My Blog’s New Focus – Spotlight on Scottish Businesses

spotlight on Scottish Businesses

A Spotlight on Scottish Businesses

So I’m not really promoting the makeup anymore so the blog has been gather digital dust. I have been considering that it’s high time to to do something new with it. This is what a came up with, a Business Blether. So I will use it to talk about my own businesses but more so conversations with friends who are business owners and other people in my wider network. Much of my blog’s new focus will be a spotlight on Scottish Businesses, and more specifically conversations with their owners – from one man bands all the way up to international enterprises.

Due to my line of work (as a Canva trainer), and a keen networker (both offline and currently on), I come into contact with amazing, inspirational business owners almost daily. For a long time now, I’ve had the idea of doing this as a blog or as a podcast, but never did anything about it. Now, as we in the UK head into our fourth week of “lockdown” due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it simply seems as good of a time as any to pivot into something new.

What Questions to Ask?

The first challenge has been sourcing questions to ask. I used to love reading a section in the Media Guardian, in the early 2000s, where my friend Hamish used to do short interviews about tech. Those little interviews have come into my mind of late and made me go back to see the types of questions he asked. His were all tech-related but I thought it might give me some inspiration of what to ask business owners.

In any case I have come up with a list and I’ll be emailing the questions to some people I’ve lined up to kick off the series. They will be questions about who they are, how they started, what they view as successful, what inspires them…and a few curve balls to keep it interesting.

The last question which I want everyone to answer is: “Finally, if you could read an interview with any other Scottish business owner, who would it be?”

If I know that, then I can find Scottish business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs and so forth – that people want to read about. Then, it won’t just be my own biased selection. For starters though, it is my selections…because, hey, after all it’s my blog.

what interview questions would you like to ask?

So as for My Spotlight on Scottish Businesses, Watch This Space…

Ok so I’ll be sending out the emails tonight and hopefully before too long I can kick off my series highlighting Scottish businesses. And with a bit of luck, I may just turn it into a podcast too.

If you’re in business in Scotland, and looking for some FREE webinars to attend, be sure to check out the Business Gateway website. I am currently doing Canva and Blogging workshops as normal (well, apart from the fact they’re online and not in person at the moment).

Share Your Scottish Phrases

Top Scots – 5 of My Fave Scottish Phrases

Top Scots - Five of My Fave Scottish Phrases5 of My Fave Scottish Phrases

In the spirit of transparency, I’m a Californian by birth and honorary Scot by choice. I’ve officially lived longer in Scotland than I have in America (and no I’ve not lost my accent). In any event, I feel I am perfectly within my rights to share some of my best Scottish words and Phrases – in no particular order.

Understand that I am defining them from my own perspective or interpretation, and they may not be the textbook definition. Please share your top Scots words or phrases in the comments below and any constructive feedback on my definitions.

Five Fave Top Scots Sayings As Follows:

      1. “Whatever’s for ye won’t go by ye”. 
        This one is actually my number one Scottish saying of all time. It essentially means if something is meant to be or happen, it will. If it’s not for you, it will not happen. Que sera sera. It’s words to live by. It’s written and said in a number of ways, sometimes you will hear it as “whit’s for ye’ll no go past ye”.
        Whatever's for ye won't go by ye
        Also seen as”Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye! (or even “past ye”). As it’s said a number of different ways I’ve made this design a lot. Well, I did say I loved it most!
      2. “Away ye go” – Away You Go.
        Sometimes it’s said in its entirety “away ye go ya mug ye”. This is a fantastic Scottish phrase to say to the person to stop talking nonsense, rubbish, or even crazy. To me it literally means go away and stop being so silly.I also love the similarly sounding slang “Awa’ and bile yer heid”…Which translates as “Away and boil your head”. Sounds terrible but it just means you’re a bit cheesed off at listening to someone talk utter nonsense.Away Ye Go - Scottish for stop talking rubbish
      3. “Yer a long time deid”You’re a long time dead.
        Some sound advice here from the Scots. As a Scottish proverb it translates as: “Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead”. It’s a sort of ode to the Latin phrase carpe diem.
        yer a long time deid - you're gonna have to make the most of life
      4. Gonnae No’ Dae That Going to not do that.
        Gonnae no do that sort of means “please stop doing that”,  you’re bugging me.To me this is a rather funny way to stay just stop it. The Scots saying rose to prominence courtesy of Chewin the Fat – as you can see from this somewhat disgusting clip uttering the phrase:

    5.“Geein’ it Yaldy” (Also Giein’ it Laldy and other variations) – Giving it Gusto
    I would translate this as belting something out like a song. So a band could be geein’ it yaldi/laldy or maybe someone singing some karaoke in the pub. I used it in a tweet the other day about a concert on in Bellahouston Park.

    geein it yaldi (or laldy) - give it gusto

A Few Final Scottish Phrases

The hardest thing about doing these designs for my online shops is the variations in spelling and phrases. I already mentioned the different ways of saying “whatever’s for ye’ll no by ye” but there are many. I had a discussion on my Facebook profile a few months back about “Away the Messages” and “Gaun the messages”. It carried on to about a hundred comments. Some people saying it without the word “the” in it and some people writing “for” as “fur” or “fir”. It can all be terribly confusing to be honest. So I often try to make a few different versions to cover my bases.

Share Your Scottish PhrasesShare Your Top Scottish Phrases

I have been reading, researching, writing, creating all kinds of Scottish phrases and words content…Even after living here for a few decades I learn new phrases all the time. I never tire of hearing some of these Scots phrases though I would rarely if ever use them myself. I can’t pull it off with a Californian accent.

What’s your Top Scottish phrase (or phrases) to use or that you’ve heard? Please feel free to share with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear yours.

Before you go, please visit my TeePublic collection of Scottish Phrases, words and gifts. I’d be happy to make any text-based design for you for FREE, just reach out to me.