My Week in Younique x 2

Don’t believe I ever managed to post last week’s ‘Week in Younique’ update – so here I go again.

Well, it was the holidays this week, so you’ll have to forgive me…To be honest, there has not been a ton of things to report anyway, but will update just the same.

It was quite a shuffle about to make sure my entire team had enough of the 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras to go around for the holidays. Thankfully, I had deliberately ordered extra to cover any shortages. So the last week before Christmas was a lot of juggling about – meeting up and handing off the mascaras to the girls! My dear friend Karen sold over twenty! That was more than most of the team combined. I am simply in awe of her achievement!

Recruitment Has Been Slow

Want to make extra money playing with makeup? Click the pic to learn how!There have been no new additions to the team – or even my company – since my last updateJust nine – including me!

Hopefully that will change in the New Year – as people look to make some changes to their lives.

Younique is perfect for anyone who likes makeup, selfies and socializing (online or off!!)

How can you beat getting paid a minimum of 20% of every sale – all for posting on social media channels of your choice?

Not only that but get paid daily!

And as you work your way up the status levels, you get paid 25% then 30%. (As I passed yellow am sitting at 25% but aiming for that 30%!)

Those are a few of the reasons I personally joined Younique, of course, but another of the many things I love most about Younique is its flexibility.

What do I mean by that? Well, the fact you can do Younique simply for some pocket money, or you can work it like a real business that you want to retire in a year or two on. Last month we had our first two millionaires. Not back for a company just over 2 years old!

How you do your Younique business is up to you. No two of my team members does it the same way and that’s a beautiful thing!

Ideally, I’d like to personally take it all the way to the top (Black Status!!) and to find other people who want to do the same!

So am currently searching for some positive, self-motivated, ambitious people who want to work smart and like to think “out of the box”. If that’s you – please join #theAteam today! 🙂

Naturally I welcome the kit-snatchers (those who just want to buy the kit for the makeup), the hobbyists (who want to sell only to their family and friends) too – but really what would be the greatest scenario – would be find some gung-ho workers who are as keen as me!

For such a small, one-off outlay to have your own company with your own website that’s live the moment you join, what do you have to lose? Try it for a few months, and if you don’t like it, you got some make up out of it! Well that’s how I went into it anyway…

Now though, I am hooked!

Saving My Best News for Last…

Pink Level Status - Younique By TheaJust logged onto my Younique website this afternoon, only to discover that, while I was out, I reached Pink Level Status. That means all four of my goals have been achieved in my two months of being a Younique Presenter.

The first was White, then Yellow then Fast Start and now Pink!

The exciting thing about Pink is that you start to make money off of your team. I’ll take all I can get, thankyouverymuch! 🙂

See ya next year! I can’t believe it’s 2015 almost! What do you plan to achieve in 2015? Where will it take you? Time to write it all down…Those goals of yours!

If you need inspiration about Goals. then check out this…It’s only 5 hours…LOL! Been driving around this past month listening to this on cassette (you may be too young to know what that even is!)!

You’re welcome. x

My Week in Younique – # 3 Almost Pink

My Week in Younique – # 3 Almost Pink

My Week in Younique - Post # 1

Well so here we are, following on from last week’s My Week In Younique-Fast Start blog…another week has come and gone. It’s not been hugely eventual so this will be a fairly brief blog update.

Fake Younique Mascara UK

Beware of Fake Younique Mascara - this is what the real 3D Fiber Lashes look like!

There have been quite a few visits here to my blog about real vs fake Fiber Lash Mascaras. Quite a few comments and questions on said blog, too.

Though the 3D Fiber Lashes have been around for a few years in the States, Younique in the UK has only been available for six weeks now.

People on Facebook have had their streams cluttered with selfies donning the 3D Mascara (sometimes showing one eye with and one eye without) – which is a bit of a mixed blessing for Presenters like me who are trying to sell it. Knowledge is a good thing – over saturation not so much. So it’s getting hard to be unique selling Younique as it were!

Once again if you’re going to buy Younique’s Moodstruck 3D Fiberlash Mascara – please be sure to get the real day from an actual Presenter – if not from me, then buy one of my Y-sisters!

As always you’ll get peace of mind if you do – with our Love It Guarantee! I like a bargain just as much as everyone but don’t chances on buying outside of Younique Products because you won’t be guaranteed to get the real ones if you do! Please note that it’s against our policy to sell on any other sites like that – so get the real 3D Fiber Lash mascara with the barcode – as pictured from Younique direct. OK?

