My Week in Younique – Already August

Buy new 3D Fiber Lashes+ from Younique by TheaWell, here we are again with another instalment of ‘My Week in Younique’ – where I candidly share my experiences of being a Younique presenter and sponsor…This update covers Younique’s August Kudos, promotions (or lack thereof), and the German launch.

In July managed to get over 1000 in PRS but was aiming for 10,000 so came up a little short.

You may have read on my blog that I’d hoped to hit green (10k) or blue (4k) but didn’t even manage pink (2k). Better luck this month, eh? Younique’s a challenging business – to be sure. But I still love it. In fact, earlier this week, I wrote a blog about what Younique is and what it’s not. If you’re thinking of joining it might be worth perusing it…

Younique’s August Kudos

This month’s Kudos is the “Three for Me Bundle” > Bronze. Brighten. Brag a little – which looks really nice. You can pick up a bronzer, an eye liner and for the first time ever – a lipstick called “Opulence”. Exciting times ahead me thinks (lipsticks on the horizon). I used to wear lipstick myself but ever since joining younique, I’ve only worn our lip glosses and stains so will be interesting to see the new product.

 Buy Younique's Kudos - August 2015

New Company Congrats

It’s not like me to not be the top seller in my company but this month the A-Team’s been rocking it – in particular the newest teamie Lucy who had the top sales and Kelly her upline. They both did fabulous. There was only one mascara between them…

Meanwhile, I came in third out of the thirteen of us…I did have a lovely last minute sale in the final hours of the month — from a stranger in Glasgow. Often my website sales are in England (and not Scotland where I live most of the year) or in various states…So it was nice to get a buyer in Glasgow for a change!

Younique’s German Launch

Yesterday we finally launched in Germany. I can’t wait to get some German recruits to #jointheAteam – hopefully soon. I did have a few emails from ladies in Germany ages ago now – but it’s been very quiet of late so will need to reach out to see if they’re still interested. In any event it’s exciting we launched in Germany now and next stop it’s Mexico in October.

Kit Snatchers Wanted

#JointheAteam - Younique By TheaRight now, until we sell a million of our new 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara – you can pick up a ton of makeup with free shipping. No selling or recruiting needed. Just grab the makeup and go. Plus right now you get not one set of Younique’s Mascara but 2 sets of the 3D Lashes! How great is that? If I can get three people to grab a kit, then I can be a part of the +You movement and score myself a charm. So help me out by grabbing some makeup now! 🙂 It’s a win/win!

Younique UK Orders – Save on Shipping

Buy new 3D Fiber Lash PlusJust a reminder if you’re in the UK, you can order through me directly to save yourself some money.

The 3D mascaras run £23.00, and I offer FREE local delivery in Glasgow – or else it’s £3.50 to anywhere in the UK.

As a mascara to the UK will run you £6.95  for shipping (by courier from Utah), buying through me saves you £3.45.

Please contact me direct for more info on 3DLashes @ youniquebythea dot com.


Any other questions get in touch on that same address OK?

My Week in Younique – 3D Fiber Lashes+ & More


Wow it’s been a busy time with Younique so I’ve fallen a bit behind again…

So for today’s update – there are new July Kudos this month that look awesomeBuy new 3D Fiber Lashes+ from Younique by Thea, new members in my company, and of course the big news of the week (month or even year where Younique is concerned…) is that we launched our new 3D Fiber Lashes+.


It’s been all go the past few weeks so I’ve not had time to do the My Week in Younique updates.Since July 1, 2015 it’s been all about the new mascara. I’ve already blogged quite a bit about the epic news and about how the mascara launched earlier this week. It was a crazy kind of cool and my first real, proper Younique product launch since joining last year.


Get smitten with this Adorably Enamored Trio – this month’s kudos features two exclusive mineral pigments – Adorable and Enamored and our lovely liner/shader brush – while supplies last!
£ 25 GBP  / $32 USD / $39 CAD / $42 AUS / $45 NZD / $560 MEX


Right now, until we sell one million 3D Fiber Lashes, you can grab yourself a presenters kit with FREE shipping. Also until that million is sold you’re getting TWO sets of the lashes too. One to keep and one to sell or sell both…
So if you want the makeup, but have no interest in selling or recruiting, you don’t have to. Take the makeup and run.
Or become a presenter and just shop through your own link to remain active… To continue to be an active Younique presenter all you need to do is sell $125 every three months. That’s it. That equates to: £80 GBP / $170 AUD / $192 NZD / 1991 MEX / $162 CAD). In Younique we talk about things being done in mascara so that’s approximately five mascaras every ninety days.
The company is getting bigger all the time. Very proud of Kelly and Karen for recruiting Team new mates this month.


Younique  launches in Germany in just over one week and already we have had lots of interest from German lovelies hoping to get started as soon as we do. I’d especially love for fabulous, bi-lingual makeup lovers to #jointheAteam now.


