Businesses for Military Wives & Spouses

Are you a military wife, girlfriend or partner who’s looking for ideas to set up your own home-based business? Need one that’s compatible with an unpredictable and sometimes transitory lifestyle? Searching for something that you can run full or part time – whenever and wherever you have time? Then Younique may just be what you’re looking for, and I will tell you why.

New Younique Presenters Kit Sept 2015 - #jointheAteam

Younique is Re-Location Friendly

Currently to run a Younique business, you must be based in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany or Mexico. That might mean it’s perfect for military wives, spouses and partners.

If you’re family is currently stationed, for instance in Germany, and you move back home to say the US or the UK, you can still run the business there and still get sales and recruits in any of the countries we sell in!

How’s that for flexibility?

Or say you’re only in one state for a short period before moving to another, you’d benefit from versatility of Younique’s business model of online selling anywhere (well, in the aforementioned markets we trade in).

As a Californian in the UK, my team is predominantly UK-based (where I spend most of my time), but I also have team mates based in the USA and Canada too.

I travel back and forth between the US and the UK a few times a year, and love having a business that I can work from anywhere (even at the swimming pool or beach!)

How Does Younique Work?

First of all, you simply buy your starter kit (the current kit is pictured above and changes often).

The moment you join you will receive your own unique Younique website (no annual fees).

To sell, simply promote the products by sharing the website link (online or via email), or you can take orders yourself and then shop through your own website.

You can set up and run parties online via social media channels (e.g. Facebook), run them in your home, or somewhere else entirely (a restaurant, a friend’s house, a hall etc).

As I say, because Younique is primarily marketed online, it means sales can come from all over. I’ve had orders from all over the USA, UK and Australia to date.

When you do get any sales – the commissions are paid three hours after every order!

That’s the best feeling in the world. Last night I sold makeup while I slept. Nothing like waking up and getting your notification that you’ve been paid.
Making money while I sleep - Younique by Thea

Why Younique?

I’ve already written a blog 10 Reasons to Join Younique which you can read to learn more about the business.

  • It’s affordable to get started.
  • The products are all naturally based.
  • Suits any level of experience – from absolute beginners to the very experienced (in both makeup and business sense).
  • It’s flexible to work anytime anywhere.
  • It’s fun!
  • You make great friends!

I also do a whole series called “My Week in Younique” which documents my experiences of running Younique by Thea. This will show you the real highs and lows I’ve had. Thankfully more highs than lows.

So if you’re one of the military wives, spouses or partners who’s been looking for ideas for home-based businesses, then look no further. Younique really is it. It is perfect for anyone looking to supplement their income and to have some fun in the process. Not only do you actually get paid to play with makeup, party, and develop new friendships, you’ll also learn more about yourself than you ever realised was possible.

#JoinetheAteam - Younique by Thea
Are you ready to #jointheAteam?

Time to put your talents to good use! If you think you have what it takes to grow your own business, then please get in touch today. Reach me by phone UK: 0141 416 1492 or in the US/CAN: 408-353-0434 – or if you’re in Germany, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand – email may be better 3dlashes (at)

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