(More) Younique FAQs – Part 2

A long time ago (well time is relative, I suppose) I wrote a blog 5 FAQs About Joining Younique Part 1 and have been meaning to write “Part 2” ever since…So when I woke up to questions from my newest, lovely recruit in Canada, Sarah, I thought it’s a perfect chance to turn her potential recruit’s questions into another blog post of Younique FAQs to help. Here we go!

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1) “Is there a membership fee?”

No, there are no membership fees for joining Younique. You do have to buy the startup Presenter Kit kit first though. (This costs: UK £69 | US $99 | CAD $119 | AUD $129 | NZD $139 | GER €107 | MXN $172  + SHIPPING)

At the moment it’s “Free shipping” but that won’t be for much longer! Once we sell one million lashes we’ll go back to having to pay for shipping, and your kit will only have one set of the 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascara in it (not two).

So #jointheAteam soon 🙂

2) “Do I personally need to buy the products in order to get started?”

Make your own Younique images - Shop Younique By Thea
Buy Younique Makeup direct in UK today – from Younique by Thea

This is totally up to you! Younique is flexible on how you choose to run your business.

If you want just share links (via email or on social) and have people shop through your site (hopefully) then that’s what to do.

If you want to have products to show people locally then you’ll probably want to have some on hand.

We all do it different.

I personally set out to have every product (but not every colour) so I shopped strategically if you will (buying collections, using my credit, etc)

Also when I was first researching Younique, I was told by a Californian presenter to “always have some lashes in stock”. She actually said to have “10 sets” – which was too many for me when just starting out, so I bought five the same week I joined. Since then I’ve always tried to have the lashes in stock, as they always sell well for me! I’ve recommended my team do the same…

But no you do not “need to buy” anything after your starter kit. It’s your business to run how you want!

3) “Do I need to personally collect the money for the items?”

Further on to number two, this is down to how you choose to run your business. Some people do get the catalogs, host in-home parties, or bring them into their work (or anywhere), and then take orders/collect money that way. Kind of “Old School” like how my mother did Avon in the 70s, but Younique is generally done through digital channels, so the main theory is you share the links people shop through your links, and the order goes straight to them! Thus you never need to collect the money or distribute the makeup.

I personally do both.

Because I am in the UK (most of the year) I tend to collect orders and put them through as a bulk order to get the FREE Shipping, and then I will hand deliver or post them out throughout the UK at about 1/2 the shipping rate they’d have to pay if they ordered through my Younique website.

4) “How long before I make my first cheque?”

Thea Newcomb | Yellow Younique Presenter in the 1st month.We don’t do any checks/cheques at all. We have something that’s even better! We do instant royalties – so that means you’re paid approximately THREE hours after every sale through your website (including ones you put through yourself).

So after any order that is placed through your website, you are (almost) immediately paid 20% commission when starting out.

Once you promote up to Yellow status, you’ll get 25%, and as you promote within the company further up the ladder, you can eventually get to the top level, commissions wise which is 30%.

We will never earn more than 30%. I always urge my girls – even if they’re not working the business as a business – to shot for Yellow status so they can get their 25% commissions rate. Forever.

Get paid quicker with Younique mastercard

Once we sell $50.00 in commissions, our Younique debit card is automatically issued to us and we can then access our funds. We can choose to spend by using our debit cards, or we can download the funds straight into our bank accounts. I use that latter option more than my actual card but nice to have the card there if I need food or gas!

5) “If I don’t sell for a month, for whatever reason, does the account become inactive?”

Life does get in the way sometimes, for all of us, and that’s OK. You can have no sales for nearly three months and still remain active.

To remain an active Younique presenter, all you have to do is sell 125 PRS in a 90-day period. (That is $125 USD – so depending on exchange rates at any given time, that’s approximately £82 or $167 CAD €113 etc).

If you can, aim to sell 4-5 mascaras in 90-day period you’ll remain active. (I sell that in a month, fairly easily every month, but not everyone does). So I aim to qualify every month – no matter what and I have since starting almost one year ago. Aim high!

