I am doing the My Million Dollar Experiment 2021

My Million Dollar Experiment – Striving for Millionaire Status in 2021

My Million Dollar Experiment

My million dollar Experiment starts Jan 1, 2021

Recently I saw a post about an experiment founded by one of my Linkedin connections Joanna. The post was about two subjects very near and dear to me – mindset and also intuition.

The name of the experiment immediately caught my eye. It’s called the My Million Dollar Experiment (*That’s an affiliate link) and it starts January 1, 2021.

Now for the good news: to join at the moment, it’s a mere $25 – which to me makes it a no-brainer. I figure for that price, I have absolutely nothing to lose.

Not only that, I just learned that the price will jump to ten times that amount from January 1, 2021.

What is the Experiment?

The Million Dollar Experiment aims to determine whether mindset and intuition can cause an internal shift and spark financial abundance in people’s lives over the course of a year. Or from the website itself:

“My Million Dollar Experiment is one of the most exciting social experiments of the century. This is an opportunity to participate in a giant social mindset and intuition experiment, to see if mindset and intuition can impact global wealth.”

Millionaire Mindset

I’ve always been interested in the mind. I’ve generally had goals I’m working toward. I read or listen to books about business, luck, wealth, the brain and mindset. I’ve never actively set the goal to earn a million anything. Not really in any committed fashion in anyway. So it makes me wonder what would or could happen if I truly put my mind to it? I guess we’ll find out if deliberate intention and consciousness create wealth.

Are YOU Interested in Joining?

This sort of thing won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may falsely cry “pyramid scheme” (which it is totally not).  Personally I think wealth creation (however much) sounds fun. Plus I also figure nothing ventured nothing gained.

It’s highly unlikely that I will not at least make my twenty-five dollars back, and I tend to operate on the premise we always get something out of everything. Nothing is ever wasted – time invested working on mindset and intuition can only be a good thing. Do you agree?

If so, why not join and we can take this journey together…I’m thinking of creating a private WhatsApp group for anyone who wants to join and share the ride.

Join me on the My Million Dollar Experiment of 2021

Details of What You Get

Join the Million Dollar Experiment before the price goes up from Jan 1st.

Join the world’s largest mindset and intuition experiment – be a part of making history!

  • You get the Million Dollar Step by Step Plan on the 1st January 2021
  • Online access to mindset and intuition training
  • 12 Months of Facebook group support
  • Weekly inspirational speakers
  • PDF copy of the ‘My Million Dollar Experiment’ Book

Grab this opportunity today for the admin fee of just $25 USD

I’ll let you know how I get on, possibly on a monthly basis…and I’ll leave you with this ’80s classic…

If you’re doing this experiment – use and follow #MMDE on Social Media. 🙂

I am so excited!

My Blog’s New Focus – Spotlight on Scottish Businesses

spotlight on Scottish Businesses

A Spotlight on Scottish Businesses

So I’m not really promoting the makeup anymore so the blog has been gather digital dust. I have been considering that it’s high time to to do something new with it. This is what a came up with, a Business Blether. So I will use it to talk about my own businesses but more so conversations with friends who are business owners and other people in my wider network. Much of my blog’s new focus will be a spotlight on Scottish Businesses, and more specifically conversations with their owners – from one man bands all the way up to international enterprises.

Due to my line of work (as a Canva trainer), and a keen networker (both offline and currently on), I come into contact with amazing, inspirational business owners almost daily. For a long time now, I’ve had the idea of doing this as a blog or as a podcast, but never did anything about it. Now, as we in the UK head into our fourth week of “lockdown” due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it simply seems as good of a time as any to pivot into something new.

What Questions to Ask?

The first challenge has been sourcing questions to ask. I used to love reading a section in the Media Guardian, in the early 2000s, where my friend Hamish used to do short interviews about tech. Those little interviews have come into my mind of late and made me go back to see the types of questions he asked. His were all tech-related but I thought it might give me some inspiration of what to ask business owners.

In any case I have come up with a list and I’ll be emailing the questions to some people I’ve lined up to kick off the series. They will be questions about who they are, how they started, what they view as successful, what inspires them…and a few curve balls to keep it interesting.

The last question which I want everyone to answer is: “Finally, if you could read an interview with any other Scottish business owner, who would it be?”

If I know that, then I can find Scottish business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs and so forth – that people want to read about. Then, it won’t just be my own biased selection. For starters though, it is my selections…because, hey, after all it’s my blog.

what interview questions would you like to ask?

