My Week in Younique – Hello February, Allo France

My Week in Younique – by Thea

Here we are, it’s just two minutes until February now, and so time to share another My Week in Younique! As we leave January behind (praise Buddha), we kick off another month and launch in another country – France! This post sees three lovely additions to my team. Let’s wrap Jan before we talk about Feb!

Younique January Blues

January was dismal, I’ll be honest with you. There were no sales and no recruits for me – the whole month until this weekend. At least I got a last minute mascara sale in, but that was it! Ugh!

I know I shouldn’t admit to such things but sometimes Younique is like that. Heck, sometimes life is like that. Highs and Lows. Ebb and Flow. January was just low, end of story. Not just for me but many of my team mates too. Few of us did anything this month. Newcomer Annabelle rocked it right out of the ballpark. You should totally check out Annabelle’s videos on her FB group as she’s fantastic!

Yesterday, Saturday, I a lovely person called Sharon joined the team. I’d had several equiries this week about joining younique so it was great one finally did. Then later in the afternoon another joined – Jay in the USA. Later that night while I was out at the movies a third person joined the team – Gillian just outside Glasgow. So three is in fact a charm and my personal best for Younique recruits! I celebrated by writing a blog last night “How to Find a Younique Sponsor” which may prove helpful to some!

Welcome to #theAteam - Sharon, Jay and Gillian - Younique by Thea

Anyway so yes, January was less than stellar for myself and the Ateam…but it sure ended on a high note.

Fab February France – Bonjour

Younique France - Launch Fevrier 1, 2016So again, as I said previously, we launch in France in a matter of hours. Tout le monde semble très excité! j’espere trouver beaucoup de gens se joindre à moi – avec Younique.

Well OK, so my French is a tad rusty. I’ll work on that and go back to English for now.

I’m hoping to have some lovely makeup lover to #jointheAteam soon – and for an excuse to pop back over there later this year. Any excuse, right?

Younique Customer Kudos for Feb

You can tell that I am very excited about February. In the morning we will find out what this months customer kudos will be. Last year it was awesome. It had a super cute pink bag, with some 3D Fiber Lashes, a lip gloss and eye liner too – bundled.  I just pray that this year’s will be just as good if not better. Personally speaking, the January Kudos left a little to be desired. Eye Lash Curler? Cute as it may be, and good as it may work, it was a bit “Meh” – too hard to excited over. February will definitely top that one, right? Ask me in nine hours.

Oh and it’s a Leap Year, so apart from the obvious advantage or being able to propose to your guy, as it’s a bit longer there is an increased sales potential!

Nearly there - 10,000 PRS with Younique - Charm

Speaking of sales, my goal over the next month is to hit the 10,000 PRS – so I can earn another charm for my collection!

Then my next goal after that is to hit Green Status Elite – which feels a little impossible right now, to be honest, but surely it must be doable, as many before me have done it! So Green it is!

MWY Summary!

So that’s about it. My team update (welcoming three new recruits), the Younique France update (just hours away), my Younique goals at the moment,….and a brand new Fab Feb France Foundation and Fun party to kick of the month! Hope it’s a great one! I gotta get some sleep and when i wake up – it’s a new month with a new customer kudos and new territory! Brilliant!

PS: If you’re interested in finding more about my journey in Younique the please check out the archive of My Week in Younique (all posts to date!)

How to Find a Younique Sponsor

How to find a Younique Sponsor - Younique by TheaWondering How to Find a Younique Sponsor?

Did you end up here because you’re wondering how to find a Younique Sponsor that suits you? Need to know how to join Younique but not really sure where to start? Have a few more questions about sponsors before taking the plunge? Let me see if I can offer some guidance by sharing some of the questions that I have been getting since joining Younique myself…

But first…

Recruiting Youniques – Peaks and Valleys

Because of the holidays, it’d been quiet in terms of my recruiting. Actually January sales were a bit dead too, I won’t lie to you…

It’d been maybe two months since I had someone join my team* – and only a few of my gals in the company have had recruits too.

But once January kicked in, properly, so did the queries about joining Younique. Hoorah!

Guess it makes sense that things are quiet over the holiday period. People are wrapped up with festivities and/or they’re strapped (financially). Once payday rolls around, let the recruiting begins!