Presenter Kits Arrived in the UK!

By now, I think my entire team has now received their Presenter’s Kits – so they can  now be showing it to family, friends and potential customers too. Some of the gals have sold a staggering about of the 3D Lashes. Karen in particular has sold about 22 to date and she’s the newest recruit to #theAteam! That’s pretty inspiring. I’m a little jealous but very proud just the same!

The kits took a long time to arrive – due to courier issues – which I am hoping are a thing of the past.

Due to a few sales in the week, I’m now just a few hundred from hitting “Pink” – which as you may know is my goal before Christmas.Made it to Fast Start! What did you do while you slept?

Having achieved Fast Start, I am now sitting with that $250 bonus sitting in my back office…I’ve been looking at the various products to decide what to spend it on. So many fab products to choose from.

Not only do I have over $250 there to spend, I have earned four 1/2-priced items via my online parties too! So once I hit Pink it’s going to be a shopping spree for Miss T.

Black Friday Special

My Tracking info for my Black Friday Special - 3D mascaras and eye liners and more from Younique

Still waiting on my Younique “Black Friday Special” which was ordered 1 December (today is now the 15th!). Quite excited for it to arrive (with its 3D Fiber Lashes, Eye Shadows and pencils!) – but again, we seem to be being let down by the courier…or maybe it’s customs? I am not entirely sure? All I know is that it’s been sitting down in England for several days with no update to the tracking details. Most frustrating.

As I’ve said in my previous update – I hope these initial teething problems will soon be resolved. Indications are that they will be. Head office seems to be listening, and setting plans in motion – and I hope that’s the case!

It’s awfully challenging to run a business and say to clients “shipments will be in within 10-14 days” and then it’s not.  Especially when some of these orders may be Christmas gifts! Still I will hope for a Christmas miracle and that all my teams orders will be to their customers before Santa arrives!

Do You Fancy Something New?

If you’re sick of your job, or just fancy a wee change, and like playing with makeup and social media, then go here to learn more about the Younique opportunity!

So far, I’m loving it over all…in spite of the courier issues 😉

Thea’s 12 Days of Younique

So I’ve started to do the 12 Days of Christmas.  So far I’ve done Day 1 and Day 2 already and 3 will be this evening.

My latest party is here: Thea’s 12 Days of Christmas (See #Theas12 on Social)

What would you like to do now?
Shop for makeup

Feats and Challenges of Younique UK

Well I blogged two nights ago about My Week in Younique (#2 update as such, effectively) and then after midnight yesterday, the founder Derek wrote us the weekly email. In it, among other things, he reports how the feats and challenges that have been facing Younique UK.

Founder of Younique - Derek“November was the first month that products could be sold to UK customers. You wouldn’t have known it by what all of you accomplished! We are talking about more than $5 million USD in sales, 5 new Black-status Presenters, and nearly 37,000 transatlantic orders! In one month! Now that’s incredible!” 

I am so pleased to even be a small part of that Younique success (ok, yes, I know, a very small part).

But later on he goes on to explain about the challenges of “logistical support” to keep our businesses going. This is a challenging time of year to get deliveries, weather and an influx in orders – can all play a seriously damaging effect when orders are for Christmas, and you’re hoping they arrive in time!

There was confusion about the cut off dates for Christmas. Different people saying the UK cut off was the 10th while others stated the 4th. I encouraged my team to make it the 4th because I’m a little dubious that the courier is going to manage getting parcels to us given how my mascaras that arrived took 22 days. They sat in England for a week! Not sure if that was in customs or the couriers depot but either way – the 4th was my recommendation.

There have been a few people balking at the shipping price for Younique “£6.95 – oh my!!” While in an era where people are used to “free shipping” via Amazon, Ebay, and the bigger High Street chains what the UK public needs to understand is that 1) it’s coming from America (Utah, to California to England) and 2) coming by courier with tracking info. As someone who has lived here for a few decades and had hundreds of packages sent to her, I am telling you now that £6.95 is a downright bargain. Most of the stuff I do get sent ends up having shipping cost more than what’s in the package. Seriously. So think twice if you’re about to moan about shipping. It’s really not that bad when you think of the distance it’s covering (6,000 miles, crossing borders and oceans).

