My Week in Younique x 2

Don’t believe I ever managed to post last week’s ‘Week in Younique’ update – so here I go again.

Well, it was the holidays this week, so you’ll have to forgive me…To be honest, there has not been a ton of things to report anyway, but will update just the same.

It was quite a shuffle about to make sure my entire team had enough of the 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras to go around for the holidays. Thankfully, I had deliberately ordered extra to cover any shortages. So the last week before Christmas was a lot of juggling about – meeting up and handing off the mascaras to the girls! My dear friend Karen sold over twenty! That was more than most of the team combined. I am simply in awe of her achievement!

Recruitment Has Been Slow

Want to make extra money playing with makeup? Click the pic to learn how!There have been no new additions to the team – or even my company – since my last updateJust nine – including me!

Hopefully that will change in the New Year – as people look to make some changes to their lives.

Younique is perfect for anyone who likes makeup, selfies and socializing (online or off!!)

How can you beat getting paid a minimum of 20% of every sale – all for posting on social media channels of your choice?

Not only that but get paid daily!

And as you work your way up the status levels, you get paid 25% then 30%. (As I passed yellow am sitting at 25% but aiming for that 30%!)

Those are a few of the reasons I personally joined Younique, of course, but another of the many things I love most about Younique is its flexibility.

What do I mean by that? Well, the fact you can do Younique simply for some pocket money, or you can work it like a real business that you want to retire in a year or two on. Last month we had our first two millionaires. Not back for a company just over 2 years old!

How you do your Younique business is up to you. No two of my team members does it the same way and that’s a beautiful thing!

Ideally, I’d like to personally take it all the way to the top (Black Status!!) and to find other people who want to do the same!

So am currently searching for some positive, self-motivated, ambitious people who want to work smart and like to think “out of the box”. If that’s you – please join #theAteam today! 🙂

Naturally I welcome the kit-snatchers (those who just want to buy the kit for the makeup), the hobbyists (who want to sell only to their family and friends) too – but really what would be the greatest scenario – would be find some gung-ho workers who are as keen as me!

For such a small, one-off outlay to have your own company with your own website that’s live the moment you join, what do you have to lose? Try it for a few months, and if you don’t like it, you got some make up out of it! Well that’s how I went into it anyway…

Now though, I am hooked!

Saving My Best News for Last…

Pink Level Status - Younique By TheaJust logged onto my Younique website this afternoon, only to discover that, while I was out, I reached Pink Level Status. That means all four of my goals have been achieved in my two months of being a Younique Presenter.

The first was White, then Yellow then Fast Start and now Pink!

The exciting thing about Pink is that you start to make money off of your team. I’ll take all I can get, thankyouverymuch! 🙂

See ya next year! I can’t believe it’s 2015 almost! What do you plan to achieve in 2015? Where will it take you? Time to write it all down…Those goals of yours!

If you need inspiration about Goals. then check out this…It’s only 5 hours…LOL! Been driving around this past month listening to this on cassette (you may be too young to know what that even is!)!

You’re welcome. x

Dan Spicer talking HootSuite at Working Digital

Working Digital – Day 3 recap


Day 3 of Working Digital – well what to expect? After Day 2 of Working Digital, I didn’t think they could top it. To be honest, they didn’t, but they did make a damn good effort!

Dan Spicer talking HootSuite at Working DigitalThe final day did feature some of the most useful talks from the whole event…Namely one from Ryan Bell, an American who’s head of Corporate Sales at Hubspot – based in Dublin (the lucky lad). Hubspot’s one of the biggest inbound marketing companies in the world. They distribute a ton of FREE resources that are helpful to SMEs the world over. Well worth investigating them if you haven’t come across them yet.

The other helpful highlight of the day for me personally was Dan Spicer (right), Community Lead, from Hootsuite. As someone who uses Hootsuite Pro everyday, I figured I might get a tip or two…

Like Ryan, Dan had a good, humorous, informal way of delivering his brand of social media trends and tips. Plus he offered promotional codes for people looking to try out HootSuite’s Pro version and their University.

