Younique Touch Liquid Foundation – Back In Stock!?

#YouniqueDad with Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation from Younique on!Well good news, I think…Seems we’re finally getting the Touch Liquid Mineral Foundation back in stock at last starting today! (You can see how well it worked in this quick shot of my mascot – my 80-something-year old dad (aka Younique dad)!)

Anyway I have blogged about it a few times before – back at Christmas time “Looking for Younique Foundation…” and again in Stop the Presses… to name a few…but here we are again!

Touch Foundation Back In Stock…

So for those of you who’ve been searching and searching for the popular foundation that went Viral all those months ago, then this post is just for you. Soon you’ll find ALL shades of the Touch Foundation back in stock. A few shades are in stock as of today (4th April). To see which ones are available to buy right now, check out the latest image from corporate:

Buy Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Back in Stock Now

Well, isn’t that great news?!

Quick buy the Touch Foundation Right Here Now – FAST! Just in case the shades in now go back out again. (Ha, hopefully they won’t).

If you want more than just the Touch Foundation, you can actually order it in the Stroke of Beauty Collection! It’s a pricey collection, yes, but boy has it it got some of our absolute best products in there!!!

Other than that, there’s not too much else to report right now.

Some of the members in the company are totally rocking their business – some are doing some daily challenges.

My company is now five levels deep – which is super exciting…but really that’s about all that’s been exciting for me.

I’ve not had much time to concentrate on Younique as my “real job” is getting in the way. I’ve been traveling all over Scotland to deliver training to businesses (and some students too – at 4 Scottish Universities!) – so life is truly getting in the way of the makeup. But that’s the beauty of running your own Younique business – you can work it around your own life and schedule.

Browse for Brows

Before I go, here’s something that may interest you…Well, if you like to spend energy on your brows at all! This month’s customer kudos will be just for you! It’s a cute brow collection. I am not that fussed with the whole brow thing, to be honest with you, but even I would enjoy some of the goodies in this kit! The brush, the pigment the tweezers in particular!

Buy April 2016's Younique Customer Kudos - for your brows.

You can buy this month’s Kudos here now – while supplies last!

Hope this post about the foundation back in stock soon will be music to your makeup-loving ears. I know it’s been a challenging wait – not just for you our lovely customers but also for my fellow Younique presenters. I’ve even had a few sort of give up on Younique – which was understandable.

I do hope that from now on we’ll not go out of stock. We’ll see…

Thanks for your patience, lovelies!

Stop the Presses: Younique Liquid Foundation’s Back in Stock

Younique’s Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Is Back, (Well, Sort of)

I know a lot of you have wound up here asking “When is the Liquid Foundation back in stock?”, and so this truly is a day that many of us have been waiting for, and I mean customers and Younique presenters alike! You heard me right, Younique Liquid Foundation is available right now – in limited capacity. Read on to understand what I mean by that, but brace yourself please, as what follows is a sort of “Good news/Bad news” sort of situation.

Please, whatever you do, don’t shoot the messenger

Younique Liquid Foundation Goes Viral & Sells Out

As many of you know the Touch Liquid Foundation from Younique went viral in 2015 – largely due to some uber-creative makeup videos that were shared all over social.

You may have seen one of the girl with rather bad acne, or the other one with the girl who wrote all over her face with a Sharpie pen, or perhaps a different one entirely? There were a lot!

Anyway, the foundation just ended up exploding online, and what resulted was a situation that Younique simply sold out. Not just in one shade, but all shades and in most regions!

It was like foundation was the makeup equivalent of Gold Dust. There one day and then poof, it was gone.

Yes, I hear some of you grumbling, some of you may even be shouting about this. Younique clearly messed up their calculations of supply and demand, and ended up being a victim of their own success.

In their defence, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that such a simple product would have taken off like it had – thanks to some of those aforementioned, creative presenter’s videos.

I had, liked and used it, for MONTHS, before it blew up like a wild fire.

I’ve got some cool videos shot of me putting it on Younique Dad’s wee face on my last trip home, but haven’t been able to release them – due to the product being on back order. I didn’t want to promote a product that no one could buy but that’s changed now…For now though you can see a teaser of how well it works and hopefully I’ll get cracking on the videos soon!

#YouniqueDad with Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation from Younique on!

Limited Touch Foundation Supplies

So here is the part you may not be very happy about…To buy yourself a new bottle of your own Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation now, I believe you can only get it in a Stroke of Beauty collection. But I believe it is still on backorder. I ordered the Cloud 9 collection at the end of February – the collection arrived sans Velour Liquid Foundation, which did arrive approximately one week later…

Oh, I know, I know, that’s mad, and frustrating for some of you who’ve been waiting for months for your products. I totally get it. I wish it were different but that’s simply arguing with reality, and frankly this is makeup we’re talking about not a cure for Cancer. (First world problems anyone?)

If you’re desperate, I may sell my Velour foundation to you on its own, message me. Then again, I may just keep it to myself because it’s awfully good. I actually have one person who asked me about it around Christmas so she may need to get first dibs! 🙂

Anyway if you are someone who has really been longing to try the Touch Liquid Foundation then you ought to consider getting it as soon as you possibly can, just in case it sells out again…Not sure if it will, but as I say, “just in case”.

Buy the Velvet shade of Touch Liquid Foundation from YouniqueThat all being said, if you’re after the Velvet shade of foundation, you can buy that one right now – well, again, if you’re in the UK or Germany! (Mexico currently seems to have one shade too)…

Please no angry rants in the comments about this situation. If you have a serious complaint, then please head over to the Younique Support Desk and complain to them…Not me. I’m just the messenger here it’s not my fault this product sells like hotcakes!

Thanks for reading and for shopping.

#JoinetheAteam - Younique by Thea
If you’d like to join Younique for your own personal makeup discounts, starting at 20%, then join me here. No selling or recruiting required! Or you can join my team and work it as a business. That’s totally up to you. Whatever works!

Thea’s 12 Days of Younique – Day 10

Well it may be unwise to choose a product which is scarcely available but I couldn’t do my 12 Days of Younique without including the Liquid Foundation.

It’s the one product that’s starting to give the 3D Fiber Lashes+ a run for their money. The Internet (in particular Facebook) is awash with these videos showing the Liquid Foundation covering tattoos, acne, and so forth.

Thea's 12 Days of Younique - Liquid Mineral Foundation

Touch Mineral Foundation

This fabulous foundation product’s an “ultra-thin, skin-perfecting liquid formula” that goes on your skin in silky smooth fashion – especially when you’re applying it over a primer such as Glorious.

When I first received my liquid foundation I felt like it was too light but eventually I adjusted to it and on some days I actually mix in a bit of our BB Flawless to change the tone just a little. As it’s winter, my face is a little more blotchy and spotty (I thought I’d grown out of the bad skin era but seems not), and t his foundation really does make my skin look even throughout. I even used it on my father (video to come soon).

Still Haven’t Got Your Liquid Foundation?

Incidentally, I recently covered the Younique  Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation in a blog – suggesting other cover-up alternatives if you can’t get this beautiful product until next February or March…

The 12 Days of Younique So Far…

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