Anyway due to some orders through the night I am inching my way closer to PINK status. That’s the goal before Christmas so if you’re thinking of buying – go forth and shop my Yule Link! Thanks!

Every woman needs a man that will ruin her lipstick not her mascara!

My Week in Younique – Hello Fast Start!

I made money while I slept again last night – what did you do? Waking up to emails that say how much I earned over night make me very happy! Also, I woke up to a notification saying I’d reached ‘Fast Start’ too (my third goal for joining Younique – but more on that in a minute!!) What a great start to this week’s update – which will, admittedly, be decidedly mixed…

Younique Milestones to Date

Made it to Fast Start - Younique By Thea

My first goal was to reach White Level status – which is an easy achievement at just 125 points (effectively dollars). That’s basically a few mascaras (4 or 5) and then that’s you!

To stay as an active Younique presenter, you need to do that every 3 months. No problemo there!

The second was much tougher – Yellow Level Status – which is 1000 personal points (effectively dollars). The great thing about Yellow is you get a pay rise from 20% to 25% forever and you get a yellow charm for the bracelet!3dmascaralips

Fast Start was my third goal because it gets you another wee charm for the bracelet and more excitingly $250 worth of FREE products. I’ve had my eye on the biggest collection so now’s a good time to grab that one!

One of my newest recruits on #theateam Karen has taken orders for twenty of the Moodstruck 3D Mascaras! An incredible feat. So very proud of her.

Not only Karen has done well this week, Julie has both done well on mascara orders but also sponsored her first team mate Ann-Marie. Both those ladies are doing amazingly well so far!

Now The ‘Less Than Stellar News’

Well, I aim to be telling as true of a story as possible  on my blog – without dissing the company. Myself and my team have had some challenges with orders so far.

Younique 3D mascaras stuck in England
My 3D Mascaras are hanging out in Middlesex it seems!

Like the mascaras that have been sitting in England for days. They travelled to California from Utah then made it as far as England and then got stuck! Worryingly it’s been 20 days since they were ordered.  Also none of my company members (we’re up to 8 in total) have received their starter kits which makes things challenging for them to promote their businesses.

All of my previous orders were received in plenty of time (less than 2 weeks), but my guess is that the UK has done so incredibly-well (better than expected) that they simply were slammed both in Utah at corporate and in England where they need to go through Customs. Couple that with the fact Christmas is just around the corner, and it feels like there may be a bottleneck.

But this is purely all speculation on my part. I’ve had no confirmation from Younique about this. And really if they got this far – and are stuck in England it doesn’t seem like it’s Younique at fault…Just sayin’.

There have been no recruits (not that I’ve tried really super hard, but there have been sales from strangers which makes me very pleased. Today’s Fast Start was achieved by one such person who simply logged on to buy three 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras from me. I’ll take it any way I can get it!!

This Younique Week Summary

Well that’s about it. I have moments of doubt (usually when I see something negative written about Younique) which makes me question the journey I am on. Then I go to sleep and I wake up and money has arrived so my faith is restored once more!

Hopefully my mascaras will arrive this week and I can start getting ones to those who’ve ordered through me, and sell the rest to those who may need them fast – aka before Christmas. I hope too my team can fulfill all their orders – there must be 50 between us ordered now…Just hope the bottle neck is freed soon!

Finally I nearly forgot to say that I am about 480 point shy of PINK LEVEL STATUS. A few more orders through my Younique site – or from my team – and I’ll achieve that!! That is my main goal for the rest of this month. Tune in next week to see if I achieve it! Wish me luck! Thanks for reading!

My Week in Younique – Update #1

My Week in Younique - Post # 1

My Week in Younique – Update #1

Good morning and so a new month begins! Have just finished month one, and am here to report the journey, so far, as honest as possible (while not breaching any terms of my contract!) 🙂

Younique Yellow Status

Thea Newcomb | Yellow Younique Presenter in the 1st month.The first milestone was achieving White level status. It’s pretty easy to do as it’s only selling about five of the 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras in a month. “Check!”

Towards the end of the month, I reached Yellow Level Status which, in order to do so, is a solo effort of selling 2000 points (which is effectively 2000 dollars).

I nearly hit the third level Pink – which is a team effort – but fell short a few hundred.

