…That’s just not the route I take.

2) Facebook Group: You can create a group and share stuff to that in the same way as above. Again I don’t think this is the way forward as most people will not post the recommended five (or whatever) times a day. Some Youniques totally nail this, and have content all ready to go etc…and I am sure it works for them. But again not me. (I have a mental block I think).

3) Facebook List: What I do think can work is to create a FB list of people you think would be interested in the Makeup posts…or at least not put off by them. Share your link, pictures, tutorials, etc to that list. Consider tagging friends if you want (am not a fan of tagging or being tagged so I do it very rarely). I do share to my Younique list regularly.

4) Other Social Media: You can also share the link on any of your social media channels. If you use Twitter, share the party link there, if you’re more of an instagram person, use it. Vlogger – create videos and share them on Vimeo or Youtube (Vine or Instagrame or even FB again).

5) Google+: I think G+ deserves a special mention here. I’ve seen a quite a few Youniques trying to create parties on Google Plus in a Facebook sort of way, and I can tell you now, it’s ill-advised. They are very different places. I’ve been a HUGE fan and trainer of Google+ and trying to use it like FB is not likely to get you any credibility or sales. So please stop inviting me to your Younique party there – especially if we’ve never spoken or engaged at all on G+!! Instead simply share your images and stories. Engage with other people there.

While I do have a Glatitude Google+ Page which I barely use, I actually spend almost all my time using my personal profile. On my profile I mix everything that I love – photography, Younique, music, social media…it’s not a place I simply broadcast my 3D fiber lashes links and pics. It’s very much created to build my overall, personal brand.Love it Bundle - Double Party Points - Click to visit and find out more!

6) Simply Try a Private party…

So an old friend from High School messaged me on Friday night saying “I need to order three more of the mascaras” because she loved them – as did her cousin! So I excitedly suggested a party link.

Then, in my zeal, I overwhelmed her too much information, and she just replied back with “can I just buy the mascara without the party?”.  Oops!

Right now people are getting double party points so it makes sense to, even if you don’t want to share the link anywhere, buy through your own party link. In the end, she did that last night and earned herself some half priced items and Y-cash which she can spend over the next year!

There are many more ways than what is listed above to do the “party” thing. You can share the party link with your work colleagues, friends, family via email. I created a PDF last night for our February Love It Bundle and emailed it to a few friends who are willing to pass it on to their makeup-loving friends.

The world is your oyster with how you promote your own Younique party link. Heck you can even do what my high school friend did and just buy stuff for yourself, using it and grab yourself some perks for next time you want some free or cheap make up. Win/win!

#theAteam expands

Another Cali gal makes 3 for #theAteam!I mentioned some Younique new teamies….here we go.

While I was still on the “high” of a nice-sized order last night, another email came in saying a new team member had joined my team. This being Teri, a friend for nearly thirty years, who joins me and the other Californian Tina (known for more than 30 years). So it’s like the Trifecta with the three Ts!

Twenty minutes later another recruit joined – Sammie in Scotland. Sammie currently now juggles three businesses that will compliment each other. So delighted to have her too.

So it was quite night last night, I have to say. Welcome a fe more like that too!

I said #theAteam’s expanding, but as some new ones are joining, others are simply doing nothing with their Younique business. That to me is one of the hardest parts to deal with as a leader. People being too busy, apathetic, or disenfranchised or whatever – so they are doing nothing with this opportunity. They’ll soon be falling by the wayside I fear…

I suppose it’s the nature of the beast, and it happens in every Direct Sales business around the world, I am sure. I did hear that 20% of your team will make 80% of the money. This appears to be the case for my team.

Realistically, I just need to find a few more like me! Committed, hard working, enthusiastic and pretty good with the whole ‘online thing’…

Better get back to writing my team training document…Until next week….

Best Recruitment Video Ever

Before I go I will leave you with what is arguably the best Younique Recruitment video ever…

If you love the sound of that, then why not join #theAtea now – I’d always welcome new teamies! Be pleased to have you!

Join Younique with Thea Newcomb #theAteam

Does Your 3D Fiber Lashes’ Gel Smell?

Does Your 3D Fiber Lashes’ Gel Smell?

Does your 3D Fiber Lashes’ Gel Smell?