That’s all I have time for but a new blog is on the way, hopefully this week about how running your Younique UK business may or may not effect your benefits if you’re claiming benefits like job seekers allowance etc. Will post as soon as I can!

My Week In Younique – Has Become a Month

Buy 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique By Thea todayHey all welcome to the latest instalment of “My week in Younique”. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way this past month or so, and so the blogs have fallen to the wayside. Here’s the last update of it. On my blog, I try to give an honest account of my experience of being a Younique presenter and sponsor – as transparent as possible.

I know it’s been quiet this month but rest assured lovelies, I am still working my Younique business, and I am just as committed to it as the day I started.

This past month or so, there have been new recruits, personal Bests, and new products too…

Welcome to #theAteam – Lesley!

So I would like to welcome my latest team member – I believe she is the 15th to #jointheAteam. She is called Lesley and is from here in Central Scotland. The last few have all been from England – Sarah, Kelly and Rebecca (who’s based in Glasgow!)

#jointheAteam - welcome Lesley

Lesley, like several other members of my team, is a mom who is looking for some supplemental income. She wants to spend more time with her family.

Younique is great for that sort of goal, but this is not a quick business. If you are going to join Younique, then you have to be prepared to put in the work for the long game. Very few people are successful in this business, or any MLM business for that matter, immediately. It takes commitment, and consistent persistence to rock it. To keep going when you’re getting no sales at all, no engagement, no one coming forward to even host a party for FREE makeup! Yes this business will test your mettle.

It can take a while to forge your course. I am in it for the long game. I find it easy to qualify every month (apprx 4-5 mascaras is all it takes). I do not make much money at it but I enjoy it. I enjoy the sisterhood. I love the Younique products (more on that in a minute) and I especially love getting paid around three hours after every sale!

The more challenging side of Younique has been seeing people sign up for Younique and then do nothing with it and go inactive in 90 days. I have nine, active women that I’ve sponsored at this moment but two are marked to go “inactive” at the end of the month and I suspect they will.

So when, in direct sales, they say, “it’s a numbers game” – truer words could not be spoken! As I’ve said before, that’s the most challenging aspect to my own Younique business. Speaking of recruiting…

Sometimes We Change…

I was always someone who avoided any direct sales people, and never thought I’d want to become a Younique sponsor. Recruiting was something that just didn’t interest me, but now that I’ve started to, I love it. I love the idea of mentoring my team mates, and trying to help with their Social Media training (that’s my “day job” anyway). Business has been such that I’ve not had as much time for my team (or my own business), but now things are a bit more quiet I can focus here again and help them more with their online marketing.

May Sales – PB

Need to sell 345 Fiber Lashes to reach Green

I am delighted to report that my own personal sales for May were my highest of the year! Though I can’t claim they were brilliant compare to other Younique sisters for me they were the best of 2015 so far. (June’s been most quiet for some time but that could change this final week!)

Really I’d love to build on that for July. As it’s my birthday in July, I thought of telling everyone I wanted no presents – but have them shop for themselves, or someone they know, through my site in a sort of “Get Thea To Green” campaign.

I’d hoped to be Blue if not Green status by now, and yet I remain at Pink. I marvel at my local sisters that are already Orange or Purple etc.

But I just have to remember I’m forging my own path.
To promote up in Younique – essentially myself, and my team, would need to sell 344 mascaras. That would mean I’d reach Green in July. (I think that’s right, but math was never my strongest subject in school. This calculation’s based on $10,000 USD selling $29.00 mascaras. If I am wrong please tell me).

New Splurge Cream Eye Shadows

To date we have four Splurge Cream Eye Shadows now. We started off with Dainty and Elegant, then we released another Tenacious and now Charming.Buy Splurge Cream Eye Shadows - four colours to choose from

I am happy to report that because Splurge is among my favourite products I have now bought all four. The two recent ones were FREE due to having earned a considerable amount of Y-cash through hosting parties. So here are the four eye shadows.

The beige one (letter T) is the Elegant. The green one (letter H) is Charming. It goes on very light by the way. Looks pretty good with my green eyes…Dainty (letter E) is a gray-brown metallic mixture and the Tenacious (letter A) is a bronze beauty. I wasn’t sure I’d like it given the pictures I have seen of it but in fact it’s great. I recommend any of the four. Choose one that strikes a cord with you. You can buy splurge from my site or, if you’re in the UK then message me to order one for you.

Younique Launching in Germany…

In spite of my last blog post stating it was July that Younique launches in Germany – it seems it is set for August.
Looking to sponsor Younique Presenters in Germany
I already have a few ladies who seem anxious to #jointheAteam, and they will not be pleased with this latest info.

As I type this, I am listening to a webinar about Younique’s German launch. I can’t wait to have some Germans on my team – as soon as they are able to because 1) German people use a lot of social media, they’re used to buying things online and they like makeup!