So as for My Spotlight on Scottish Businesses, Watch This Space…

Ok so I’ll be sending out the emails tonight and hopefully before too long I can kick off my series highlighting Scottish businesses. And with a bit of luck, I may just turn it into a podcast too.

If you’re in business in Scotland, and looking for some FREE webinars to attend, be sure to check out the Business Gateway website. I am currently doing Canva and Blogging workshops as normal (well, apart from the fact they’re online and not in person at the moment).

Things to consider before getting a quote - website costs etc

How Much Does A Website Cost in the UK?

how much does a website cost in the UK

How Much Does A Website Cost in the UK?

You know this, “How much does a website cost” question is a popular one that I hear all the time in my work as a consultant. I used to answer this question with, “about the same price as a car”. It’s cheeky, I know.

It’s true though. You can get a real cheap banger of a car, or your can get, say a Bentley,…So like that, website prices can be next-to-nothing to tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of pounds.

To date, I’ve worked on every size possible. In fact back in the late ’90s, the ones I worked on (at the company I worked at) were over a quarter of a million pounds!

I started building them in 1992, by writing HTML in notepad, so that’s proper old school web building. In the spirit of honesty and transparency, I don’t build any websites for people anymore. Websites do not give me joy.

Take some time, grab a tea or coffee (or whatever you bevvy of choice is) and peruse this post and its accompanying videos to have a better understanding of what all goes into website cost!

Website Costings Will Vary, Considerably

So when people ask “how much does a website cost”, I’d say it will wholly depend on what you need. A professional current average UK runs around £1-3k, but yes, of course you can get them as low as a few hundred pounds…

Heck, you can even use one of the freebies sites (e.g WordPress or Blogger) to make one.

Depends on how professional you want to be, and how much control over your site you’ll need.

There really is so much to consider before you set up or even get a quote…What your goal for the website? Who is your target market? Will you have a blogging component (ed note: you should have a blogging component!) Will you go for self-hosted (buy a domain and hosting package with SSL) or go for an all-in-one, like Squarespace.
Things to consider before getting a quote - website costs etc

Things to Consider Before Getting a Website Quote

  1. Domain Name (aka URL, website address etc):

To have a business website, anywhere, you’ll need a domain name. Registering your own domain name will cost money, annually…and the price will vary depending on the type you go for – .com is always recommended, but can be harder to secure…

Often I’d recommend people picking up the co.uk too but I don’t always practice what I preach…

If you’re in Scotland you could go for a .scot. Or you may want to consider a .co or a .net, and there are a whole host of other random domain extensions, but mostly the more-funky-cool ones are really just gimmicky, so I’d say stick to the basics – .com, .co.uk or .uk.

When thinking about a domain name, if you can’t get your company name, you might consider thinking like a searcher to come up with one…what would some type in to find you? Here’s a video that talks a bit about buying domain names which may be useful.

If you go for a freebie site – you might have a website URL like – mycompany.wordpress.com or mycompany.blogger.com – which doesn’t look professional, so even if you go the free route, it might be worth at least spending money on a domain name.

2. Hosting Package

If you aren’t going for a freebie website, you’ll need to host your website somewhere. I use Broadband Cloud (*) for all my domains/hosting – because I used to work at it, in its previous incarnation. As they’re local, and I know them, I can call them up if needs be. (Also changing providers can be a bit of a pain, so I remain!)


All website hosting packages are not created equally

There are countless website hosting providers out there. Shop around and consider asking fellow website owners for recommendations.

I personally recommend getting a domain name with hosting package – all in one – for simplicity.

And I would especially recommend finding one that gives you unlimited email addresses, and doesn’t charge you for each one.

So many of the super cheap, Go-Daddy, type places seem to over mega-low prices, but when you start adding on some basics, the cost will soon add up so please BE CAREFUL!

Speaking of being careful….

3. Website Security

If you’re a business or professional organisation,  I’d recommend getting a business hosting package and SSL certificate (the little padlock for encrypted security). On a site with an SSL certificate, up in the website bar, you’ll see https:// instead of http://. Watch this short video to understand it a bit more.

Both Google and site visitors like that added bit of security – it makes everyone feel more confident when dealing with you. This is especially true if you’re selling anything.

You may note that this website doesn’t have one, because I use this site very little, and I do not sell anything. But if I did sell products direct to customers, I’d have an SSL certificate!

website content - what will be included on your site?

Website Content – What Will It Include?

4. Site content
How many pages will your site have? What will the navigation hierarchy look like?  For example you may have things like:-  Home > Who We Are > Gallery > Events > Products > Services > Contact >  — Will you have the same, more or less?