My Table: Working Digital - crisps, chocolate, and fruit too!I clearly picked the best table to be at (pic right). We had the largest supply of food – chocolate, fruit, and crisps. Plus it was an all around great group of funny associates!

There were a few other speakers on the day as well – such as Guillermo Amodeo from IBM and the final keynote delivered from Michael Williamson. Michaels talk, Tracking Your Digital Footprints, was one that would make you wand to revert back to your Dumb Phone. Many-a-cautionary tale was rattled through at break-neck speed. No one tweeted – out of respect for privacy of his work

If you missed out on the day, then it might be worth watching some of the Working Digital 2014 presentations on the internet. And make sure you do your best to make it along next year…assuming it goes ahead again. A big well done to NSDesign and East Ayrshire Council too for making it happen again this year.

Twitter Links: @DaveCarroll | @boagworld | @HubSpot | @ryanlball | @DanSpicer | @HootSuite | @guilleibm | @IBM |@halogencomms

Working Digital – Day 1 Recap

So last night I arrived home very tired after a half day event in Kilmarnock’s Park Hotel. It’s the return of East Ayrshire’s Working Digital event in conjunction with NSDesign.

DAY 1: Digital Disruption

Gary Ennis plays Chris Brogan Video Day one of Working Digital 2014The conference opened a great little “welcome” video from one of my quirky online fave personalities – Chris Brogan. Not sure how many people in the room actually knew who he was – but I sure do – having read a few of his many books and following his online events.

Then an introduction from Gary Ennis, (Founder of NSDesign) before embarking on a variety of speakers. Like any conference some of the speakers were a bit more professional, interesting and engaging but I think with each of the talks – something positive or helpful could be gleaned.

Emu Bands

Ali from Emubands, the digital music distribution company –  gave a run down of his most used software programs, social media channels and apps. There was a talk from #ScotlandHour founder Dougie Baird and Transcribe UK too.

Amber Atherton founder of My Flash Trash at Working Digital 2014One of the highlights for me personally was the Amber Atherton talk. Young Amber managed to both impress me and depress me in equal measure. At just twenty-three,  she’s got a hugely successful (it seems) ecommerce website on her hands – myflashtrash – which is bolstered in part due to her Made in Chelsea TV success. I say “depressed” because I had a sinking feeling that I am rather “past it”. (Thankfully those thoughts passed…) What interested me most was hearing how she answered my question about how they use SnapChat to promote their products. I had heard youth-market retailers were doing so but me being 40-something couldn’t work out how they would.

Most people will have found Frances Milligan, the Senior Digital Officer at Glasgow 2014 as to have been the highlight…I however am not a sporty person, and deliberately left the country at the time of the games so I could soak up the rays in California…so though her stats were impressive (especially for a team of 7) and the video too – I was perhaps less enthused than most. I did however gfaw just a little at the “Queen PhotoBombs Hockey Player” picture. A highlight of the day for me, I think…

Mark Evans, of the Kommando Group, had the tough challenge of being the last speaker of the day (after dinner no less). I am quite certain I’d have been more interested in his talk had he been first, but by that point in the evening, my fatigue won over and my concentration was nil. I’ll have to catch the replay of his talk I think, because he did make some valuable points in his From Flashmobs to Facebook talk.

I’ll need to close now as I am off to experience the Business of Fun at Working Digital – Day 2.

Get A Free 15 Minute Social Media Audit

Free 15 Minute Social Media AuditWANT A FREE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT?

Are you active with your Social Media channels but not quite sure if you’re doing it right? Do you wonder why you’re not getting results through your Facebook page or Twitter feed? Is your marketing message clear?

Would you be interested in a FREE Social Media Audit?