A few people have contacted me on the blog, in the last week or so, to report that their fiber lash mascara’s gel has a terrible stench to it!

To my knowledge, these people have not bought direct from official Younique presenters but rather someone advertising cheap 3D lashes on Facebook, Amazon. Ebay etc..

The real trouble with these fiber lash mascaras is that they look like real 3D fiber lashes, are even said to have the bar code on the back, and yet they stink??

Let me just reiterate Younique’s 3D fiber lash mascara gel has no smell whatsoever!! If yours stinks, then I suspect you have bought one from a counterfeit batch and not from an authorised presenter.

I am currently trying to ascertain where exactly these women have bought their lashes from (probably Ebay or Amazon!!) and particularly if it’s the same seller.

Once I do find out, I’ll make sure I report them to Younique, officially so that the compliance team can take action.

Regardless, they will not be sanctioned mascara on sites like Amazon or Ebay. We are not allowed to sell them there or other sites like that (Craigslist, Gumtree etc)!

Be Safe with Your Eyes

Younique's Love our 3D Fiber Lashes - and all our products - or your money backSure you may save yourself a bit of money picking up a cheap set of lashes to try them out, but at what cost in the long run?

You don’t have the same guarantee that 1) they are legit (e.g. naturally-based), and also 2) you don’t have the 100% certainty of your money back in our “love it guarantee” if you’re not 100% happy with the product. So why risk it?

Please buy your 3D Fiber Lashes direct from Younique itself (if not me on my site, then another authorised presenter local to you!) NOTE: As long as you are in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada you can buy from me. If there is any trouble I will guide you, and ensure you’re satisfied with the products!

Fake 3D Fiber Lash Buyers!

Beware of Fake Younique Mascara - this is what the real 3D Fiber Lashes look like!

Buyers beware! If you have bought some “smelly”, or False 3D Fiber Lashes, could you be so kind to share the link to who you bought from below? Or even take a picture or the packaging (if you have it still!) That would be so helpful so that people don’t make the same mistake…

Share this blog with anyone who’s been looking for some cheap 3D lashes online! Make sure they buy the real deal from Younique Products! OK?

New Younique Markets for 2015

Good news for people in Mexico and Germany – we’ll be selling our fabulous mascara and everything else in those markets later on in 2015. You can read more about that on this younique 2015 announcement blog! Exciting times!

Ok that’s it for today! 2 new new blogs are on the way – 1) about some of the FAQs for joining Younique and also 2) getting the most out of your 3D lashes! So please check back!

PS: Do you love your 3D fiber lashes? Want to earn some free ones? Ask me how!

Want to read more about my journey as a Younique Presenter, the highs and lows, then read My Week in Younique starting here.

6 new Younique Products - Younique By Thea

New Younique Products Announcement 2015

New Younique Products - 2015

New Younique Products Announcement 2015

Well it’s been a long time brewing, but Younique has finally announced the new products and territories for 2015. I do have to say, they did a pretty great job at building the excitement through social media…It has had us all guessing for weeks about what these big announcements would be…Here’s the official video that launched an hour ago!

6 New Younique Products

There were a few things I’d predicted, and a few I had no clue about. For instance, I had no idea there would be SIX NEW PRODUCTS. So very cool!! Here they all are!

6 new Younique Products - Younique By Thea

First off, I have to say I wasn’t too surprised to see that the November perk – the gorgeous Lip Stain was a new product. What did surprise me, however, was the fact there are seven colours available (as a whole set!). I can’t tell you how much I want the set…I’ll get it someday soon!

Summer Glow Time!

I like the idea of the Beachfront Bronzer! I mean who doesn’t want to look a bit more “tan” year round? (…Heck anything beach sounds good to me right now – it’s so baltic here in Glasgow that my Californian fingers are frozen as I try to type this!) But I digress…

Buy Splurge Cream Eye Shadow - Younique by TheaSo The Splurge Cream Eye Shadow sounds pretty good too. I don’t think I’ve ever used creamy eye shadow before – so will look forward to giving it a whirl, and using the new Cream Brush too.

UPDATE: The Splurge Cream Eye Shadow is now among my faves – of all our products! It feels so strange when you put the brush into the wee pot – almost sponge-like. It goes on so smooth and shimmery – I defy you not to love this!