Anyway I noticed a huge spike in many of my Younique posts about joining us, (especially on this post here that you may have seen?), and so I thought it might be a good time to answer some of these questions that I’ve been getting lately about finding a sponsor. I figure if one person has had it – there are bound to be others so here we go!

FAQs About Younique Sponsors

When the following are in quotes, they are real questions copied and pasted. In other cases, without quotes, they were paraphrased or amalgamated, from several on the same topic!

1. “Could you advise me if you require a sponsor to join Younique and if so how I go about this?”

Yes, you need to have a sponsor in order to join Younique. You can choose to find one on the map on the Yoounique products website.

You can simply Google “younique sponsor near me” (or whatever) to find one, OR you can #jointheateam now. (PS: That’s my team, Thea Team, aka The A team! Well, I had to say that, right?)

2. “Does it Matter Where Your Younique Sponsor Lives?”

This is actually a very common question

If it does to you, then yes, but realistically-speaking, not in this day and age.

Personally speaking, I have recruits in the US, Canada, Australia and England, and I am based in Glasgow (or Northern California for part of the year).

With Younique you can work your business wherever you are (as long as we are in that region) and you sign up under or have people sign up under you from anywhere! How cool is that?

Yep, I have a truly global company right now! 🙂

I signed up under a woman in the Scottish Highlands, who was a friend-of-a-friend. I had never met her but had spoken to her on the phone.

She has since left the business, so I was then placed under her sponsor who I don’t really know too well, but hey, she’s there if I need her.

3. “I am wanting to know if it is better to go under a black sponsor or white (does it matter) what kind of sponsor I have?”

Wow, this is an excellent question, which I heard today, in fact. Here’s what I told her (though slightly edited):

I personally think you should just pick whoever resonates with you…to be honest.

Once you’re in, you will gradually gravitate toward some higher ups. Find someone whose willing to mentor/coach you – if you need it!

I suppose I’d say go with someone who is ambitious, and is actively working their business, so probably not white or even yellow really. Chose Pink or above.

That said, whites and yellows have to get some recruits to promote up – so that’s not a hard and fast rule either. Follow your gut!

Welcome Sharon - she's the latest to #jointheateamOn that note, what I’ve done to help any of my recruits, who are proactively working their business, is I’ve had some recruits sign up under them*.

If I see someone starting out who’s working their business and struggling to get recruits for whatever reason, and I know they really want to promote up, I essentially give them my recruits! That’s why I’ve personally not had any new recruits for a while (until today when I welcomed Sharon my team).

I’m in the process of writing an interesting, if a little controversial, blog about sponsors and uplines. Look out for that one soon, but in the meantime, I’d say it doesn’t hugely matter who your sponsor is, as your success will ultimately be down to you.

There are so many Younique FB groups to join, a good “back office”, loads of webinars and youtube videos…

If anything, it’s like trying to drink a sip of water from a fire hydrant (there’s that much Younique stuff out there).

I believe you’ll find your path. You’ll find the people and the channels to work your business your way, if you want to.

So no you are not necessarily better off signing up under a Black vs Blue for instance.

4. Does my sponsor make money off me?

This is asked a lot in a variety of ways (so therefor not in actual quotes).

Basically I believe the question is “Do you as my sponsor benefit by me joining your team?”

The answer is a tricky one. It’s actually a yes and no response!

I don’t make any money off of someone just joining my Younique team.

  • As a sponsor, I don’t make money on you joining and simply buying your kit.
  • I only make money when I start to qualify for pink and above. So if I qualify for pink, blue, green etc…I make varying percentages on my whole downline – that’s my recruits and theirs too. (Yippee)
  • So really how you start to make any real money with Younique is, you have to sell the basic requirements for each level (e.g. for pink and blue 250 personal sales, green and orange 500 personal sales on up…) – as well as to help my team promote up too. With Younique, you can’t promote up past Yellow – without having a team, and you can’t really earn on your team until you start promoting to the higher levels.
  • I’ve had several recruits join my team and then never sell anything at all, and then drop off.

    So they didn’t benefit me at all.

Incidentally, for every ten or so who join my team – two or three seem to actually work their business.

More than a year later, I’ve finally started to get a team of women who are working Younique, and that benefits me, which is awesome.

If you hope to make some real money with Younique, then you have essentially two ways – 1) you will need to recruit well and train them to recruit too…or 2) you will need to be a rock star seller – who sells, sells, sells tons of products!