I would generally advise not having too many top level headings – keeping to 5-7 main pages with sub pages off of them. (But to each their own.)

Will you be selling products? If so, how many? How will you take payments? What are your terms and conditions? What are your shipping carriers and fees? Will you sell domestic or international?

Do you want to have a contact form or just contact details listed? Will there by an embedded map? (This won’t cost more just wanting you to think about what you need on your site). When it comes to content – you want to lay it out in such a way that a user can pretty much get to anywhere they need to go in TWO CLICKS. That’s a rule of thumb…

 5. Media Imagery

Do you have a logo yet? (Canva Logo Maker Tool) Have you got photos ready to be included? Any videos to be embedded (from Youtube or Vimeo)? It might be worth having an Instagram account to serve as a gallery rather than uploading images to the site.

What is the graphical style of your website? You an use a tool like Canva to create consistent branding an imagery. See the

All the above should be considered as well as…

Website After Care – Get Yourself Trained

6. Updating Your Website

Your web developer may try to tie you into a monthly maintenance package – which is OK to consider. One of my biggest pet peeves is developers tying clients into packages as a way of holding a site hostage (by being the one in control).

top tip - learn how to update your own website

So please have whoever builds it for you, if you do go that route, also train you on how to make at least the most basic changes YOURSELF! I always tell clients, if you have a website where you can’t even do the most simple text/photo/price changes, it is like having an office with no key to get into it.

Yes, you may be bad with computers. You may find changing things on your website scary but honestly – empower yourself with knowledge to do things, in a push, even if you do have someone maintaining your site for you.
So there’s a fair bit to consider before anyone can give you a price.
Hope that helped…

Before You Go…

Have you set any Creativity Goals…? This post talks about my Creativity Goals for 2019.
Passionate about helping small business owners, I am a Canva Certified Creative and a web & social media trainer. You can find out more about me and how I might help you here.

New Year – New Creativity Goals – For 2019 It’s KDP

new creativity goals - it's KDPNew Year – New Creativity Goals – For 2019 It’s KDP

Well it’s a New Year and I’ve decided to set some new creativity goals. Last year I did a full year of Tshirt designs on Red Bubble. It was  long year and I managed to finish the challenge, even with my father’s passing right before Christmas (he’d expect nothing less of me). So this year I’ve decided for 2019 it’s KDP.

What is KDP? It stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s a program via Amazon that allows self-publishing of paperback books (and ebooks).

In my case, it’s being used for low or no content journals and planners.

After doing my daily challenge for all of 2018, this year I thought I’d challenge myself in a much easier way (read: less pressure).

My goal is simply 25 journals live on KDP by the end of 2019. I am right on target with that one.

Currently I have four live.

Merch Conference Seattle 2018

For the last year or so, on various Merch groups that I am on, I’ve heard many people talking about KDP. When I was at the Merch Conference in Seattle last September, I met several people who were doing it and a lot of it. Many are doing very well at it.

It was recommended I check out Tangent Templates which is a super fast way to design these “interiors” for journals and planners.

I was also told to get in touch with Kelli Publish (the go-to gal for Self Publishing). Though I didn’t get to speak with her while in Seattle, I did reach out to her when I returned to Scotland, and have subsequently been watching many of her videos on Youtube (previous link) and via her Self Publishing Facebook group (with her husband Dale).

My First KDP Design – A Travel Journal

My Scotland Travel Journal - First KDP trial

I’ve personally been wanting to be able to create journals ever since I launched my website SYBD back in July of 2000.

KDP now affords me the opportunity to do them at no cost, except my time.

So I will still do that eventually, but I am easing myself into this year’s KDP challenge…

Recently I blogged on my personal site about my desire to travel every month in 2019. The aim is to go away for at least one night, every month, whether that’s near or far…

So it made sense that my first KDP journal upload was a travel journal using a picture I took on my first trip in Scotland in 2019. You can find this simple Scotland Travel Journal on Amazon UK here. (For the Amazon US version, click the picture of the cover).

How KDP Works

You create an interior or manuscript 
It could be something as basic as lines (solid or dotted), quotes, days, dates or weeks planners, boxes for story boards, patterns of any kind or even blank pages.

You choose your size/dimensions/pages
I’ve now done 8.5″ x 11″ and my current project is 6″ x 9″. There a bunch of different options but be warned not all options work may be available in all markets (from what I’ve seen)

I just made a new square 8.5″ sketchbook.  It can be as big or small as you want – from their selection of sizes.

My first journal was around pages. My most recent day planner is massive and 366 pages. It is massive and suitable for a desktop but not really carrying around with  you all the time.