The Shine Eye Makeup Remover seems like the perfect accoutrement to the ever-so-popular 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras, our fabulous Moodstruck Precision Eye Liners and of course the Moodstruck Mineral Pigments too!

There are also the Blending Buds – which will be readily available from March too.

UPDATE So all these products are on sale now.

Click to Shop Younique by Thea - #youbythea

Younique Mexico & Germany

Incidentally – two, new regions were also announced for later on in 2015 – Mexico (product sales to Mexico begin May 5 followed by full market launch there Q4) and also into Germany (Q3). It’s all very exciting! I’m already trying to recruit Youniques in both those regions now…so if you’re interested, please find out more on how to #jointheAteam here.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of our products, then please check out yesterday’s blog discussing my Top Younique Products.

Younique Collections

We also have six new collections. The Younique bundles are a fantastic value for money and a way to get lots of different products to try plus a super cute bag as well!Kid in a Candy Store - Younique Collection
I recently chose the Kid in the Candy Store collection (pictured) because it contains all of the new Younique products mentioned above! I highly recommend it – especially if you’re interested in the Bronzer, Lip Stain and Cream Eye Shadow (all of which are fab!)

What would you like to do now?

Shop for makeup? Join my team.

Thea’s Top Younique Products

Welcome to #youniquebythea — am now three months down the line with Younique, and I thought to mark the anniversary, I’d do a post on my favourite Younique products. The following cosmetics are the ones I use on a daily basis.

I start by using the Illuminate Cleansers in the shower (yes really). I’ve not used a cleanser for years. I tried Clinique last year when I was noticing some reddish spots near my mouth, and it did me no good whatsoever (forked out a lot on that makeup at Heathrow – more fool me!) I use the Illuminate Clean which is for normal/dry skin. (You can get Illuminate Clear if you have Oily Skin).

When I get out of the shower, I sit down and begin the process of putting my “face on”. The first step here is putting on the Divine Daily Moitsurizer.. It’s just lovely going on. My skin welcomes the hydration. (I am probably guilty of not drinking enough water…something I need to remedy in 2015!!)

Its new formulation has fewer preservatives and comes in an airless pump. 50 ml.

Divine Daily Moisturizer

I had a video here but either I or someone else deleted. The product is long gone now. Sadly.

Glorious Primer

Buy Glorious Primer Today - The next step alternates between the Glorious Primer and the Uplift Eye Serum.

Generally it’s Glorious, so we will go with that. I can’t say that I ever used a “primer” before – but now that I have – I can’t see ever going back. It seriously goes on like a silk coating on my skin. It just evens out the skin and gets it ready for the next layer. Definitely a fave Younique product of mine!

Info via the Younique site:

Glorious creates a flawless canvas as it evens out the skin’s texture, and primes and prepares the skin for premium application of mineral makeup. The resulting appearance is porcelain-perfect, velvety-soft skin with incredible long-wearing, sweat-resistant coverage of mineral makeup that lasts all day. Ingredients are naturally based, free of parabens, oils, synthetic fragrances, and cheap fillers. Suitable for all skin types.

It truly is a beautiful product.

Uplift Eye Serum

After the Glorious Primer, it’s time for some help reducing my wrinkles around the eyes. The Uplift Eye Serum, not unlike the Glorious, goes on in a silky-smooth fashion. They eye serum is long gone.

Moodstruck Mineral Pigment Powders

Then I start on the eyes – the lids. I use a variety of the Moodstruck Minerals colors on my lids. I have five of the thirty-two.

They are gone now too.

You can mix them with the Refreshed Rose Water (also gone now so use tap water) to make up liquid liners, and shadows, as well. I do that – ever since I received my Rose Water recently!

UPDATE: I did a blog post that highlights all the things you can do to Get More from Your Moodstruck Mineral Pigments (like wear them on eyes, lips, in your hair and on your fingernails!)

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

fave3dsNaturally, most days I do tend to apply our flag ship product, the best-selling 3D Mascara. Some days I apply it with a base coat of general mascara, and other days, I just apply the transplanting gel, the lashes and then the gel again.

