Working Digital – Day 1 Recap

So last night I arrived home very tired after a half day event in Kilmarnock’s Park Hotel. It’s the return of East Ayrshire’s Working Digital event in conjunction with NSDesign.

DAY 1: Digital Disruption

Gary Ennis plays Chris Brogan Video Day one of Working Digital 2014The conference opened a great little “welcome” video from one of my quirky online fave personalities – Chris Brogan. Not sure how many people in the room actually knew who he was – but I sure do – having read a few of his many books and following his online events.

Then an introduction from Gary Ennis, (Founder of NSDesign) before embarking on a variety of speakers. Like any conference some of the speakers were a bit more professional, interesting and engaging but I think with each of the talks – something positive or helpful could be gleaned.

Emu Bands

Ali from Emubands, the digital music distribution company –  gave a run down of his most used software programs, social media channels and apps. There was a talk from #ScotlandHour founder Dougie Baird and Transcribe UK too.

Amber Atherton founder of My Flash Trash at Working Digital 2014One of the highlights for me personally was the Amber Atherton talk. Young Amber managed to both impress me and depress me in equal measure. At just twenty-three,  she’s got a hugely successful (it seems) ecommerce website on her hands – myflashtrash – which is bolstered in part due to her Made in Chelsea TV success. I say “depressed” because I had a sinking feeling that I am rather “past it”. (Thankfully those thoughts passed…) What interested me most was hearing how she answered my question about how they use SnapChat to promote their products. I had heard youth-market retailers were doing so but me being 40-something couldn’t work out how they would.

Most people will have found Frances Milligan, the Senior Digital Officer at Glasgow 2014 as to have been the highlight…I however am not a sporty person, and deliberately left the country at the time of the games so I could soak up the rays in California…so though her stats were impressive (especially for a team of 7) and the video too – I was perhaps less enthused than most. I did however gfaw just a little at the “Queen PhotoBombs Hockey Player” picture. A highlight of the day for me, I think…

Mark Evans, of the Kommando Group, had the tough challenge of being the last speaker of the day (after dinner no less). I am quite certain I’d have been more interested in his talk had he been first, but by that point in the evening, my fatigue won over and my concentration was nil. I’ll have to catch the replay of his talk I think, because he did make some valuable points in his From Flashmobs to Facebook talk.

I’ll need to close now as I am off to experience the Business of Fun at Working Digital – Day 2.

Do you Need Social Media Training?

Need to get to grips with Google+Last night was a great opportunity to network with female entrepreneurs at Glasgow’s Women into Business event. Between eighty and 100 ladies were booked on to meet with other fellow business owners.

The topic was Social Media.

There were two talks. One was Thea Newcomb’s “Smart Social Media” and the other Ann-Maree Morrison – the Founder and MD of Labels4Kids. Her talk described the challenges of being a mumpreneur and having to juggle life, kids, work – while trying to remain sane and efficient.

Both talks were delivered at break-neck speed.

Do you need Social Media training?

If you do need help with your training to better your online marketing skills, either one on one or as a group, then reach out.

Glatitude’s particularly pleased to be offering training here in the West of Scotland in Google+ with online marketing specialists, Aillum.

So if you have a business that you need to be found in Google for, then you will definitely want to have a presence on G+. Together we’ll show you how!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email speakwith @ or tweet @glatitude.


Training room at the Park Hotel, Business Gateway Ayrshire

More on Facebook & New Social Media Training Course


John MacKay & Thea Newcomb - after appearance on Scotland TonightYesterday, on my personal blog, I posted a piece about a recent appearance on Scotland Tonight discussing Facebook’s 10th Birthday. Due to a fuzzy head, I hadn’t really responded in a way I’d hoped to whilst on LIVE TV, so I did a little “do ever” and expanded some more thoughts about the platform and why I “love and loathe it in equal measure”.

Also on the subject of Facebook, was another, great, video from Veritasium posted this week. Love this guy’s work on the subject of Facebook.


Since arriving back to Glasgow, (after five, fun weeks in Silicon Valley), it’s been nose-to-the-grindstone working on a half day and full day  social media training course every day since.

I’ve spent countless hours sourcing material, reading articles, listening to podcasts to try to come up with the most relevant topics, stats and apps to cover on these two courses.


Screenshot of SpundgeThis new course is aimed at people who are brand new to technology and social media. It’s very much aimed at newbies to Social Media platforms and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogging and the Cloud.  We’ll also look at tools like HootSuite, Spundge

It can be run as a three-hour, broad overview class, or a six-hour more in depth training session.


This course covers much of what the Intro to Emerging Tech course covers, but covers more tools like Survey Monkey and participants will leave with a social media strategy they can then leave and apply in their own business or organization. This course is a full day course.

NOTE: These can be delivered 1-2-1 or as part of a group. 50% funding may be available for either course. Ask for more details.

Networking@29 – Our Next Event is Google!

Networking in Glasgow

3 Speakers at 29 Glasgow
Lesley, Thea & Emer

Earlier this month we co-launched our first ever event at 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow. The event was called ‘Linkedin Socially’ and was two (plus) hours of chatting and brief talks. The aim of these events is to lean more on the social aspect, but also to have everyone who attends leave with at least one nugget that they can take-away.


This time it’s all about Google – Google Analytics (what you should be analysing), YouTube and Google+. We’ve lined up some great speakers for this event. Linkedin for further details and register.

We’ve got three, esteemed speakers lined up for three brief talks.

We have: +Matthew Marley  (from Zen) to talk about Google+! This guy has more people who’ve circled him than anyone I actually know in my circles! Kudos! +Mark Hunter (from Postable) to talk YouTube – he’s created over 700 videos – so man this guy knows his stuff! +Brian Tait  (from Aillum) is an expert who will tells us what to look for in our damn, confounded Analytics! “Not Provided”? @$%#$ – WTF! :)

The response to our second event is positively overwhelming and we still have four weeks to go. If you’re interested in attending, please visit the 29 Glasgow Linkedin Page and comment there to register your interest.