If you do not sell that 125 PRS amount, then you will go inactive for a further 90 days. In other words, even if you do fall inactive, you still can reactivate your account any time in the 90 days that follow, and put through a qualifying order to become active again.

In the past, I have had recruits fall in active one month and reactivate a month or even two later when they had more time to focus on their business.

Are you ready to #jointheAteam or do you have more questions? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below, email me 3dlashes (@) youniquebythea.com or ring me up. US: 408 353 0434 or UK: 0141 416 1492 (7 days a week).

Younique Germany – Triple Digits Club Final Slots

Younique Germany – Join Now!

Click to #JointheAteam - Younique Germany with TheaWell we’re are down to the last twenty spots to become a founding Younique Germany presenter. This is so incredibly exciting. It’s a wunderbar opportunity for anyone who is based in Germany that may want to become a founding Younique presenter and business owner! It’s a little strange that there are still founding positions there as I believe they were snapped up immediately in the UK.

So the German market has seemed a bit slower on the update of Younique, but I still believe that the right person, with some education and awareness, could develop a lucrative Younique Germany business.

Triple Digits Club

Younique Germany - Join now and be a Triple Digits Club memberIf you join soon, you will be a Triple Digits Club member (that’s the first 999 to join from the country).

You will be part of the exclusive Founders’ circle, the first to bring something big to your country.

So if you love makeup and want to start and run your own part or full time, home-based business then look no further.

It’s only €107 to join Younique Germany, and there are no other hidden fees or catches! You can simply set, share links, host parties or do whatever you can to promote your makeup business in a fun and exciting way!

#JoinetheAteam - Younique by Thea
Ready to start your business? #JointheAteam – Younique by Thea

Any questions feel free to comment below or email me 3dlashes (at) youniquebythea.com! I welcome you wherever you are…

Businesses for Military Wives & Spouses

Are you a military wife, girlfriend or partner who’s looking for ideas to set up your own home-based business? Need one that’s compatible with an unpredictable and sometimes transitory lifestyle? Searching for something that you can run full or part time – whenever and wherever you have time? Then Younique may just be what you’re looking for, and I will tell you why.

New Younique Presenters Kit Sept 2015 - #jointheAteam

Younique is Re-Location Friendly

Currently to run a Younique business, you must be based in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany or Mexico. That might mean it’s perfect for military wives, spouses and partners.

If you’re family is currently stationed, for instance in Germany, and you move back home to say the US or the UK, you can still run the business there and still get sales and recruits in any of the countries we sell in!

How’s that for flexibility?

Or say you’re only in one state for a short period before moving to another, you’d benefit from versatility of Younique’s business model of online selling anywhere (well, in the aforementioned markets we trade in).

As a Californian in the UK, my team is predominantly UK-based (where I spend most of my time), but I also have team mates based in the USA and Canada too.

I travel back and forth between the US and the UK a few times a year, and love having a business that I can work from anywhere (even at the swimming pool or beach!)

How Does Younique Work?

First of all, you simply buy your starter kit (the current kit is pictured above and changes often).

The moment you join you will receive your own unique Younique website (no annual fees).

To sell, simply promote the products by sharing the website link (online or via email), or you can take orders yourself and then shop through your own website.

You can set up and run parties online via social media channels (e.g. Facebook), run them in your home, or somewhere else entirely (a restaurant, a friend’s house, a hall etc).

As I say, because Younique is primarily marketed online, it means sales can come from all over. I’ve had orders from all over the USA, UK and Australia to date.

When you do get any sales – the commissions are paid three hours after every order!

That’s the best feeling in the world. Last night I sold makeup while I slept. Nothing like waking up and getting your notification that you’ve been paid.
Making money while I sleep - Younique by Thea

Why Younique?

I’ve already written a blog 10 Reasons to Join Younique which you can read to learn more about the business.