In the spirit of people helping people…

I will do one FREE 15 minute Social Media Audit a week for anyone who would like one. No strings attached.

I will survey all of your channels, tell you what is good, and where there may be room for improvement.

I will make suggestions on other things for you to consider.

I will give you a one-page summary.

All for FREE. No obligation at all.

If you’re interested then please let me know – tweet @glatitude – email speakwith(at) or ring 0141 416 1492. Whatever suits you.

Do you Need Social Media Training?

Need to get to grips with Google+Last night was a great opportunity to network with female entrepreneurs at Glasgow’s Women into Business event. Between eighty and 100 ladies were booked on to meet with other fellow business owners.

The topic was Social Media.

There were two talks. One was Thea Newcomb’s “Smart Social Media” and the other Ann-Maree Morrison – the Founder and MD of Labels4Kids. Her talk described the challenges of being a mumpreneur and having to juggle life, kids, work – while trying to remain sane and efficient.

Both talks were delivered at break-neck speed.

Do you need Social Media training?

If you do need help with your training to better your online marketing skills, either one on one or as a group, then reach out.

Glatitude’s particularly pleased to be offering training here in the West of Scotland in Google+ with online marketing specialists, Aillum.

So if you have a business that you need to be found in Google for, then you will definitely want to have a presence on G+. Together we’ll show you how!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email speakwith @ or tweet @glatitude.


Google+ Training in Glasgow

Social Media Class: Get Google+ Training in Glasgow with Glatitude. Photo by Thea Newcomb, Googleplex, Mountain View, CA.
Get Google+ Training in Glasgow with Glatitude.

Get Google+ Training in Scotland

Really excited to be working on two, new course to deliver training on Google products – especially Google+ – which seems to confound people more than most Social Media Platforms.

One will be aimed at Small Businesses (SMEs) and how they can leverage it to promote their company – whether it’s a product or service. This course will be delivered with Briain Tait from Aillum Online Marketing. Brian is a search (SEO) and analytics specialist who will tie in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for this course – in order to measure the Google+ engagement and ROI.

Google+ for Video Promotion

The other will be specifically used as a tool promote, short or longer, video content – through Youtube. Well hey, after all, Google owns it, right?

So if you’re looking for Google+ Training in Glasgow (or anywhere in Scotland really) then reach out.

Whenever I hear opinions like “Google+ is a Ghost town” aka “No one is on Google+” – I just think to myself “If you think Google Plus is a Ghost town, you’re doing it wrong or following the wrong people”.  It’s all about who you circle. To get the most out of it, you have to dig a little deeper to find people sharing content that’s an interest to you!

Women Into Business – Smart Social Talk

Next Tuesday I’ll be deliver a “Smart Social” talk at the Women Into Business networking event in Glasgow. There’s more over on the Thea Newcomb blog about that and how to register. If you’re a female business owner in Glasgow then I hope to see you there.

Training room at the Park Hotel, Business Gateway Ayrshire

More on Facebook & New Social Media Training Course


John MacKay & Thea Newcomb - after appearance on Scotland TonightYesterday, on my personal blog, I posted a piece about a recent appearance on Scotland Tonight discussing Facebook’s 10th Birthday. Due to a fuzzy head, I hadn’t really responded in a way I’d hoped to whilst on LIVE TV, so I did a little “do ever” and expanded some more thoughts about the platform and why I “love and loathe it in equal measure”.

Also on the subject of Facebook, was another, great, video from Veritasium posted this week. Love this guy’s work on the subject of Facebook.


Since arriving back to Glasgow, (after five, fun weeks in Silicon Valley), it’s been nose-to-the-grindstone working on a half day and full day  social media training course every day since.

I’ve spent countless hours sourcing material, reading articles, listening to podcasts to try to come up with the most relevant topics, stats and apps to cover on these two courses.