Some current stats that Younique has given us:

  • Women of Germany are said to love the more natural look then their American counterparts. 
  • Germany is the third largest mascara market in the world.
  • German women use less makeup than American women, yet on average use higher-quality prestige products with higher price points.
  • It’s the 5th largest ecommerce market in the world and is set to double within the next four years.
  • Expertise in makeup application techniques is highly valued*.

 So that’s pretty interesting isn’t it?

Finally, on that last note*, myself and my Lanarkshire teamie Karen McKay have signed up for some makeup classes here in the central belt. I definitely need to learn more about the application of our wonderful products so I can sell them with more authority and expertise! Wish me luck and watch this space.

Younique in Germany

[Working on a German Translation now]
Our Younique launch in Germany is just around the corner. Germans (or expats in Germany) can join Younique July 1, 2015 – so I thought I’d get a jump start on recruiting lovely Younique presenters based there, now. I’ve already had conversations with a few people in Germany who are ready to join but would love to reach more.
In Germany? #JointheAteam | Click to view photo Berllin Sony Center

Younique German Launch – July 1

 Younique sells makeup and beauty products through a direct selling model straight to its customers (we are not available in stores or salons).
Younique uses distributors called “presenters”.

Younique allows women (and men!) to start their own business for a small outlay, and grow it as big as desired.
We can work flexible from home, the coffee shop, the beach wherever.
Many Younique women run their business fro. A smart phone or tablet.
As independent Younique presenters, we sell primarily online through the web and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
We can sell through email or instant message and blogging too.
Many of my Younique sisters host virtual parties in groups or on events pages – particularly on Facebook.
If you don’t like, understand or want to do social media, then you can sell to your family and friends, and to their networks, by hosting in home parties (or at other venues near or far.).
The beauty of Younique is, to me, its flexibility. Work as little or as much as you want, wherever you want.

Start Early in Germany – 1st Mover Advantage

Start selling from the moment you sign up. You get a free website and can take orders just minutes after signing up to Younique. Also the moment you join you can start to build your very own team. They can be anywhere Younique currently operates! That means, once you join Younique, you can sponsor presenters in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and soon even Mexico. Imagine running a business with a global team for less than €90. What an opportunity but get in there first, in July, to make the most of it!

Younique Sisterhood – Training

When you join Younique, you join a global family and are immediately added to a presenters only group on Facebook. If you #jointheAteam you will be immediately added to my own “secret group” as well. There are a number of groups out there – almost too many you can be added to. Two or three works for me! Plus not only does Younique offer training in the presenter’s back office but you can also find thousands upon thousands of videos on Youtube too! Tutorials, promotional videos and webinars too.
 If you are in Germany, interested in Younique and want to #jointheAteam (Thea Team) then please reach out to me here on this site!

Younique Celebrates Cinco De Mayo – Launches in Mexico

Younique launches in Mexico 2015

Hola Latinas and Welcome!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo – – hermanas Mexicanos!

For everyone who is not Mexican – Cinco De Mayo celebrates Mexico’s defeat over the France at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 – so it’s only fitting that Younique celebrates it this year by launching its products in Mexico!

Younique 3D Mascara UK - for sale in Glasgow & across the UKFrom today, May 5, the lovely people of Mexico will be able to buy their fabulous 3D Fiber Lashes, mineral pigments, and skin care products.

Later on in 2015 – residents of Mexico will be able to join Younique and Sponsor other presenters too.

This is a perfect time to learn as much as you can about the business, try the products and get in early when we launch the opportunity to join as presenters.

My Younique by Thea business was in place from the day we started selling in the UK, and it felt exciting to be a part of it from its launch here. The sooner you can get on board with Younique the better.

As a result of the upcoming Younique launch to join the business in Mexico later this year, I am currently searching for any Latina and/or Spanish-speaking ladies who love makeup, and enjoy trying, applying and talking about it, who want to #jointheAteam!

If you want to work from home, a coffee shop, by the pool, at the beach, or anywhere really, then Younique is a way to do just that.

If you want to have more time to spend with your family, friends or whoever you choose, by running your own company in your own time and way, with Younique, you can.

It is a super fun business to be in! It empowers women around the globe to both – look and feel – beautiful on the inside and out.

Externally the makeup will enhance your beauty. Internally you can feel empowered for running your own business and helping other women achieve their goals too. Younique encourages us all to be our best selves. It’s a wonderful challenge. It’s always changing and so exciting. My skin feels great and that makes me feel more sexy. I think you will love it too.

If you’re in Mexico and need a Younique sponsor to sign up with – then I say “Welcome”. I’d love to hear from you by email – younique (at) if you’re interested or if you have any more questions about how Younique works.
Working on a Spanish Translation for this page now!

Younique Launches in Germany Soon Too!

Looking to sponsor Younique Presenters in GermanyBefore we launch the ability to Join Younique as a presenter in Mexico, we’ll be launching in Germany in July. So I’d love to speak to anyone in Germany who’s interested in joining Younique there. I’ve already got interest from German ladies in Berlin and Hamburg. So if you’re in Germany or Mexico and looking for a sponsor, I’d be happy to be that for you!