Always Learning

Using Social? We’re Always Learning

Isn’t it true that we’re always learning? Seems to be – especially when it comes to Social Media. There is always some new product, platform or tool to be considered and learned. It can be hard to keep up to date with constant changes that take place in the social stratosphere. That’s why it’s good to attend as many seminars or webinars as you can.

Training room at the Park Hotel, Business Gateway AyrshireThis week was a fantastic Business Gateway course entitled Advancing your Analytics. It’s worthy of recommending for anyone in Glasgow and the west (the only place I know it’s being held at present). It was presented by Brian Tait at Aillum and would be beneficial for anyone with a website who uses Google Analytics. Most people, it seems, aren’t using it to its fullest extent.

Tuesday I attended a Blogging workshop for one of the Chambers of Commerce which was also good. If you have a website and aren’t doing some sort of blogging or videos – your success will likely be short lived. These days it’s imperative to be continually delivering fresh content to rank anywhere in the search engines.

Extolling SEO Tips via Business Gateway - AyrshireWednesday – delivering training to a wonderful bunch of SMEs in Kilmarnock at the Park Hotel. They were an eclectic bunch of small businesses – all eager to learn tools to help them rank higher in Google.

Thursday – a friend David from Create Ts and Cs forwarded on an SEO webinar by an English woman Jackie. 8pm on a Thursday night and it was a case of ferociously scribbling notes and ideas that could then be passed on to clients and course attendees.

Friday night was, yet_another_webinar but this time it was about Facebook. Anyone who tries to run a FB business page knows how challenging it is keeping up with a moving target. To stay current, it’s essential to be reading all the current articles and following the experts out there like Mari Smith who presented this webinar.

If you want to learn more about the social web – either through the FREE courses that I do for Business Gateway or on a 1-2-1 basis then email speakwith (at) today, call 01441 416 1492 or you can tweet glatitude. Do whatever way suits you!

Training the Trainer

Training the Trainer

All good trainers should constantly be taking training themselves. Not only does it give us a chance to learn more for and about ourselves, it allows us to gauge our own experience with that of our peers.

This morning I’m up early to attend an Advancing Your Anayltics course by Aillum‘s Brian Tait. It’s a co-production (in a sense) between NSDesign & Business Gateway Renfrewshire. I’ve had a chance to get to know Brian through NS and always found him to be very knowledgeable on websites, SEO and the Google stable so looking forward to it.

Lesley Thea and Emer 29LinkedinAlso, truth be told, I am hoping to reel him in to speak at our next networking event at 29 Glasgow at the end of next month. After the success of our #29Linkedin event we’re doing #29Google next!

Looking forward to learning more about my own Google Analytics – as it’s something I check in on every few days, but have never gone beyond its “page views” or “unique visitors” to set goals and so forth.

Tomorrow I’ll be shadowing a blogging workshop at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce – which I am also looking forward to.

I find that every event I attend – whatever level it’s delivered at – I find something I can take away and apply in my own life or recommend to clients.

It’s all good.

Your Training/Trainer Experience?

What courses have you attended that where good? If you’re a trainer – did you get formal training or were you more “thrown in at the deep end” like I was?

If you’re a trainer do you judge other trainers more kindly or harshly? Have you had an experience where another trainer gave you negative feedback?

Being a trainer, to me, is a challenging, fun, rewarding, sometimes very difficult role to be in. I’d love to hear your views and experiences in the comments below.

Have a great day/night.