It depends on my mood, my time, and the look I am going after.

Less is more for my normal day time routine. More layers, I mean business!

There are all kinds of great videos and blogs – by way of tutorials for people who aren’t having the best results with these 3D Fiber Lashes. I’ve watched tons to hear how other people are getting the best results and as I say I change up my application process regularly. I highly recommend getting the Lash/Brow Comb. It’s a great tool to make these lashes look even better!

The Moodstruck Precision Liners

Oh boy, I do certainly love Younique’s Moodstruck Eye and Lip Liners. They are incredible. They are versatile and inter-changable. They’re cry-proof, sweat-proof and glide on you friction-free. I’ve never been a huge makeup person before (ask any of my friends) but I’ve always worn eye liner and this is absolutely, categorically the best I have ever used. And it stays on until late at night – when I actually have to remove it!

Here is a great video to demonstrate the liners (and the fabulous sharpener). I tried to buy other sharpeners and to be honest they didn’t work with the Younique liners so I was so glad when I got the set of 15 (eye and lip) Liners which comes with our sharpener. Never have I been so excited to get a eye pencil sharpener before!

Lucrative Lip Gloss

Even more than the 3D lashes, I think, I love the Lucrative Lip Gloss. My fave colours are the Lavish, Lucky and Loveable. Possibly in that order. I recently got the entire Lucrative Lips set of 10 – and to be fair, I have not tried them all on yet (I should do that soon).

3 Reasons to Love this Lucrative Lippy

I think I would have to say that I love the Lucrative Lip Gloss for three, main reasons:

1) they don’t dry my lips out;
2) they are not sticky-icky (so annoying when your hair gets caught in glossy lips isn’t it?) and
3) I love that they have a mirror on the side for those touch-up moments!


Naturally, I love all our products, but these are some of my absolute faves. If you’re looking for some quality, naturally-based products then look no further. The Younique goal is to provide “healthy, clean, and pure cosmetics”…Well that’s about all for now. Hopefully now you have a feel for what we’ve got.


The Highlight of my Week - Receiving these Younique Charms

My Week in Younique – 1 Down, 11 to Go

somethingbigSo another week has come and gone again. It’s been a fairly quiet seven days, so there’s not much to report for “my Week in Younique” this week.

To be fair – two of the days this week were spent traveling and unpacking after a month in California…

Earlier this week, this wee image (pictured right, on desktop version of this blog) has hinted at something BIG being announced on the 30th.

On the various FB group pages – we’re taking bets on whether it’s new products or new regions being announced. Or both.

I haven’t got any real clue, to be honest, so I am keen to see what is unveiled!

This Younique company is definitely exciting, I’ll give them that. There is always something happening. (Week before last they announced some big incentive trips – to Jamaica and the West Indies.) It’s always something new on the horizon…Definitely not boring, unlike my January…

Dull January Sales

Sales-wise it’s been a pretty dead month for both my team and myself too. One team mate, Marie, has knocked it out of the ballpark, sales wise. She’s done better than the rest of the company combined. I am so proud of her!

For me personally though, there have been a few private sales and a few queries too. I think people seem to be waiting for payday this week – to both shop for makeup and/or sign up for #theAteam!

Currently one or two Californians have indicated that they may sign up on my team, and one gal in Scotland too. It would be so fantastic if they all did so – but I’ve found that a lot of people say they’re going to do something, and then they don’t really follow through…

It’s all a matter of timing, I guess. So in other words, just because they haven’t doesn’t mean they wont. I do my best to remain positive even though at times it’s a bit disheartening.

More Courier Hiccups

Out For Delivery - Still waiting a week later!One of the earliest orders this month, placed via my Younique website, never showed. The tracking indicated it was “out for delivery” on the 14th (which is what I saw seven days later). My only thought is that it fell down the back of something and maybe got lost on that truck?

It’s unfortunate these courier issues have persisted. It’s something that could really makes us look bad – even though it’s a third party who is at fault! It’s our reputation on the line!

Thankfully, the Younique support team is super-quick at sorting things like this – and instead of the sending out a whole new set of 3D Fiber Lashes to the customer, I simply sent her down a set from my stash, and my set will be replaced. (I am happy to wait the 10 or so days, but wasn’t happy for my customer to! PS: She got hers one day later!)