Screenshot of SpundgeThis new course is aimed at people who are brand new to technology and social media. It’s very much aimed at newbies to Social Media platforms and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogging and the Cloud.  We’ll also look at tools like HootSuite, Spundge

It can be run as a three-hour, broad overview class, or a six-hour more in depth training session.


This course covers much of what the Intro to Emerging Tech course covers, but covers more tools like Survey Monkey and participants will leave with a social media strategy they can then leave and apply in their own business or organization. This course is a full day course.

NOTE: These can be delivered 1-2-1 or as part of a group. 50% funding may be available for either course. Ask for more details.

25 Tips to Rock LinkedIn

At the recent New Start Scotland Exhibition event, as part of the NSDesign social media suite of workshops, I was asked to present something. I chose the ten-year old platform of LinkedIn as my subject. Since several people asked for a copy of the “slides” after it, I thought I’d create a blog post instead.

I started off with some background comments, and by recommending that people turn off their notifications BEFORE embarking on any tweaking of their profiles. Then asked people what their actual “GOAL” is for social media. Like every other platform out there, LI works best when you have a strategy in place. You need measurable goals that you’re actually working toward or what’s the point in being on there?

What I presented was both a matter of opinion (my own opinion of course), and a variety of “best practices” too. I probably read an average of one LinkedIn article a day. I added a disclaimer that basically said that I wasn’t claiming my profile was “the best profile ever” – to be honest, it’s a constant work in progress. As I learn more, I adjust it.

Here we go!

1) A profile picture (minimum 200×200; max 500×500). Ensure it’s not left blank, or a logo in its place. It shouldn’t be a “selfie” from a night out with your pals, or one with your spouse or kids. Make it a professional studio “headshot” if at all possible. People want to see who they’re dealing with. Put your best foot forward. Profiles with pictures are said to be viewed seven times more often than ones that don’t have a profile picture. Get the picture!? (Pun intended).

2) Make a Headline that Shines (120 characters). If you don’t change it, your headline will simply be your current job title. Why not change it to include relevant keywords for search engine optimization? Google and LinkedIn seem to share a good symbiotic relationship. So if you do it right, by that I mean choosing the right words, you just may find that you can rank on page one in Google by changing your headline to reflect the right terms. Try to show the benefit of connecting to you to your potential (and current) contacts.

3) Succinct Summary (2000 max characters). To me, this isn’t the place to write your full life story or bullet point your full career, but perhaps an opportunity to show who you are in a more rounded sense. Give the reader a little insight into who you are – not just what you DO. Be authentic, use keywords, show some personality, and don’t forget some sort of call to action at the end of it.
Grab your custom URL on Linkedin today
4) URLS (30 characters). There are two areas in your profile that you should take advantage of:

A. Your customized URL (usually this is your name). Your URL is found right below your photo on LinkedIn. (See right). Click edit and make it meaningful!

Thankfully, for me, there is only one Thea Newcomb! (Accept no substitutes). 🙂

B. Anchor Text/ Back Links The other areas you want to claim are your various website links. These are in the “contact info” area of your profile, and they’ll say things like “Company Website” or “Personal Website”. You can choose from Blog, Company Website, Portfolio, etc.

Update your URL on LinkedinIf you choose “Other” you can then tell people what the name of the site is. Like everywhere else on your LinkedIn profile, use those relevant keywords! I can’t believe how many profiles I see out there where it’s not been used properly. It’s another place for SEO juice, as it were, so please take advantage of it and give the link a relevant name!

5) Experience and Education Put your high school, college, university, and any business training or certification on there too. When writing your experience out, be sure to expand on the title and company, and avoid just highlighting your whole resume verbatim. It’s boring. Strike a happy balance between not telling too much and leaving it sparse.
Show your Interests on Linkedin
6) Be Interesting. In the Interests section, paint a picture about who you are, mix up personal interests with business interests. What’s your JOY? Tell us. Mine ranges from movies and music to blogging and technology.