  • It’s affordable to get started.
  • The products are all naturally based.
  • Suits any level of experience – from absolute beginners to the very experienced (in both makeup and business sense).
  • It’s flexible to work anytime anywhere.
  • It’s fun!
  • You make great friends!

I also do a whole series called “My Week in Younique” which documents my experiences of running Younique by Thea. This will show you the real highs and lows I’ve had. Thankfully more highs than lows.

So if you’re one of the military wives, spouses or partners who’s been looking for ideas for home-based businesses, then look no further. Younique really is it. It is perfect for anyone looking to supplement their income and to have some fun in the process. Not only do you actually get paid to play with makeup, party, and develop new friendships, you’ll also learn more about yourself than you ever realised was possible.

#JoinetheAteam - Younique by Thea
Are you ready to #jointheAteam?

Time to put your talents to good use! If you think you have what it takes to grow your own business, then please get in touch today. Reach me by phone UK: 0141 416 1492 or in the US/CAN: 408-353-0434 – or if you’re in Germany, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand – email may be better 3dlashes (at) youniquebythea.com.

My Week in Younique – Super September Sales

As recently predicted in my new products post, it has been a busy September already, and we’re just approaching the half-way mark. So for this ‘My Week in Younique’ update I will update you on the new products, team efforts and remind you of this month’s Kudos!

Makeup Lovers Beware!

Firstly Younique is a dangerous business if you even kind of like makeup. I am not a crazy makeup fiend, and yet most of my profits get sucked back into the business. This month though I’ve refrained from buying the new collection that contains the six new Younique products (It’s called Cloud 9). I will get it, but I’ve set myself a personal target before I’ll allow myself to get it.

New Younique Collection Cloud 9 - Sept 2015

Very excited to try the new products. I believe a few of my team members have already picked it up – which has meant a solid start for the A team! Sept. On that note…

Qualified in 2 Days!

Three of my newest company members had qualified in two days this month. It’s best month-launch so far, I think. To “qualify” a Younique presenter needs to sell 125 PRS which is approximately $125 UK/£85 UK.

Each month, I aim to sell that, but we really only need to sell that in a 90-day period. The good news for us to qualify we can spend the money on ourselves – so for instance, if I were to buy the aforementioned collection, I’d qualify for 90 days. (See If you Love Makeup, Don’t Become a Younique Presenter)! Again though I aim to sell way more than that every month.

Buy 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique By Thea today

Finding Great Staff

It has taken almost a year to attract people to this business that truly love and want to work it and learn as much as they can.

For every ten or so that I’ve recruited, about three have done anything at all with it.

That’s the most challenging aspect of the business – recruiting and having them drop off.  I say this because I don’t want people to think this is a get-rich-fast business. Some people do, for sure, but they by far the minority. Younique takes effort, time, persistence, consistency, positivity, passion and resilience. So if you do #jointheAteam or someone else’s  you’ll start to see that Younique is not for everyone. So it will be better to focus the energy on the ones who aim to rock it.

Right now I am so proud of my rockstars – Lucy, Kelly and Louise – who are all kicking my @ss in sales so far. At least through the Younique site. I’m doing very well on mascara sales – to both strangers through the site and ordering direct through me.

Wow, just as I am writing this post I sold another set of the 3D Fiber Lashes! Love it when that happens! These 3D Fiber Lashes literally sell themselves. At least for me they do! 11 months on in this business and it gets easier and easier for me but it’s been a very slow build. Some Youniques are the Hare, but I am the Tortoise.

Younique September Kissable Kudos

Just a wee reminder that this month the Kudos are Kiss-tastic. You can get three lip stains and a lip gloss in a bundle as seen in the picture. I personally love the lip stains that I have, and really want the purple one – so may just treat myself. Also in case you’re wondering, my fave Lucrative Lip Gloss is Lavish.Get Lippy with Younique by Thea - September 2015 Kudos

So that wraps up another My Week in Younique I think. I joined October 16th so we’re fast approaching my one-year anniversary of being Younique and I love it more and more as days go by. As I always say “Younique’s not for everyone” but it is for me!