Once you have your manuscript all sorted, you upload your PDF
You need to upload your manuscript in a print-ready format. Bleed or no bleed, it’s your call.

You walk through their steps and hit publish…
Basically you have 3 pages of “things to do” in order to publish your book. You put your name, your author name, your keywords, you upload your manuscript, then a cover, set your royalties and hit submit. (Well there a few more steps in there). I’ll be honest with you, the first one I uploaded it took HOURS to get submitted and that was with a bit of help from a Highlands friend Leeanne. She was very patient with me, bless her.

Once you submit it, it takes about a day before Amazon manually approves your manuscript. Once they do it’s live in all the markets you wish to sell it in and you can buy it.

With my first one, I was so excited. I uploaded it Monday, it was approved Tuesday, I bought it as soon as it was and I received it Thursday morning. A day and a half to get to me. Not bad.

Creativity is Flowing

Each time I’ve uploaded a design, I’ve been asking myself how I could improve it. Better covers, better interiors, and so forth. The goal will ultimately to be designing my own interiors and exteriors using Canva but for now Tangent Templates is the quickest way to reach my monthly targets.

So far I am not very good at it and the only sales I have had are myself or my friends but hopefully in time that will change…

One of the designs I made was for small businesses and entrepreneurs, in the UK specifically. So I’d made it April to March – only to learn that technically the UK tax year is 6 April to 5 April. Who knew? Well you probably did but I didn’t. So I uploaded another version with the correct dates.

The beauty of KDP is that it doesn’t cost you anything but your time. That to me is why I love print on demand, full stop.

Give Kindle Direct Publishing a try yourself or if you want me to make something for you, feel free to contact me here at the site.

4 Years with Younique – My Youniqueversary

UPDATED 2020: Am currently still a presenter but not marketing the products or actively sponsoring any longer. If you need a hands-off sponsor then I’m your gal.

My 4 Years with Younique4 Years with Younique – I’m Still Here

It is hard to believe it’s my Younique anniversary again and it’s now 4 years with  Younique. Where does the time go? What has happened in that time? What level have I gotten to? Why have I been 4 years with Younique and haven’t given up when so many people have? What’s been my experience with recruiting Younique presenters? What are my fave products? This is just another post about my experience of Younique – after four years of being a presenter.

The First Year with Younique

In the first year I was all excited. I was creating blog posts. I was sharing pictures all over social media. I was getting sales from family, friends and strangers. I was moving up the ladder. I was enthusiastic. It’s how almost all new business owners act…especially in direct sales. That excitement is bleeding out of your pores but it’s often short lived and reality sets in as you realise running a business, MLM or otherwise is hard graft. You have to ascertain what works and what doesn’t.

In a business like Younique the marketing for me, as chosen from day one, was online marketing and not hosting parties. Other people would be successful at those online parties but I know from the start that was now my bag. Nor was having in home parties. My way was social media, all the way.

Month 1: I hit Fast Start and Tiered up to Yellow

I joined Younique on Oct 25, 2014 – a week before its UK launch. My aim was to hit “Fast Start” and tier up to Yellow Status so I could get that pay bump from 20% to 25%!

I reached Yellow by the last day of November, month one as a Younique presenter and a week later managed to say Hello “Fast Start”. 

My Mascara Business

Buy 3D FIber Lashes+ Mascara from Younique by TheaBack in the day, for the first year especially, I traveled around with the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara in my bag. I bought in bulk (10 at a time) and always had one ready to sell, and did often!

That year it really was about the Fiber Mascara. For the next year too. Not long after there was the launch of the 3D Fiber Lashes+.

For some reason though my own mascara sales started to dwindle down. The people who were buying every few months were not doing so any more. That coincided with more similar brands and my own marketing efforts tailing off.

Younique Sponsorships Over the Years

I don’t actively attempt to sponsor new Younique recruits, yet I still manage to recruit a few every feew months. Recruits join my Younique team, mostly through my blogging efforts here (my main business blog) and through a very successful post from my early days with Younique – which is over on Linkedin.

The Youniques that I tend to sponsor seem to want to do their own thing, and need or want little, if any support. I am always happy to give any advice, tips and support, but most just seem to want to do their own thing.

My first recruit was a guy and an owner of a hair salon here in Paisley. Then a friend and business coach joined, another friend and so on…Eventually it became people I don’t know. To date, I have now sponsored nearly forty Younique presenters!

Though it sounds great to claim, many don’t last past the first three to six months, which is super disappointing.