For the fun of it I put in “roller skating” and actually found 10 other people who’d written that on their profiles too. (Good to know there are a few of us left)

7) Projects. Have you produced a video, written an ebook, created presentations, or have other work-related samples of images and documents? Then add them as Projects to your profile. This is an excellent place for you to prove your worth, your credibility, your experience. Use it.

8 ) Status Updates (700 characters max – less if you’ve connected your profile to Twitter). A lot of people ask me what they should be putting on their status updates. I would recommend things like any press articles you or your company receive, business related news stories (or any stories relevant to your sector), inspirational quotes, ask a question (poll your connections), and suggest using a link shortener like Bit.Ly or TinyUrl. Avoid being too personal or insensitive to your connections – in other words try to keep fairly neutral. You never know the religious beliefs, politics or sports teams supported, or other things that could cost you later work or collaboration! Be wise.

9) Shuffle Your Profile Around. Put your most important or biggest achievements to the top of the profile. If you have amazing education, move it up – front and center! If you have fantastic career achievements, then put them up near the top. Do place whatever you feel is your greatest achievement as high up as possible. Do what it takes to grab the potential boss/associate/etc early on!

customize your view on Linkedin10) Export your Profile to PDF. If for no other reason, you might want to export your profile to PDF to see what it looks like. When you do, you’ll find a clean-looking, text-only, CV-like document is what is produced.

This can be handy if, for instance, you need to provide someone with your background info, and they’re not connected to you on LinkedIn yet.

11) Customize Your View. When you land on, you’ll see a variety of information – all of which you are in control of.

If you’re not interested in looking for some work, why not turn off the job notifications. It’s under “All Updates” then the bottom one “Customize”. Then you can select the relevant information to you, and how many features you’d like to view. That’s a very handy tool to personalise your experience.

12) Update Your Profile Regularly. I’d recommend changing/updating your profile quarterly (if not monthly). Do it as often as you have information to add or subtract. Pay attention to keywords and relevancy. Less is more – which I am known to forget at times!

13) Connectiquette. When writing the New Start talk, I combined “Connecting” with “Etiquette” to produce this word – and was dead proud of myself! One search in Google, however, revealed  someone had beat me to coining the term! Darn it. Still worth using it!

There are a few pet peeves of mine when it comes to people reaching out on LinkedIn. The top one is people not personalizing the message. The default simply says “Please add me to your network”.

I am a bit of fan of letting people know who you are, why you want to connect. Even if you’ve not met in person – if there’s an interest, a group, a person in common, then mention it. I do realise that if you’re connecting on the iPhone or iPad app, this capability is NOT available, which is a huge FAIL, in my opinion, on their part.

So I’d recommend connecting on a desktop when you are able to provide some relevant info to the person you’re reaching out to. Unless you’re pretty darn certain they’ll know who you are or why you want to connect. That’s just my personal suggestion.

14) Message “Thanks”. Once someone has accepted your contact request, consider thanking them. At the very least, please don’t make the next message a sales message! If I accept your request and your next message is to try to sell me your product or service, then it’s likely I’ll just remove you. I doubt I’m the only one who feels that way. Build a bit of rapport and then tell me why I should hear your pitch! People buy people. Get to know each other a bit first.

15) Ways to Connect on LinkedIn. For me personally, I start with entering any business card that I receive, into the search field at the top of LinkedIn. You can use an APP like Card Munch to do that for you – if you’re an iPhone user (which I’m not). People I know who use it, love it!

– You can simply try to search your contact names off the top of your head in the search bar.
– Search your contacts’ contacts if they’re ‘open’. (NOTE: Some people choose to hide their connections*).
– Ask someone to introduce you to someone you’d like to connect with who is connected to them already.
– Check the “People You May Know” (I do this just about everyday and there is usually at least one either I do actually know or whom I want to know). Very handy!
– Check who’s viewed your profile – if they’re not in Stealth Mode (as I call it).