5. “My sponsor resigned, and corporate filled in the blank with another person. Can this be changed? Can I be part of your team? Do you have any idea how that would work? Can you make that happen as an up line person?”

Oh boy, I sure wish I could! My own sponsor resigned too as I said, and they simply re-assigned me to her sponsor. That is just how it works. I’ve had several people expressing dismay with their sponsors lately…I wish it were just so simple to say “move over to mine”!

Sadly it’s not.

The thing is folks, you don’t really know how your sponsor will be until you sign up with them.

To be honest, I am pretty sure I too would not have “100% approval rating”!

Not everyone will love my ways, and so they go looking for other Youniques to show them the way.

That’s the good thing about Younique – if you have a sponsor you’re not totally enamoured with you, then there are other people out there to lean on for support or learn from.

Bottom line? Your success is not down to the sponsor you choose so don’t over think it.

Yes they can be helpful and supportive, true, but if they are not, it’s your job to find your support elsewhere.

As I have said, there are masses of groups on FB, webinars and tutorials, articles, blogs and so forth.

Your sponsor really won’t be in charge of your success (or failure).

What you really ought to hope for in a sponsor is someone to lean on when you need some help, advice, or who will prop you up when you feel like giving up (and honestly there are days when all of us feel like giving up…and some actually do!)

You need to persevere in this business – it’s not an easy one. You may want to check out My Year in Younique – for more info on my personal journey.

 Do You Need a Younique Sponsor?

If you need a Younique sponsor and feel like I might be it, then go ahead and jointheateam now! You don’t have to clear it with you. If you feel led to join my team then I am super happy to have you!

#JoinetheAteam - Younique by Thea

If you want to ask more questions about Younique, then please feel free to get in touch here on the blog, via email 3dlashes (at) or ring me on my US (408 353 0434) or UK  (0141 416 1492) numbers – if you’re more of a phone person. Old school! You can reach out seven days. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have a sponsor already and have questions please try them first! That’s what they’re there for!

A Relaxed but Supportive Younique Sponsor

As a Younique sponsor, please know that I don’t push or prod my team at all. Well, unless they tell me they want me to. 🙂

At the end of the day, when you sign up with Younique, it’s your business to work or not work. I’m not your boss. It’s not my job to make anyone work, or sell or recruit. That’s down to the individual. You do what works for you!

I do let my team know that I am here for them any time, and I can do video coaching any time eg via Google Hangouts.

If you decide you’d rather go for a black status presenter or someone more local to you – then that’s fine too!

Please just find someone who’s working their business, who you feel sells well online (in a non-spammy way!) and be prepared to do your own thing if they turn out to be disappointing in anyway!

That even holds true if you join my team too! 😉

Thanks for reading!

Here is my archive of all My Week in Younique posts – which may help you too!

My Week in Younique – New Year, New Territory, France

Welcome Back to ‘My Week in Younique’ – New Year, New Territory, France

Welcome back to another update of “My Week Younique” – where I try to document my personal experience of being a US/UK Younique presenter and sponsor based in Scotland (or California). I am just back to Glasgow, “Hello Glasgow” after a month in California!

#jointheAteam - January 2016 - Younique by Thea

Well I’ll be honest with you, there’s not much to tell personally except for I was excited to see some snow this weekend, so the main focus on today’s post is the upcoming Younique France launch! Before I get to that though, I’ll give you a bit of a Younique “reality check”….

January Blues

I’ll be honest with you (as I am generally honest to a fault) – this month has been a bit of challenge. We’re just passed the halfway mark, and I’ve not had a single sale through my site. That’s probably not something I should admit to, but as I mentioned before, I do try to be as transparent as possible, and frankly some Younique months are like that. Zilch. Squat. Nada. Zero. At least for me. Maybe not for all the other Youniques, but in my experience it’s highs and lows.

Thankfully, I do doubt this month will end with no sales, but as of yet, there have been none through my site or direct for that matter.

Last January wasn’t hugely better. Coming off the back of Christmas, people tend to be strapped until payday, so here’s hoping for a few sales after that!