Only one has lasted throughout nearly my entire time with the company. Lovely Lucy Wilkinson who joined in June of 2015 and has been a rock star ever since both in terms of selling and recruiting.

Highlights of My 4 Years With Younique

Pink then Blue Status - Younique by Thea

In addition to my early feats of Yellow and Fast Start, I hit Pink November 29, 2015 (a year and a bit after joining Younique) and seemingly a day later tiered up to Blue Status…? That doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. I’ve been stuck at blue ever since.

Another milestone I was so excited to reach was 10,000 PRS. That means I have sold over ten thousand dollars worth or products. Sadly I didn’t earn $10,000 but it was still an exciting moment in March of 2016.

A Younique Summary

Looking back over my 4 years with Younique, the peaks and valleys have been many. It’s been challenging and fun in equal measure. It’s been frustrating and satisfying. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about business and about others.

Historically my best month with Younique seems to be November which makes me wonder if I should make a bit of extra effort and see if I can capitalise on some Black Friday and Holiday sales. It’s worth a shot.

The collections are always worth a push.

Younique is Not For Everyone but It Is for Me

“Younique is not for Everyone” is a sentence I’ve said dozens of times over the four years here.

These days I mostly just run my Younique business for me. I buy my own products, at a discount and to get free credits for future purchases.

I do little to promote or recruit. I still periodically share products on some social media channels, but my focus is elsewhere (on tshirts and merch now).

But you know what? That, to me, is one of the best things of running an MLM (or Direct Sales) business, is that, with the right one, you can pick it up and put it down as it suits you. Work it when you can and don’t when you can’t.

Of course the more you work it the more likely you will see some rewards.

Being Younique is not easy, as I’ve said through the years on this blog. If my own experience is one to go by, more people quit than persevere with it.

So if you’re considering joining Younique – please bear that in mind. It’s not a way to get a quick buck (or pound or euro or whatever currency in your market).  It takes effort, grit and the right mindset. Can you make money it? Sure. Will you? Maybe. Maybe not.

Reach Out to Me With Questions

As I mentioned I don’t actively recruit but I am still happy to sponsor and help anyone who needs it.

If you want to talk to me more about my 4 years with Younique, then I will do a FREE 10 minute call to discuss any questions you may have. Reach out to me on speakwith @ glatitude.co.uk (no spaces), comment or ring 0141 416 1492 (UK) 408 353 0434 (US).

Thanks for reading.

#jointheAteam here!

Shop Younique Products here!

Share Your Scottish Phrases

Top Scots – 5 of My Fave Scottish Phrases

Top Scots - Five of My Fave Scottish Phrases5 of My Fave Scottish Phrases

In the spirit of transparency, I’m a Californian by birth and honorary Scot by choice. I’ve officially lived longer in Scotland than I have in America (and no I’ve not lost my accent). In any event, I feel I am perfectly within my rights to share some of my best Scottish words and Phrases – in no particular order.

Understand that I am defining them from my own perspective or interpretation, and they may not be the textbook definition. Please share your top Scots words or phrases in the comments below and any constructive feedback on my definitions.

Five Fave Top Scots Sayings As Follows:

      1. “Whatever’s for ye won’t go by ye”. 
        This one is actually my number one Scottish saying of all time. It essentially means if something is meant to be or happen, it will. If it’s not for you, it will not happen. Que sera sera. It’s words to live by. It’s written and said in a number of ways, sometimes you will hear it as “whit’s for ye’ll no go past ye”.
        Whatever's for ye won't go by ye
        Also seen as”Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye! (or even “past ye”). As it’s said a number of different ways I’ve made this design a lot. Well, I did say I loved it most!
      2. “Away ye go” – Away You Go.
        Sometimes it’s said in its entirety “away ye go ya mug ye”. This is a fantastic Scottish phrase to say to the person to stop talking nonsense, rubbish, or even crazy. To me it literally means go away and stop being so silly.I also love the similarly sounding slang “Awa’ and bile yer heid”…Which translates as “Away and boil your head”. Sounds terrible but it just means you’re a bit cheesed off at listening to someone talk utter nonsense.Away Ye Go - Scottish for stop talking rubbish
      3. “Yer a long time deid”You’re a long time dead.
        Some sound advice here from the Scots. As a Scottish proverb it translates as: “Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead”. It’s a sort of ode to the Latin phrase carpe diem.
        yer a long time deid - you're gonna have to make the most of life
      4. Gonnae No’ Dae That Going to not do that.
        Gonnae no do that sort of means “please stop doing that”,  you’re bugging me.To me this is a rather funny way to stay just stop it. The Scots saying rose to prominence courtesy of Chewin the Fat – as you can see from this somewhat disgusting clip uttering the phrase:

    5.“Geein’ it Yaldy” (Also Giein’ it Laldy and other variations) – Giving it Gusto
    I would translate this as belting something out like a song. So a band could be geein’ it yaldi/laldy or maybe someone singing some karaoke in the pub. I used it in a tweet the other day about a concert on in Bellahouston Park.

    geein it yaldi (or laldy) - give it gusto

A Few Final Scottish Phrases

The hardest thing about doing these designs for my online shops is the variations in spelling and phrases. I already mentioned the different ways of saying “whatever’s for ye’ll no by ye” but there are many. I had a discussion on my Facebook profile a few months back about “Away the Messages” and “Gaun the messages”. It carried on to about a hundred comments. Some people saying it without the word “the” in it and some people writing “for” as “fur” or “fir”. It can all be terribly confusing to be honest. So I often try to make a few different versions to cover my bases.

Share Your Scottish PhrasesShare Your Top Scottish Phrases

I have been reading, researching, writing, creating all kinds of Scottish phrases and words content…Even after living here for a few decades I learn new phrases all the time. I never tire of hearing some of these Scots phrases though I would rarely if ever use them myself. I can’t pull it off with a Californian accent.

What’s your Top Scottish phrase (or phrases) to use or that you’ve heard? Please feel free to share with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear yours.

Before you go, please visit my TeePublic collection of Scottish Phrases, words and gifts. I’d be happy to make any text-based design for you for FREE, just reach out to me.

UPDATED 2018: New Darceys Scents, Special Offers, Candle Competition too!

UPDATED 2018: Not doing Darceys Candles Anymore

Darceys Candles - New Scents, Offers and Win a Candle

New Darceys Scents, Special Offers, Candle Competition too!

It’s an exiting time for Darceys Candles reps! There are special offers afoot, a load of new scents for the Holidays 2017, and I’ll throw in a competition too. Read on for more information about the candles and offers. Let’s start with the big news first – the new scents that are launching!

Guess How Many New Darceys Scents Are Launching…to Win a Cinnamon Candle

Some new Darceys Scents are being launched – just in time for Christmas. I can’t tell you what they are right now – it’s a secret, but I can tell you there are some new ones and some returning favourites, too. I’ll reveal the list once they’ve been announced – along with our new catalogs!

Anyway, to honour this exciting news, I thought I’d do a little competition to WIN a free, small, Darceys candle in Cinnamon (worth £8.50).

Win a Small Darceys Cinnamon Candle - Guess how many New Scents are Launching

I realise not everyone loves the smell of Cinnamon (as much as I do!)…but hey, even if you’re not so keen on its spicy fragrance, you could re-gift it. After all, it will be just in time for the holidays!

So guess how many new Darceys scents are launching, and one of the correct answers will win this lovely Small Cinnamon Candle.

Terms and Conditions:
1) Share your guess by leaving a number in the comments section below.
2) This offer good for the UK only.
3) Entries will be accepted until Sept 20, 2017.
4) Winner will be chosen by a random app on, or just after, Sept 20, 2017.
5) One entry per person only.
6) Make sure you use a valid email address so I can contact you.

Good luck lovelies!

Fortnightly Offer – Large Pink Sugar Candle

Get a Large Pink Sugar Candle for just £15 until Sept 27, 2017

The Large Pink Sugar Candle is a lush blend of cotton candy, lemon drops and caramel and raspberry jam. A scent with sweet memories of fun at the fair.

Right now, for a limited time only, Darceys has a very special offer on! Grab A Large Pink Sugar Candle for just £15. Note: this offer is only available until 27 Sept 2017. (So if you’re after that date you won’t get it at this rate!)

Darceys Candles – Scent of the WeekDarceys Soy Wax Melts - Je T'aimeOh, La La…Je T’aime – is the Scent of the Week, and as such, it’s 10% off for you on any melts in this range.

Fall in love with Darceys with a green fruity floral bouquet with apple, rose and jasmine top notes with a sweet woody musky background.

You will love these beautiful smelling wax melts. You’d better hurry to get them at a reduced rate though!

September Offer – a Trio of Scents £17 (Normally £25.50)
Darceys September Trio Offer for 2017 - 3 candles £17.

Right now, for the month of September you can get a trio of three small candles for £17. The three scents on offer this month are Strawberry Daiquiri, Blue Raspberry and Raspberry Lemonade.

Want to Know More?

That’s all for now. If you have any interest in any of the above special offers from Darceys, do let me know.