Any questions about the products or joining my team, please feel free to reach out. All details are above or if you’re in the UK ring 0141 416 1492 or in the US 408 353 0434. We can chat, old school!

HELP: Where to Buy Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara

Are you here because you were searching for “where to buy Younique 3D Fiber Lashes mascara”? Then look no further, I’ll provide you with a few of your best options…

First of all, though you may be tempted to buy cheap 3D fiber lashes off eBay or Amazon, I would highly suggest you avoid doing so. I’ve blogged extensively over the past year here, about why it’s best to avoid simply going after cheap Younique mascara – namely because it’s likely that it won’t be the real 3D deal. It may look the same, it may even work the same, but it’s not the same. It might even be chemically-harmful (and even smell!)

Buy 3Ds From Real YouniquesBuy new 3D Fiber Lashes+ from Younique by Thea

Again, please only buy from genuine Younique presenters via the youniqueproducts.com website. If you don’t buy from me, then at least buy from a real, active, younique presenter near you, ok?

If you would consider buying from me, then I’d appreciate it! Just click on the box or that link above, and it will take you straight to buy them from the official Younique website. 

Where You Can Buy 3D Lashes?

Ok so where can you buy the 3D fiber lashes (country wise)? Well, we currently sell all our Younique products to Australia, New Zealand, Germany and North America (that’s the USA, Canada to the north and Mexico to the south as well!)

Buy 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique by Thea Today! A US/UK presenter

I Save You Money on Younique UK 3D Orders

We also sell to the UK, where I am, primarily based (I’m from California and spend time in both countries). So if you’re in the UK, and interested in buying a set of 3D lashes (or anything!), I can save you money on shipping costs – by buying direct from me. Plus now you receive a lovely free greeting card with every purchases (no matter what you buy!)

“Direct from me means”: calling me on 0141 416 1492 OR emailing me for more details (3dlashes (at) youniquebythea.com).

Here’s more info on a blog about ordering Younique 3D Mascara and more direct from me…

In fact, I sold two mascaras that way to a woman in England tonight!

Of course you can buy them direct from other Younique UK presenters too, but please just please double check that you can verify they are a true Younique presenter. In fact, ask to see their Younique website before exchanging money – to ensure they’re legit.

Always best to buy from a source you trust. On that note, in addition to this blog, you can find me online on Twitter, Thea Newcomb Linkedin, Google+ and Instagram – to verify that I am a trustworthy soul!

I also have real testimonials of Younique By Thea from people who’ve bought through this website as well – to give you peace of mind!

So please either shop through my Younique by Thea website or order direct by phone, email or tweet on details above! I will consider sending to other countries if you ask nicely!

Host a Younique Party With Me

Finally, if you love makeup, you may want to host a Younique party with me and possibly earn half priced or even FREE makeup. Reach out for more info on what that entails – via any of the above methods listed.

PS: If you buy your 3D Lashes Plus through me, please share your selfies using #youniquebythea – thanks!

And consider subscribing to my brand new newsletter too!!

My Week in Younique – September’s Here!

Buy new 3D Fiber Lashes+ from Younique by TheaWell it’s high time to update you on my progress in another scintillating instalment of “My Week in Younique” (LOL!)

It has been a busy few weeks for myself and some of my team mates, in the run up to launching products in Germany, SIX brand new Younique products, and new catalogs, collections/sets and kudos too! Phew. Where to start…?

6 New Younique Products

There has been a lot of excitement that has been building in the run-up to the new products being released today. Last week, I wrote a blog about the six, new Younique products launching today. You can see that I was pretty excited about a few of them – in particular the lip sticks, liquid foundation and the new palette of eye shadows (3 options). If you check out the post you can see videos about all six Younique products.

New Younique Collections & Sets

Also very exciting Younique wise, is that with every new product launch there are new collections to be had. Yippeee!

