About Thea

 Who’s Thea?

So if you’re wondering “who’s Thea”, well, I’m Thea. I am a Glasgow-based Californian. I spend my time between the US and UK.

  • Work wise – I’m web and social media trainer by day – traveling across Scotland to train businesses about websites, social media and blogging.Thea Newcomb Founder Glatitude Appearing on Scotland Tonight to talk about Mobile Technology - FUN!
  • For over twenty years, I’ve worked in both media (mostly radio) and new media.
  • A true lover of technology, I’ve been building and working with websites since 1995.
  • Trained to degree level in Communications, and post graduate (PGdip) level in eBusiness, am passionate about all things related to digital communication.
  • Though by no means a glamorous sort of person, (more of a jeans and Converse sort of gal), I do love makeup, manicures and perfume. So when Younique launched in the UK, I jumped on it without hesitation. It’s the perfect business to promote on soyouvebeendumped.com – my long-running community for the global lovelorn.

Why Join Younique by Thea?

Track Record

To date, I’ve reached Blue Status (the half-way mark) and am aiming for the top.

To date I’ve sponsored over thirty Younique recruits from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Aiming to recruit Younique presenters in New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, France and Spain one day!

I love being a Younique sponsor, as all of my past experience is now being sunk into helping women empower themselves – by marketing and promoting their own Younique business.

Join the Ateam and be invited to my Secret Younique Group

Team Support

I run a Secret Facebook for my team – which I post in daily. Usually they are social media marketing tips, but could also be information about the company or special mentions to my company on their achievements.

I also promote my team’s social media efforts (and links) to my various followers to help them gain more exposure!

When I see people are actively trying to grow their business I do try to place my recruits under them in order to help them grow their team.

Social Media & Blogging Training

By request, special Social Media Training is provided either in person (in Scotland or Northern California) or via the Internet for my teamies around the world.

Also Sunday nights we have weekly “hangouts” where team members are invited to hop on and off as their schedule allows.

One-to-one training can also be arranged – virtually or in person depending on location. I’m always willing to travel 😉

No Scripts or Lists

While other uplines may supply you with scripts for parties, or recruiting or other such things, I won’t.

I can certainly help you get your hands on scripts, but I operate in a very different way to the vast majority of Younique presenters.

I also wont be telling you to create a list of 10, 100 or 1000 people you know to target in order to “share the opportunity” – as that’s not what feels authentic to me.

It may work for some but I encourage attracting strangers who are searching for the opportunity – over targeting family, friends and associates. Unless you’re constantly out there networking (like I am) your well will soon run dry, so in my own experience it’s better to focus on people looking for you – which is what I do here.

No Pressure

I am not here to push you in your business. Of course, I will let you know I am here for you, but I will not be messaging you to do anything  in terms of selling, recruiting or marketing (unless you indicate you want that from me, in which case I most certanly can).

When you join my team, your Younique business is your business to run your own way. I am here if you need me, and will make suggestions, but at the end of the day it’s your call. Run it the way that feels authentic to YOU.

How Can I Help You?

Ready to become a Younique Presenter - #jointheAteam Younique by TheaSo are you ready to change your life and to #jointheAteam today? Or do you have more questions? If so, then by all means phone, email or tweet.

Ring Younique by Thea 7 days a week! –>> US: 408 353 0434 or UK: 0141 416 1492.