Optimistic for Final Days

I try to remain optimistic for the final days – through my My Younique website, with the products I have in stock and for my team too. Leading a team is proving challenging.

On the one hand, you want to be supportive and bolster your team up, and on the other hand you don’t want to be a pain in the backside.

I’ve tried to arrange a get together for the team mates within traveling distance from Glasgow, and it’s been rather like herding cats.

So it may just be me and the aforementioned Marie – but that’s fine. I offered to buy dinner for the person who sold the most this month and it’s currently her!

My Younique Success in the Palm of My HandThe Highlight of my Week - Receiving these Younique Charms

I will leave you with one bit of news (and picture). When I returned from California I returned to my Fast Start, Yellow and Pink Level Charms to add to my keychain!

The Yellow and Fast Start came with a normal letter signed by the co-founders.

The pink came in a glossy card and classy envelope. I imagine it just gets better all the way up to Black Status (when you get the $10,000 check).

Aiming for that my friends…

Watch this space.

Anyway, it’s late and time to wind this blog down. I didn’t think I had much to say but it turns out I did!

Pretty Younique Flower

Tips to Improve (Younique) Webinars

Always LearningPretty Younique Flower

As a newish Younique presenter – I tend to watch a lot of Younique Webinars each week, or at least I try to. I say try because I am often put off by a few things done by my fellow presenters.

So as a Social Media trainer myself, I thought I’d try to teach a few of my Younique Sisters a thing or two so they can have better results! I am learning from them and now maybe one or two can learn from me and we’ll all benefit from the transfer of knowledge!

Turn Off Your Notifications 

My biggest bug bear when trying to watch Younique (or any really) webinars are when the host/ess leaves their Facebook (in particular) open, and so through the entire webinar, all you hear is ping-ping-pong-pong as one notification arrives after another. The bigger level the presenter the more notifications I see going off.

Honestly, I applaud anyone who takes the time to these webinars. I am truly grateful for them. Their content is often high calibre, but it can be completely marred when the distracting notifications are constantly chiming – either by sounds or pop ups on the screen! It just looks and sounds so amateurish.

So please, if you run webinars for Younique (or anywhere) then double check you’re not logged in to your Facebook account. Same goes for Skype and Gmail etc. I often hear Skype in the background. Sometimes when I am watching I check to see if it’s my own (it never is).

It really is off putting. As soon as it happens about two or three times, I give up and switch off the entire webinar in frustration. (More on that later…)

Do a Test Run

Before embarking on a training webinar, try a test run with a friend or two to get any bugs out. The amount of times I’ve tried to tune into a webinar and they couldn’t get sound working, or slides working, (e.g they have to have the slides in normal mode instead of presentation mode for the entire presentation).

It can be hard to see on your laptop or tablet or mobile phone – at the best of times, let alone when your slides are not maximized.

So do what you can to ensure the presentation will work – full screen – and that the content on the slides is readable. Remember most people these days are viewing on smart phones…so test your slides on your smart phone. It may be better to have just one point per slide if most of your audience appears to be viewing on mobile*.

Again on the sound side of things…test your mic and ask people how it sounds. It may be worth investing in a proper USB mic to ensure high quality audio.

Measure Your Results*

Manage Your VideosView your Analytics on YoutubeYoutube has good metrics/statistics built in. You can see your views (how many), where they came from and what device your webinar was viewed on.

It will also tell you the drop off point (more often than not people will not watch your entire video).

Unless it’s pretty short or extremely valuable people may not even be watching half of your video…(I swear we all have super short attention spans nowadays)…So find out how long they are watching and you’ll have a good idea of how long to make future webinars.

There is not cookie-cutter solution as far as time goes. With video less is generally more. Webinars of course will be different so you probably need 30-60 minutes.

Again it will vary according to presenter, subject matter, etc – but once you have done a few webinars, compare the different metrics and see what worked best and do more of that – whatever it is.

It’s not uncommon for me to personally watch a 60 minute video across several days and several devices. Some of the Younique compensation plan videos like this one – I had to watch several times to take it all in!