If you want to enter to win a FREE, small Cinnamon candle, then comment with how many new scents you think Darceys is launching below.

Any questions email speakwith (at) glatitude.co.uk or ring me on 0141 416 1492 – Thanks, Thea.

UPDATED 2018: Darceys Candles – Special Offer Lady Darcey Meets Mr Darcey


Mr Darcey Ltd Edition Candle from Darceys With Lady Darcey too

Special Offer – Lady Darcey Meets Mr Darcey

Hello all! Just wanted to quickly tell you about the latest special offer with Darceys Candles. You can pick up a large, gorgeous candle with two glorious scents – Mr Darcey and Lady Darcey – at a special price £15.00.

Large Darceys Candles are usually £17.50 so you’re getting a deal on a limited edition candle. This candle will only be available for a week (possibly two if it’s extended) but it is a special edition.

The Mr Darcey Scent

This limited edition Mr Darcey scent is as you’d expect – both masculine and strong!

The large Mr Darcey candle features black pepper, mandarin, cardamom, clove, leather and finished with sandalwood.

Sound sexy doesn’t it?

Lady Darcey

Hey guess what? It’s not only the sexy Mr Darcey in this doubler candle. The second scent you’ll find is Lady Darcey  -which begins with top notes of green leafy ferns and sweet florals; followed by jasmine and white floral lily; sitting on a floral musk base note.

Doesn’t that sound simply heavenly and just a little romantic?

Oh my!

Who wouldn’t want a bit of romance, like this, in their life?

(Sadly Mr Darcey himself is not included…)

About Darceys Candles

All of Darceys candles are handmade and scented using soy wax to ensure a clean burn.

Darceys Large candles are 300ml volume and will burn for up to ninety hours.

How to Order Darceys Candles from Me…

If you want to Order this or any Darceys Candles, waxes/melts/products then please do get in touch via this website. All details of how to reach me are found on every page of this site. If you would like to host a candle party, also do let me know. I am not actively trying to host any parties but if someone specifically wants to, I will.

Stay tuned, if you love candles, as I’ll be sharing weekly specials here.

More info here about Darceys in last week’s post.

Major News – Cards, Cosmetics, Candles but No Coffee!

Major News - Cards, Cosmetics, Candles

Major News – Cards, Cosmetics, Candles but No Coffee!

Time for some pretty major news, in a few areas, not just for me, but for others as well…

First of all, I think we should start off with the most major news and that is that Phoenix Trading is effectively no more. It wasn’t a business I particularly “worked” as such, but I did like their products as did ALL of my customers.

The people I feel most empathy for were the ones who focused all their energy only on Phoenix. They will be effected the most. The good news is that there are already plans a foot to re-launch a new business, but I have decided to effectively bow out.

Besides, I can still get any cards I’d like via my upline Janet who I suspect will be a part of the new company.

In the mean time, you can pick up some deals in the “Closing Down Sale” over on my Phoenix Shop.

Additionally, ALL MY CARDS here in Glasgow are £1.00 in a flash sale sort of vein. I probably have about 100 cards here from all occasions so let me know if you want in on the bargain cards! 🙂

New Younique Products

Grab the new Younique lash trip now!

I am so pleased to say that Younique has brought out a new mascara…It’s normal one called Epic which I hear is just that. Have just ordered one for myself so I will let you know in a future blog just how epic it is. 🙂 In addition to the new Moodstruck Epic Mascara there is also a new lash serum too. You can get those two items, plus the flagship 3D Fiber Lashes Plus–  together in a bundle called the Moodstruck Ultimate Lash Trio. When you get that bundle you save some money which is always a bonus.

Speaking of Bundles. The August 2017 Customer Kudos is called The Younique Foundation Bundle and is for a really good cause – the Younique Foundation.  What comes in the Foundation Bundle?

Note: All proceeds from this very special bundle will be donated to The Younique Foundation, an organization that inspires hope in women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents by providing healing services through retreats, survivor communities, and online resources.

Coffee No More

There is also news on the Neart Coffee front. For those who don’t know, I was going to launch my own brand of coffee which was called Neart. It was going to be “roasted and posted directly to you from the Scottish Highlands”… but now that coffee brand is now firmly parked in the “long term car park of ideas”.

It really just never quite felt right and I had to let it go to make way for something else to come in.

There really were just so many issues with logistics.

I am still convinced the idea is good and am proud of what I achieved but it was just not quite there. There may be something to say about that later on down the road, and there may not.