And to be fair, I’ve not worked the business as much as I normally do as I was in California for a month – mostly taking it easy. Well, I am back and proactive again. Younique, like most things, takes consistency. So here I am, back at it! Onto the exciting news once more…

Younique France - Launch Fevrier 1, 2016

Younique in France – Feb 1, 2016

Great news…We’re adding another country to our current regions. Younique is coming to France and I’ll be looking to find men and women there who are interested in running their own part or full time beauty business there.

This is for you all of you beauty consultants, nail technicians, bloggers, makeup lovers or mums who want to work from home. Anyone who loves makeup really. No experience is necessary!

It’s perfect that we are launching in France because it’s a global capital for fashion and beauty. It seems like something that could do very well for the right sort of person.

It’s Europe’s second largest direct sales beauty market, and the French spend on average two hours a day on social media.

Other reasons Younique in France will go down a storm – they are know to have the largest consumption of premium mascara, and of course at Younique – we do a premium mascara!

Also the beauties of France spend more on beauty products per household than any other country in Europe! How could Younique not do well in a country that spends nearly two billion on makeup each year?

So if you’re in Paris, Cannes, Nice or anywhere in between and love make up then please #jointheAteam in two weeks!

Younique FAQ – France:

“Je vis en France, quand puis-je devenir Présentatrice?
Les résidantes Française pourront s’incrire comme Présentatrice Younique dès le 1er février 2016, de 3:00 HNT/12:00
CET (heure de Paris).

#jointheAteam - Younique France Feb 1, 2016J’ai très envie de devenir Présentatrice Younique en France, que comprendra la Trousse des nouvelles
Présentatrices ?
Lors de votre inscription en Février, le Trousse* des nouvelles Présentatrices comprendra :
• Mascara Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
• Palette ombre à paupières Moodstruck Addiction (la palette peut changer)
• Crayon pour les yeux Precision- Perfect
• Rouge à lèvres Opulence – Upscale
• Fard à paupières en crème Splurge – Tenacious
• Pinceau ombre en crème
• Brillant pour les lèvres Lucrative – Lovesick
• Echantillon du fond de teint liquide
• Echantillon de produits de soins pour la peau
• Echantillon de Pigments
• Echantillon de la Poudre bronzante
• Echantillon de fard à joues
• Nuancier pour le fond de teint en crème et la poudre compact Touch Mineral, et pour l’Embelliseur de teint BB
• Charm du Statut blanc (sur anneau violet)
• Site web professionnel gratuit
• Accès instantané au Système de réceptions virtuelles Younique (Younique Virtual Party System™ )(commencez à
organiser des réceptions immédiatement)
• 23€ d’argent Younique pour votre anniversaire
• Compte bancaire PayQuicker Younique
• Guide de la Présentatrice Younique
• Tout cela livré dans notre boîtier en similicuir noir brossé Younique”

Read the rest over on Younique products. Merci mes amies. x

What Are Your Thoughts on Younique’s 3D Lashes?

Buy new 3D Fiber Lashes+ from Younique by TheaYounique sells more than 15,000 Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascaras every single day.

That’s really staggering for any company – let alone a three-year-old direct sales business. 3D lashes are, and have been, the flagship product certainly since I joined in November 2014, and I am sure the previous two years too…

But are their 3D lashes actually the best Younique product?

In the past year, since becoming a Younique presenter and sponsor, I’ve watched how these 3D Fiber Lashes have polarized the Internet.

Real vs Fake 3D Lashes

They’ve in some ways been victims of their own success. The likes of Amazon and Ebay and even Craigslist are awash with people selling cheap 3D Fiber Lashes – which are likely to be fakes.

To date, my most popular blog here has delved further into this already so if you’re interested you can read Real vs Fake 3D Fiber Lashes here. There are many comments on this blog from people who seem to have bought cheap mascara from people who claim to have bought them in bulk and so can get away with selling 3D mascara so cheap! The fact is, as Younique is a direct sales company, we don’t ever have anyway of ever “buying in bulk” so if you’re seeing 3Ds that are super cheap online it’s almost certainly fake.

Essentially, I would suggest that, to ensure you’re getting the real deal, always buy direct from an actual presenter, (if not me than someone else).

But if you’re bound and determined to grab some super cheap 3D fiber lashes, then go for it! Hey it’s your eyes after all. I personally wouldn’t risk it but it’s up to you!

Original Formula 3D Lashes vs New?