Be Smart with the Description

Lastly, once the webinar is aired, if you’re keeping it on Youtube for public consumption thne go in and give it an awesome and engaging title. Fill out the description fully with more than just one sentence!! Tell us a bit about what the content of the webinar is – in bullet points (use key words) if needs be. Tell us a bit about yourself e.g. are you a Pink, Orange, or Black Younique Presenter? Show us your credibility or authority.

Lastly, make sure you link to your Younique site or your website (or both). If it’s about certain products you can link directly to that. If you have other relevant webinars – link to them too!

Now Share it,…

Finally after you’ve done all the above, then it’s time to share your webinar across your social media channels and embed it in your own website or blog.

Add context to anything you share – wherever you share it. Don’t just stick up a link and say “here’s a webinar I did” – tell the viewer how it will benefit them to watch it. What will they learn if they give up their 30 or 60 minutes to watch? What problem do you solve? What need to you fill? Etc.


I really hope that some of the Younique sisters find their way to this blog, and take on board some of the comments – especially the first one about notifications!

Many of you do absolutely fantastic work. We are all going to have to find the Presenters that we identify with most and watch and support them (subscribe!).

What we respond to is all different. For me, so far, Shari Brown is a fave and Michelle Bell are my favorites…for others it might be someone like Amber Voight.

My Week in Younique – A Shopping Spree

My Week in Younique - A Shopping SpreeMy Week in Younique – A Shopping Spree

Welcome to My Week in Younique – A Shopping Spree. It’s been a fairly quiet for my week in Younique – though a few purchases of the 3D Fiber Lash mascaras through this very site have been made – which is awesome!

Another sale came from one of my oldest friends in life. Though I’ve not seen her for a decade or two, she supported my Younique business by buying a set of the lashes via Facebook. For the past few months, I’ve come to learn that sales can sometimes come from surprising places. Sometimes people you think will support you – don’t.

That’s life, I guess.

Y-Cash Money to Burn

Due to reaching Fast Start a month or so ago – I’ve had a $250 bonus cash burning a whole in my virtual pocket. So I’ve been scouring the Younique catalog while soaking up the sunshine.

To be an effective Younique presenter, I have felt like it’s my duty to have sampled ALL of the products. Having been calculated with my purchases, I have almost all of our products (not every colour of course but all products).

So this weekend was about cashing in my Y-cash (or at least some of it).

At first I wasn’t convinced I needed or even wanted the Refreshed Rose Water, thinking it was just a face spritzer or something…But it’s actually more versatile than that.

Blushing Beauties

Mix with your Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders for a creamy application. Splash on face for refreshed glow.

Click to buy Refreshed Rose Water – Younique By Thea

Love the Moodstruck Minerals Pressed Blusher, I figured that would be another product I needed to try out. I can’t remember the last time I even wore it but I could see wearing it on a night out. I opted for “Stunning” which is the most Pink of all the colours.

Moodstruck Minerals Pressed Blusher - Younique by Thea

The Complete Brush Set has always been on the radar for me and it felt great to add that to my shopping cart. As someone who wears the 3D Fiber Lash mascara most days – the lash comb brush is the one I’m most excited to try!

The Blusher brush will be great with the blush and the concealer blush too!

Not only that, the beautiful black container for the brushes looks pretty awesome too!

Complete brush set from Younique


Previously not a huge lip gloss gal, am now am a complete convert to the Lucrative Lip Gloss…so went ahead and bought the entire set of 10 (UPDATE: not available now, bummer).

It doesn’t dry my lips – nor is it sticky – so now it’s among my daily products. Buy just one or the set of 3.

Lucrative Lip Gloss buy 1 or set of 3

Most of the colors seem as though they’ll be suitable, but for any deemed unsuitable for my coloring, I will sell on individually or maybe give a few away on this blog! Watch this space.

Join #theAteam - Younique by Thea

#theAteam meets

The end of the month sees a team meeting for #theAteam members who are based in Central Scotland. It will be an opportunity for us all to get to know each other better, allow me to show the team all of the products and perhaps a little bit of training to boot…Have offered to buy the dinner of the team mate who sells the most products by the date we meet…A small incentive to get out there and selling!

Where ever you are that we are, you can join my team, simply visit my younique page here.

Learn more about my experience with Younique – by starting here.