16) Join Groups & Engage. A great aspect of LinkedIn, one of my faves actually, is the sheer amount of groups that you can find on there. There are industry specific groups, there are special interest groups, location groups, you name it there is a group for you.

Personally I am a big fan of the Glasgow, and Glasgow Entrepreneurs groups (if you’re local), but like Business Inside, Those in Media, SEO in Scotland, and many many others on there too. I’d not go beyond about ten groups or you’re not going to be able to keep up and actively engage. No point in joining a ton of groups if you’re not going to actually use them. Oh and please don’t join groups as a method of spamming and self promotion. I know many group administrators who will ban if you if you attempt to spam them. As permission before posting something that is self-promotion orientated.

17) Sync ’em. If you use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or an iPhone Address book, you may wish to sync your account with LI to find people who are already on there. Be careful though. You may already be connected to people on LinkedIn and when it combs through your address book it might find other email addresses and automatically sends invites to those other addresses. So consider double checking before connecting! That is how people end up having 2 profiles (or more) by not realising.

18) Endorse & Recommend Connections. Once you’ve got contacts on LinkedIn, you might be wondering “Now what?”

If you have people you truly have enjoyed working with or who did a good job for you, then consider writing them a recommendation. [Of course you can ask people to write them for you as well, if you think they’d do so favourably].

The Endorsements sometimes get a bad rap, but they can actually help in people’s perceptions of you. So if I claim to be a “Social Media” expert, and I have no recommendations for that, are you going to want to use me for Social Media Training? Erm, probably not.

Personally I will only “endorse” someone whose skills match my perceptions when it pops up. So if “Joe Blogs” is a business consultant and I don’t associate “contract law” with his skills, I’d not endorse him just for the sake of it. But again – do what works for you. I’m just saying what I do…

You should tag your contacts on linkedin19) TAG Them. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to TAG people in LinkedIn. It’s a whole lot easier if you’re new to LI, and start by tagging as you go, than going back over several hundred people, and applying the tags after the fact!

So what are they? They are a simple way of categorizing your connections. My biggest tag is probably “Glasgow”. This is very handy if I have an event happening in Glasgow, and I want to target all of my Glasgow contacts which might be interested in attending it.

I also have tags for “Social Media” (other people who do SM for a living), “Radio” (fellow presenters past/present), “Alumni” (People I went to college/uni with), “Networking” (people I met through organized Networking events, usually in Glasgow), “Friends” (guess what that ones for!), “SF/Bay Area” and most recently, “I Trained” – which means I’ve met them due to training them either via Business Gateway or somewhere else…

Again these tags can help you filter out contacts by sector, group, category etc. Very handy don’t you think?
where to hide a connection on linkedin
20) Hide Them. It’s a bummer, but sometimes people post too often, or it’s inappropriate, uninteresting (to you any way!) content, links, status updates etc. If they’re someone you might like to stay connected with but simply see less of them, then simply “hide” them from your stream. See the blue “hide” on the right of this picture – under “All Updates”? There. (Of course, I’d not hide Isabel or Andrew as they’re two very worth connections…Ha!)

Do you want to hide your connections on Linkedin?21. Hide Connections. You may or may not wish to hide the connections you have. You do this in your “privacy & settings” (privacy controls, profile tab).

I personally don’t hide mine, but you may have competitors that might look to see who you’re connected to, and might hone in on them.

Some people are just like that…Please note, any mutual connections you have will always be shown, regardless.

Hide your visibility while searching on Linkedin22. Stealth Mode* (Anonymity on LinkedIn). I am not sure if I read this term somewhere, or just made it up myself…Stealth is what it feels like though. If you wish to remain anonymous on LI, you can choose what people see when you visit their profile.

Though this is likely to be exceptionally appealing to stalkers, it might also be something you genuinely choose to do for legitimate reasons too.