So what it did end up making way for was Candles…

Buy Darceys Candles Direct from Thea Newcomb, Glasgow 0141 416 1492

Darceys Candles

For those who are like me, and basically love smelly things, such as candles, wax melts, diffusers, scented beads et al, then you’ll dig this.

I recently joined Darceys Candles.

Darceys is an Ayrshire-based company that makes handmade soy candles and wax melts in particular. The idea, like many other direct sales companies is to have people host parties (both real and virtual), but regular readers to my blog will know I don’t go in for that sort of thing.

I know they work for some people but not so much for me.

I do have some brochures – which I need to get circulating – and I’ll blog about them from time to time, but that’ll be the extent of my efforts for Darceys Candles.

That said a week ago I posted the special offer of the week on my FB profile and three people nabbed it…so I may end up working Darceys more yet, we’ll see. They’re top selling product is called Monkey Farts…which smells a whole lot better than it sounds. Seriously,…

Oh, and speaking of which, please note that we can only order products once a week, because they are all handmade…So if you’re in or near Glasgow, and would like to order some Darceys, then please let me know and I’ll throw your order in with one of my own bundles.

You can phone me on 0141 416 1492, email me here, or leave a comment.

Ralph Says

Finally one last bit of news if you can call it that is that I have created a new brand all about my father (and best friend) Ralph. It’s called Ralph Says Things (his own hashtag is #Ralphsays),…

There is a Ralph Says blog, a Ralph Says Facebook page and a Ralph Says Twitter profile and of course a Ralph Says Instagram too.




Welcome to Thea Newcomb's Glatitude - Cosmetics, Candles, Etc

Cards, Cosmetics, Etc – Update

Cards, Cosmetics, and…

UPDATE SUMMER 2017 – the first part of this post about the coffee – is no longer happening. Also the greeting cards has some major news too which you can read here…So feel free to skip on down to the Younique news, why don’t you?

We’re getting close lovelies…Cards, Cosmetics, Coffee are all coming together soon.

Over the last few years I’ve launched small businesses. First it was a direct sales business – Younique.

A year later I added another MLM to my bow, Phoenix Trading greeting cards.

Then a year later it was, coffee but this time my own brand of coffee – Neart.

Neart is the first ever Scottish Coffee aimed at mindfulness.

Slowly, over the past six or eight months, I’ve been putting together a sort of idea for a hamper with Cards, Cosmetics, Coffee and maybe chocolate in it too. Maybe candles? Caramel? Some people have even suggested Champaign. 🙂

Anything starting with a letter C it would seem…

Seriously though, I’ve not had as much time to focus on the makeup or greeting cards but will continue to work those two businesses as and when I can. For now it’s about getting a coffee off the ground. See what I did there? Coffee. Ground. Ha!

The 4 Coffees Are:
4 Neart Coffees

Neart Power – twice the caffeine for times when you need that boost!

Neart Energy – a medium blend from the Americas

Neart Force – a Blue Mountain, Kenya, single origin coffee

Neart Flow – a Swiss Water Decaf

There is one size, 250g bags, and four options: Whole Bean, Filter, Cafetière and Espresso grind too. Once we get up and running there will be lovely small gift sampler versions of all of four coffees in one type.

New Younique Products & Team Talk

Younique Touch Powder Foundation

I’ll be honest, Younique has been quiet the past few months for myself and my team. March broke all kinds of company records, but since then, it’s been crickets for the A-team.

I still love being a Younique Presenter and Sponsor, but life does seem to be getting in the way. My focus is drawn toward the new coffee project Neart Coffee so that has left little time to market any new makeup and skin care products from Younique. Quite excited to check out some of the new products – such as the Touch Loose Powder Foundation. If there is one thing Younique is awesome at, in my humble opinion it’s clearly Foundation.

NEW Phoenix CardsPick up some Phoenix Trading Cards - Summer 2017 - New cards


Slowly I’ve started to sell some more cards for 2017. Valentine’s, birthday and general cards are going at last. There is a lot of stock here at the homestead, but where it really needs to be is out and about. So I’ve taken it into the office and it’s the “Honour System” whereby if anyone needs a card, they can grab one and just put the money in the envelope or PayPal Me their card money.

Phoenix has also just released a bunch of new and exclusive products worth checking out if you’re so inclined.

UPATE AUG 2017 – Phoenix Trading is no more… 🙁

So that about wraps up this latest Cards, Cosmetics, Coffee post.

It’s been a long time in the making, but sometimes life is simply like that. As ever do feel free to reach out with any questions you have about any of my three businesses.

If you have questions about Younique read the 5 FAQs here.

If you want to learn more about my experience of Phoenix Trading read this.