Old Vs New - 3D Lashes - Fiber Mascara from Younique

The original formula of 3D Fiber Lashes were made in China, with fibers made from green tea leaves. The new ones are made in the US of A and now are now made of Rayon!

In changing them so, they’ve increased their volume potential from 300% to 400%! Or have they?

I am not sure….

Unfortunately, the new formula doesn’t always work as well as I’d personally like. I’ve not had any major issues with it, it mostly works as it should, but I have had one or two complaints from customers (out of dozens and dozens of sales!)

The main complaints I’ve heard is about the gel being “too dry” or the fibers being “clumpy”.

Some of my team members (or gals in my company) have had to return several sets due to these reasons…

If you need to return your 3D lashes, that you bought from a presenter direct, or from his/her website, then please contact them in the first instance – not me.

Though I get a lot of happy and unhappy comments (and emails) each week about Younique, I am not here for Younique complaints!

You can reach out to Younique support for further assistance on any issues you may have. (Unless of course you bought your 3D lashes, or any other product, via me or my site,…in which case, you can contact me on the above details!)

It’s helpful if you take some pictures of the product to show them. They’ll guide you on how best to return them. You may get a product replacement or you may get Y-cash credit instead. I guess it depends.

Incidentally, if you didn’t buy from an actual presenter, you won’t have that same Love it Guarantee from Younique.

11 Reasons to Buy 3D Fiber Lashes+

1) 400% increase in volume over your natural lashes.

2) The Fiber Lashes are now made from Rayon (which is the best delivery method for Uplift-coated fibers)

3) Water-resistant.

4) Hyper-allergenic.

5) Cruelty-free

6) No fillers

7) Paraben-free

8) Talc-free

9) Carcinogen-free

10) Gluten-free

11) Safe to use with contacts

No Product Has 100% Satisfaction

Some people love the Younique 3D mascara, and some don’t. Some have had allergic reactions. Some haven’t. I have to remind myself that no product, hypo-allergenic or otherwise, is 100% perfect or approved of. There will always be people who didn’t have good experiences with any given product, or company for that matter. And there will always people who LOVE to complain. Sometimes it’s legitimate and sometimes perhaps less so. It’s unfortunate but it’s a fact of life.

Honestly I have days I love the 3D Fiber Lashes, and days that I don’t. Sometimes I actually have the best results by combining the old and new.

Overall I like the product, but it’s definitely not my favourite. There are so many other wonderful products that I actually enjoy more. (If you’re interested, you can check my recent 12 Days of Younique posts you can see which ones I love the most!)

Share Your Opinion on 3D Lashes:Buy new 3D Fiber Lashes Plus

I can’t believe I am about to do this, but I’d like to hear your opinion of Younique’s Fiber 3D lashes.

I know not everyone’s will be favourable – of course – which I will allow (as long as it’s not a miserable, Younique-bashing rant. Those I won’t bother approving…)

Maybe if we have enough level-headed responses, even the less than favourable ones, we can get some good collective experience here to feed back to Younique?

I do believe they have been working on the newer formula and have been aware there have been some “bad batches”, as it were, but hopefully they’ll be improving the formula all the time and in doing so, they’ll have even more happy customers.

Love them or loathe them – tell me now…Keep any rants to a minimum. Just give me the facts and what you like or don’t about the product, OK? Only those comments will be approved…The Internet is already a negative enough place, this isn’t the space for it.

My Week in Younique – New Year’s Day

Happy New Year to you. Welcome back to another ‘My Week in Younique’ update on how things have been running my Younique business. This week will be a pretty short update about #theAteam accomplishments, our latest country launch, the January Kudos, info about joining Younique, and anything else I may think of as I write…

Let’s start with the biggest news.

Younique France

Well great news we are launching in another country soon…We say Bonjour to France…Finally a language I can speak at least to a rudimentary level!

Residents of France can enrol as a Younique Presenter beginning February 1, 2016, at approximately 3 a.m. PT/12 p.m. CET (Paris time).

15 second trailer:

So if you’re in France you can join Younique – Feb 1 and if you want to buy Younique products there, you can do so from March 1, 2015.