For instance, say you’re doing some research on your network itself, or you’re checking out a competitor, you’re visiting the profile of someone you might hire or may want to do business with, you won’t always want them to see you’ve been looking at their profile.

There are three levels available > totally visible (name and headline appear), generic (like it sounds), and totally anonymous (which you can see in the picture above, the bottom option). My visibility is currently hidden – not for any nefarious reasons, I just choose to be anonymous.

Like anything in life, such a choice has its pros and cons. If you’d like to read a bit more about this, I did find this blog “How to Stay Anonymous on LinkedIn” which may be useful to you.

23) Alternate Email Address. People change jobs, people change email providers, and so sometimes our email addresses change. To avoid setting up a whole new profile, mistakenly or otherwise, add a back up email address that is a “constant”.

So in other words you may have signed up with your address and then, if you left that company and no longer had access to its email inbox, you might be locked out. (I’ve heard this happen to a few people in the last month actually).

So in addition to your company email – why not add a Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, whatever email address too? One that you’ll likely always have access to.

24) Who can Connect? Did you know that you can decide who can connect with you or how many hoops someone has to jump through to connect with you? This can be handy, if you’re one of those super-popular types who gets all kinds of connection requests (funny I don’t suffer from such a hardship)…

Here are a few choices you have: a) Anyone on LinkedIn. b) Only people who know your email address or who appear in your “Imported Contacts” list c) Only people who appear in your “Imported Contacts” list.
Who can Connect with you on LinkedinSo again if you’re getting too many (you lucky thing) – why not weed out people by choosing “b” or “c”?

25) Promote your profile. This is something we should all be doing. Promote the fact you’re on LI in your email signature file or on your website. You can add it to your Google+ profile, your Facebook profile, Twitter, or anywhere you can add links. Promote your LinkedIn profile all over. Doesn’t it make sense?

Well that’s about it. There were a few more points I touched upon briefly in the actual talk at New Start Scotland, but these 25 points were the main tips. If you need some one-to-one Social Media training or tuition on LinkedIn, then please get in touch with me on LinkedIn! I’d be only too happy to help!

NOTE: I do promote my LinkedIn profile over on my personal blog…

PS: Oh yeah, here was the very last “slide” – click it to view a larger image.

Last slide of 25 Tips to Rock LinkedinThanks for reading and sharing this blog. I appreciate your time. Feel free to add any of your tips in the comments below!

How Blogging is Essential for Businesses (Big & Small)

Why Blogging is EssentialBlogging is Essential

Most of my personal blogging seems to be done over on and this, my new company blog, has been a tad neglected.

Like the majority of small businesses out there, I find blogging can be a real challenge to fit in to my schedule. Despite knowing all the reasons we NEED to blog, even I don’t
end up doing nearly as many blogs as I intend to or would like to.

“Why Should I Blog?”

Google, its ever-changing algorithm and 89% marketshare of the UK Search Market means that we need to constantly aware of what it takes to be found in its SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

With its latest change, which is not really much of a change, it is saying it’s all about “Fresh Content” which is updated regularly.

I train a lot of businesses in Scotland who hadn’t even thought about blogging and don’t think their business is one that even would lend itself to blogging. I’ve yet to come across a business that couldn’t benefit from blogging.

If this sounds like you, then take a look at this:

21 Benefits of Business Blogging and 22 Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

21 Benefits of Business Blogging and 22 Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]October 6, 2013 · · Like it? 39 Posted October 6, 2013 Keywords: Content, Blogging, Community, Engagement, Social Media Combine “web” with “log” and you get “blog.” It’s a funny word, but serious business. Of course, there are millions of blogs that aren’t about business. Music, fashion, travel, food and beauty top the long list (according to this research). This post isn’t about them. This post is about blogging for business—with a purpose. We have a lot to cover, so we’ll knock it out as...Open this article

And if you’re short of ideas, here’s a fun, little tool that might just help you come up with those creative content ideas.