I will admit that it was tempting to whip out the credit card and do a round of Christmas shopping in one-fell-swoop just to reach Pink – but in the end, I resisted. 😉

It sort of defeats the purpose of running your own business when you’re the top customer – don’tchathink?

Younique December Goals

Well, I am happy I hit Yellow, but disappointed to have missed Pink, so I am evaluating the goals for the coming month. That’s gotta be Pink, maybe even Blue and to achieve “Fast Start” ASAP. I think I can do that last one in a week or so!

Incidentally ‘Fast Start’ qualifications are based off of the following two requirements that you need to meet within 90 days after signing up:

1. $2000 in Personal Retail Sales — nearly there!!
2. Sponsor at least 3 new Presenters — done!

Once this is achieved, I will receive a “Fast Start” charm to go with my White and Yellow charms, and I’ll get some free makeup too! “Merry Christmas” to me! So those are my December Goals.

#theAteam Expands

Welcome to theAteam - so far!#TheAteam (aka Team Thea!) has grown beyond just me. It took 18 days to get my first team mate (was a lonely three weeks there), but now I am pleased to report that there are now six in my team.

Five women one, straight man. Said man has recruited someone already as well – so that’s 8 people in my wee company in one month!

We’re all just learning and trying different things to see what works. What works for me may not work for each of my team.

The beauty of Younique is that it’s flexible for people to do as little or as much as they want. In addition to the above goals, my aim this month will be to recruit and develop my lovely team so they can make the most of their Younique opportunity!

So far my team is consisted of people I know (some really well) – which is awesome. Eventually though it will be filled with people who don’t know me yet…

Let’s Talk Younique Money

Ok so you may be curious about the money. How have I done? I don’t believe I am allowed to give actual figures (will need to check with compliance) – but let’s just say I’ve doubled my initial investment. Not quite enough to pay my mortgage – I don’t think – but it’s close!

Plus, again, that was without a team for 18 days. Just little ole me. So yes, lovely people, you can make money at this if you really want to. I am committed to doing so.

Get paid quicker with Younique mastercardI have had some challenges getting paid via PayQuicker, but this was more to my being an American in Britain – and not having the right “Government Issued” IDs to hand…

DVLA is sending my updated licence – so that, along with my National Insurance card, should have me sorted this week. Yippee!

Then the money will get either transferred to my bank account or it will just go onto my Younique debit card, and I’ll start spending that way. That’s going to be a fun day! Just in time for Christmas 🙂

Real Vs Fake 3D Mascara Saga Continues

So I just had a call from some woman – didn’t quite catch her name as it came through on my iPad and was muffled. Plus I was half asleep after working until 1am!

Anyway I believe she said she was from some company that was Digi Sell or DigiSale (I am not quite sure) who is trying to source the Real Vs Fake 3D Mascara claims from my last post.

Listen lovely people, I am not the one who has asserted the claims, only relaying what the Younique community has been reporting in various places on the Tinterweb.

Basically buyer beware…I have not personally seen these possible fake 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras – merely the real ones.

Unless I misunderstood, her due to the faulty connection and half-asleepedness, she points to a certain “hysteria” that has been caused to me – from my last blog. Well this so-called frenzy was going on for weeks before I decided to blog about it, Shop Younique by Theaand simply warn that there may be fakes. Scratch that, there ARE fakes all over the web – which is why I say always buy direct from a Younique presenter. If not me, then one of my “Y-sisters”

Maybe the woman in question is selling them? I am not sure. In any event, no hysteria’s been caused by me, as judging from my analytics, only about 20 people read the actual blog post in question. Hardly hysteria-inducing…

In any event, I am not saying that ALL mascaras on Ebay and Amazon are fakes – or fringing trademark or copyright – I am only saying that if they are for sale outside of – they won’t be officially sanctioned from Younique – or sold by a legitimate presenter – as it breaks our Terms and Conditions to sell anywhere like that!!

We have a busy compliance division who are addressing such claims – so please lady, whoever you are, if you’re reading this – ASK THEM not me.

Try emailing Younique Compliance them here! And, as for the details you couldn’t seem to find for Younique, here they are right from the main website:

Customer Support Hours

Email:5 AM-11 PM Pacific
Phone:5 AM-4 PM Pacific, 844-821-8151
Online Chat:5 AM-11 PM Pacific

Thanks for reading folks! Want to read next week’s My Week in Younique update?