Younique Collections are a great value and way to save some real money. I, personally, get very excited when collections get released and I always buy at least one!

Cloud Nine Collection

This time there is one called Cloud Nine Collection (pictured) – which features all six new products. So that will be my firs investment I suspect 🙂

View all Younique Collections here

View all Younique Sets here

New Younique September Kudos

Each month Younique offers new “kudos” (which are customer perks). They might be limited edition products, or special bundles, and this month it is…and this month we have a crackin’ deal…
Get Lippy with Younique by Thea - September 2015 Kudos

More Team Challenges – This is SERIOUS

Here’s where I get down to the nitty gritty and tell you some cold, hard truths, from my own perspective…and I say this practically every My Week in Younique update, but in case you’re new to my blog, let me just reiterate this business is not for everyone.

Each month new people #jointheAteam – while others drop out of my company. It can feel like a case of one step forward and three steps back, but I forge ahead.

I love this business and the products, so I am grateful to now have a handful of people who seem to love it as well. I guess the real challenge is getting everybody having an awesome month at the same time.

My August was pretty darn awesome (thanks mostly to strangers who stumble upon this blog! MWAH!), and my friend Fiona in Australia (she my first order to Oz – friend or otherwise! Exciting!)

Also my newest company rock star, Lucy W in England, also had a stellar month. She did amazingly-well. Like her upline, Kelly, She’s taken to Younique like a duck to water.

Whereas others before her have seemed to struggle with it. They struggle with getting sales, or maybe to find the time to actually “work the business” or whatever. So again this business is not for everyone.

For me to promote up the ladder with Younique – I need to have me, and all of my rock stars, to be doing very well in the same month, and that simply hasn’t happened. I have a good month – the team doesn’t. Or they do and I don’t. We just need to get in sync and we’d be laughing up the ladder!

While I do feel like I have a handful of women that love the business, (some of them even as much as I do), you need 10 or 20 women who are working the business seriously, in order to really promote anywhere with Younique. I promoted to Pink – only once and it’s been a challenge to even reach that ever since! S

There is no I in Team

Younique’s all about the team. Without it, you’re practically nothing! (NOTE: I mean if you’re hoping to do it as a proper business. You don’t need a team to recruit or sell – if you just want to be a hobbyist.)

Though I have recruited nearly a couple of dozen or so people this year, (since joining last October), about half of them have dropped off, or who do just enough to keep active status (approximately selling FOUR mascaras in 90 days).

This is why it is a challenging business and not for the weak, fainthearted or easily distracted or discouraged. In fact, from my perspective, Younique, is almost a textbook definition of a discouraging challenge. By that I mean this business will test you in so many ways – with your own commitment, your friends (lack of support or even criticising or avoiding you), customers (unhappy, not paying, being fickle), team mates, other presenters online habits, postal issues – etc.  It can feel like it’s full time work for a part time wage sometimes.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. So you have to have an inner strength and inner belief – particularly on those days when self-doubt is plaguing your brain and you feel like packing-it-in. And believe me we all have moments of self-doubt in this business. It’s par for the course. The trick is to persevere and carry on regardless.

I am and I am glad I am because it’s building slow and steady. There are some Younique presenters who are the hare whereas I am the tortoise. In it for the long haul, building slowly slowly. Slow and steady wins the race! There is little that beats the excitement of either sleeping or being out somewhere and seeing an order has come in, and three hours later being paid. That, rocks!

My Week in Younique Series

This wraps up another My Week in Younique instalment which I’ve been doing since just after I joined. I try to document my peaks and valleys truthfully. Feel free to reach out to me – wherever you are in the world – if you have specific questions. Do peruse my other posts – because I do try to answer the questions here on the blog.

And don’t forget, if you’re in the UK and interested in 3D Fiber Lashes+ or indeed any of the products we sell – please get in touch as I can save you money on shipping fees. I also offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY if you’re near Glasgow.