Content Idea Generator

July 27, 2013 · Portent, Inc – Content Idea Generator · Why Break Ups are Afraid of the Truth The eternal question… You might work nicely here. Appealing to Fears 101. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Did the Content Idea Generator fail English? That’s unpossible! See below for tips on how to make it work better. FOR BEST RESULTS: Don’t capitalize keywords (except proper nouns) Use the singular version of your keyword Revise the result to create your own fantastic (grammatically correct) headline It’s funny when Ralph Wiggum invents his own grammar,…Open this article

One Final Tip

Another tip I recommend is to have Google Analytics on your site and study what you can in terms of what people searched for to find you. Of course a lot of that keyword data is now “Not provided” by Google (much to the annoyance of all us of who manage websites for ourselves and clients)…But if you do have a decent amount of traffic, in the content area of Analytics, you can filter by “How” or “What”, and you’ll likely find that people have typed questions into Google to discover you. Those questions can be a good source of what to call your next blog!

Google SEO Keyword (Not Provided): Organic Search in Google Analytics

Google SEO Keyword (Not Provided): Organic Search in Google AnalyticsSeptember 25, 2013 · · Most Organic Search Data is Now Hidden Over the past couple years since its launch, Google’s keyword (not provided) has received quite a bit of exposure, with people discussing all sorts of tips on estimating its impact & finding alternate sources of data (like competitive research tools & webmaster tools). What hasn’t received anywhere near enough exposure (and should be discussed daily) is that the sole purpose of the change was anti-competitive abuse from the market monopoly in search. Open this article

Networking News

Two events of note! On Friday, this month’s New Media Breakfast takes place in 29 Private Members Club. These are often very good – especially for people who are just starting out with Social Media.

Next week on October 30th we’re holding our next Networking @ 29 event (also at 29 of course). This time it’s about Google. In this post “How Can I Help Your Business” (over on my personal blog), there are more details about the event and a link to RSVP. Very excited by our second event. We’ve got some great speakers and attendees who’ve RSVPd already.

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Always Learning

Using Social? We’re Always Learning

Isn’t it true that we’re always learning? Seems to be – especially when it comes to Social Media. There is always some new product, platform or tool to be considered and learned. It can be hard to keep up to date with constant changes that take place in the social stratosphere. That’s why it’s good to attend as many seminars or webinars as you can.

Training room at the Park Hotel, Business Gateway AyrshireThis week was a fantastic Business Gateway course entitled Advancing your Analytics. It’s worthy of recommending for anyone in Glasgow and the west (the only place I know it’s being held at present). It was presented by Brian Tait at Aillum and would be beneficial for anyone with a website who uses Google Analytics. Most people, it seems, aren’t using it to its fullest extent.

Tuesday I attended a Blogging workshop for one of the Chambers of Commerce which was also good. If you have a website and aren’t doing some sort of blogging or videos – your success will likely be short lived. These days it’s imperative to be continually delivering fresh content to rank anywhere in the search engines.

Extolling SEO Tips via Business Gateway - AyrshireWednesday – delivering training to a wonderful bunch of SMEs in Kilmarnock at the Park Hotel. They were an eclectic bunch of small businesses – all eager to learn tools to help them rank higher in Google.

Thursday – a friend David from Create Ts and Cs forwarded on an SEO webinar by an English woman Jackie. 8pm on a Thursday night and it was a case of ferociously scribbling notes and ideas that could then be passed on to clients and course attendees.

Friday night was, yet_another_webinar but this time it was about Facebook. Anyone who tries to run a FB business page knows how challenging it is keeping up with a moving target. To stay current, it’s essential to be reading all the current articles and following the experts out there like Mari Smith who presented this webinar.

If you want to learn more about the social web – either through the FREE courses that I do for Business Gateway or on a 1-2-1 basis then email speakwith (at) today, call 01441 416 1492 or you can tweet glatitude. Do whatever way suits you!