My Week in Younique – New Products Coming Soon!

My Week in Younique this week covers a bit about Convention. New Products. New Shipments. New top sales people too…

Well there’s always something exciting going on with Younique. This past week was Younique Convention in Chicago (which was covered in the Chicago Tribune), and though I was stateside at the time, it was for a high school reunion, so the dates were too much to work out. So I had to follow updates and announcements on “Social” – like the other non-attendees.

What was announced recently were a bunch of new products that look terribly exciting – coming in September!

Amazing new Younique products out Sept 2015

I am personally very excited by the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation as I tend to really like liquid foundations. The Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel and Brow Liner is also looking pretty interesting.

The Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette looks like it has some beautiful eye shadow shades in there, and don’t get me started on the lipsticks! We have a lot to choose from!

What’s great is that when Younique tends to launch new products, it often has a collection to get them all in it – so that should be announced this week (along with other new sets too).

The Younique collections and sets are a great way to get Younique products at reduced prices. I highly recommend them! I buy a collection every few months myself. (That’s the danger of being a Younique presenter…)

New Lipstick from Younique - Stuck up

Speaking of new products and lipsticks – my first ever Younique lipstick just arrived. It’s the “Exclusive Opulence Lipstick in Stuck Up”. It looks a bit browner or blander than I’d normally wear – but sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story. I actually like it on! (Always keep an open mind).

Really excited to have now received my Younique necklace (as pictured) I’d had it sent to California some months back. You could get the necklace by buying any collection. Since I only wanted the necklace, I shared the products with my friend Kim in Ohio, and kept the necklace for myself!#jointheateam - uplift empower and validate women all around the world

Just noticed today that Kelly has now taken over as top sales person on #theateam. Also rising in the ranks is newcomer Lucy. Just need three or four more of these ladies and I’d be able to promote up the ladder too!

For every Lucy or Kelly though, there are about eight to ten who either do it just for a wee bit of fun, or part time, or who drop off completely. As I say often, this doesn’t tend to be an easy business.

For some it’s harder than others. I have no trouble getting sales through my site – but it doesn’t tend to be enough to promote me to Green or even Blue! Slowly slowly though. I’m in Younique for the long haul because it’s fun and I enjoy it. Just need to find recruits who feel the same way. That’s the key. You can’t get anywhere in Younique without your team! Want to #jointheAteam? I’d welcome you!

That is it for another ‘My Week in Younique’ where I try to give a bit of insight as to what it’s really like to be a Younique Presenter and Sponsor. Of course everyone’s experience is different but I’m just hear to share mine with you. That’s one thing I love about Younique is that we’re all carving our own path! Is it time for you to carve yours?

My Week in Younique – 3D Fiber Lashes+ & More


Wow it’s been a busy time with Younique so I’ve fallen a bit behind again…

So for today’s update – there are new July Kudos this month that look awesomeBuy new 3D Fiber Lashes+ from Younique by Thea, new members in my company, and of course the big news of the week (month or even year where Younique is concerned…) is that we launched our new 3D Fiber Lashes+.


It’s been all go the past few weeks so I’ve not had time to do the My Week in Younique updates.Since July 1, 2015 it’s been all about the new mascara. I’ve already blogged quite a bit about the epic news and about how the mascara launched earlier this week. It was a crazy kind of cool and my first real, proper Younique product launch since joining last year.


Get smitten with this Adorably Enamored Trio – this month’s kudos features two exclusive mineral pigments – Adorable and Enamored and our lovely liner/shader brush – while supplies last!
£ 25 GBP  / $32 USD / $39 CAD / $42 AUS / $45 NZD / $560 MEX


Right now, until we sell one million 3D Fiber Lashes, you can grab yourself a presenters kit with FREE shipping. Also until that million is sold you’re getting TWO sets of the lashes too. One to keep and one to sell or sell both…
So if you want the makeup, but have no interest in selling or recruiting, you don’t have to. Take the makeup and run.
Or become a presenter and just shop through your own link to remain active… To continue to be an active Younique presenter all you need to do is sell $125 every three months. That’s it. That equates to: £80 GBP / $170 AUD / $192 NZD / 1991 MEX / $162 CAD). In Younique we talk about things being done in mascara so that’s approximately five mascaras every ninety days.
The company is getting bigger all the time. Very proud of Kelly and Karen for recruiting Team new mates this month.


Younique  launches in Germany in just over one week and already we have had lots of interest from German lovelies hoping to get started as soon as we do. I’d especially love for fabulous, bi-lingual makeup lovers to #jointheAteam now.


That’s all I have time for but a new blog is on the way, hopefully this week about how running your Younique UK business may or may not effect your benefits if you’re claiming benefits like job seekers allowance etc. Will post as soon as I can!