Here’s what you’ll get in February when you register to become a Younique Presenter in France,
New Presenter Kit* will include:
• Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
• Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette (palette will vary)
• Precision Pencil in Perfect
• Opulence Lipstick in Upscale
• Splurge Cream Shadow in Tenacious
• Cream Shadow Brush
• Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lovesick
• Liquid Foundation Sampler
• Skin Care Sampler
• Pigment Sampler
• Bronzer Sampler
• Blusher Sampler
• Shade Stick for Mineral Touch Cream and Powder Foundations and BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer
• White Status Charm (on purple ring)
• Free business website
• Instant Access to the Younique Virtual Party System™ (start hosting parties immediately)
• 23€ in Younique Cash (product credit) on your birthday, annually •
PayQuicker Younique bank account
• Younique Presenter Guide
• All of this comes in our signature black faux leather, embossed Younique case

Just like in other territories people in France will be able to become part of the Triple Digits Club (also known as the 999 Club). The first 999 Presenters who sign up with Younique will be part of the Triple Digits Club. Members of the Club receive 33€ in product credit (Y-cash) and an exclusive France 999 Club charm.

January Kudos

January Kudos - Younique by TheaThis month’s Kudos is another product that’s not been for sale before. Last month was the Liquid Eye Liner free with a set of 3 Splurge Cream Eye Shadows. So far they’re not for sale, but hopefully soon.

This brand new Precision Eyelash Curlers are a bonus gift with a purchase over $50/£29 ($65 AUD, $69 NZD, € 54 GER, $870 MXN $ 60 CAD) this month!

Initially, I wasn’t over-zealous about this month’s Kudos, I’ll be honest with you, but then I remembered my current eye lash curler was on its last legs and I was meaning to buy one anyway,…So I am actually rather looking forward to using these ones.

I do like to curl my lashes before applying my 3D Fiber Lashes+. I find it actually helps to get the look I desire.

You can now purchase our previous Kudos, the Moodstruck Minerals Eye Primer. It’s a smaller tube than you’d expect but it’s actually a lovely, slightly tinted primer made especially for the eyes. You can of course use our Glorious primer but this newer primer is made specifically for the eyes…(“preps your lids for crease-proof, smudge-proof, and transfer-free eye makeup.”).

Honestly, I actually recommend both primers and use them both on my face, most days…

It’s a New Year, Ready to Join Younique?

Well it’s a brand New Year (Still New Year’s Day where I am for half an hour more) so the perfect time to start up your own business. It seems like many people are considering it. Have had several email and Facebook enquiries about joining Younique – especially in the past few weeks.

There seems to be lots of people curious about what it’s really like to be a Younique Presenter, and generally how the whole MLM thing works.

Interestingly enough, I regularly get questions from people who already have a Younique Sponsor in mind to sign up with, and yet are still coming to ME to ask all sorts of questions. While I do my best to still be encouraging and answer questions, each and every time, but if you already have a Younique Sponsor in mind, please ask them all your questions. That is what they are there for. I need to focus on my own team and potential recruits. Besides this whole blog probably answers all the questions somewhere so feel free to search it,….In fact…

Here are a 5 posts that I tend to point anyone considering signing up as a presenter to:

1) 5 FAQs about Joining Younique (Part 1)
2) More FAQs about Joining Younique (Part 2)
3) Younique What it is and What it is Not
4) My Year in Younique
5) My Week in Younique (series archive of all posts, start here)

End of December Team Update

Starting with the less positive so I can end on a positive.

Unfortunately a few more of my company gals have faded into the Younique “inactive” zone. That means they are no longer an active presenter as they have not sold their allotted 125 PRS in 90 days. The good news is that if they change their mind in the next six months they can re-activate their Younique account and put through a qualifying order to remain active. So far only one has done so (lapsed and reinstated). They are offering a slight discount to anyone who has lapsed, passed that six months mark and wants to re-join. Message me for more info if you’re interested in knowing more!

Now to the good note…

It was an absolute photo finish to 2015 with the newest company member Annabelle, who is Helen’s first recruit managed to outsell the rest of us…Fantastic. We need a few more to join Helen so she can reach her Fast Start promotion (if she reaches that she’ll achieve 325.00/AUD in y-cash credit)…so if you are considering joining my team, please join hers soon (you will still be in my company!) Once we get Helen’s promotion we’ll have to get Annabelle on the way to her promotion!

Time to close so I can get this up officially on New Year’s Day 2016 (20 minutes to spare here in California). Hope this is helpful to someone somewhere. Am her for anyone needing a Younique sponsor (or upline if you join Helen’s team this week!)